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College of Education

Faculty and Staff

Fred W. Greer, Ph.D.

Title: Research Associate Professor
Department: Educational and Developmental Science
College of Education
Phone: 803-777-0656

Wardlaw 143

Fred Greer


Ph.D. School Psychology, University of Georgia, 2005

M.A. English, University of Georgia, 1991                     

A.B. English, University of Georgia, 1986 


Early childhood assessment, social-emotional behavior assessment, and early intervention

Selected research studies

Evaluation of state-funded preschool programs in South Carolina

Validation of universal screening measures for social/emotional problems in early childhood

Selected publications

Greer, F.W., DiStefano, C., Liu, J., & Cain, L.K. Preliminary psychometric evidence of the Behavioral and Emotional Screening System Teacher Rating Scale–Preschool.  Assessment for Effective Intervention , first published on February 12, 2015 as doi:10.1177/1534508415571594.

DiStefano, C., Greer, F. W., Kamphaus, R. W., & Brown, W. H. (2015). Using Rasch Rating Scale Methodology to Examine a Behavioral Screener for Preschoolers At Risk. Journal of Early Intervention, 1053815115573078.

DiStefano, C., Greer, F. W., & Kamphaus, R. W. (2013). Multifactor modeling of emotional and behavioral risk of preschool-age children. Psychological assessment25(2), 467.

Greer, F. W., Wilson, B. S., DiStefano, C., & Liu, J. (2012, December). Considering Social Validity in the Context of Emotional and Behavioral Screening. In School Psychology Forum (Vol. 6, No. 4).

Selected presentations

Greer, F., Liu, J., DiStefano, C. Cain, L. (2014, April). Investigating Response Patterns: Relationships Between Caution Indices and Self-Report Data. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, PA.

Greer, F., DiStefano, Brown, W., Sherlock, P., DiStefano, C. (2014, February). Comparison of Two Instruments for Universal Behavioral Screening. Poster presented at the biennial Conference on Research Innovations in Early Interventions. San Diego, CA.

Greer, F., DiStefano, C., Liu, J., Pan, F., Sherlock, P. (2014, February). Response to Intervention in the Schools: Investigations in the Early Childhood Environment. Symposium presented at the Annual Conference of South Carolina Educators for the Practical Use of Research. Columbia, South Carolina.

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