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Office of the Provost

    University Policies

    Policies and Procedures Manual

    The University of South Carolina Policies and Procedures Manual contains all current system-wide University Policies and campus-specific policies for the Columbia campus. This online manual contains all official, University-approved versions of University Policies. (See also UNIV 1.00 Policy on Policies.)

    Policy Archive

    The Office of the Provost maintains a policy archive containing all known copies of obsolete and deleted university policies, including previous versions of faculty manuals. Campus-specific policies are maintained by the respective chancellor's or dean's office and are available on campus websites.

    Current Policies

    Full listings of current University Policies are sorted by administrative division below. Draft policies and procedures under review are also posted. All policies can be searched by keyword or subject using any word or phrase. You can also search the Policies and Procedures Manual by administrative division, and view new and draft policies listed for review.

    Policy Link Title Status Keywords
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    ACAF 1.00 Recruitment and Appointment of Tenured, Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty  Revised  
    ACAF 1.01 Recruitment and Appointment of Academic Administrators  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 1.02 Performance Review of Academic Deans    
    ACAF 1.04 Student Evaluation of Courses    
    ACAF 1.05 Tenure Progress Review of Faculty: Third-Year Review    
    ACAF 1.06 Academic Titles for Faculty and Unclassified Academic Staff Positions  Revised  
    ACAF 1.15 Assignment of Collateral Duties or Transfer to Another Department  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 1.16 Non-Tenure Track Faculty    
    ACAF 1.18 Change of Status to and from Tenure-Track Faculty  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 1.19 Instructor of Record (NEW)    
    ACAF 1.20 Credential Verification for Instructors of Record (NEW)    
    ACAF 1.21 Appointment and Review of Endowed Chairs and Named Professorships    
    ACAF 1.24 Selection and Appointment of Department Chairs and School Directors    
    ACAF 1.25 Academic Program Coordinators for Degree Programs and/or Departments  New  
    ACAF 1.30 Access to Tenure and Promotion Application Files  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 1.31 Extension of Faculty Tenure-Track Probationary Period and Scheduled Post-Tenure Review    
    ACAF 1.33 Intellectual Property Policy    
    ACAF 1.34 Use of Self-Authored Materials by Instructor    
    ACAF 1.39 Software    
    ACAF 1.50 Outside Professional Activities for Faculty    
    ACAF 1.60 Modified Duties Semester for Faculty    
    ACAF 1.61 Faculty Dual Career Accommodation    
    ACAF 1.70 Continuing Education and Conferences    
    ACAF 1.71 Noncredit Certificate Programs    
    ACAF 1.72 Continuing Education Units    
    ACAF 1.80 Workplace Bullying    
    ACAF 2.00 Creation and Revision of Academic Programs  Revised  
    ACAF 2.01 Establishment and Modification of Centers and Institutes    
    ACAF 2.02 Establishment and Modification of Academic Administrative Units    
    ACAF 2.03 Creation and Revision of Academic Courses  Revised  
    ACAF 2.04 Dual Enrollment Courses    
    ACAF 2.05 Consortial Academic Contracts and Agreements (NEW)  New  
    ACAF 2.06 International Academic Agreements  Revised  
    ACAF 2.07 One-Time Enrollment Fee for International Students    
    ACAF 2.08 Faculty/Staff-Led Overseas Programs for Students  Revised  
    ACAF 2.09 International Travel Policy for Students  Revised  
    ACAF 2.10 Financial Arrangements for Faculty/Staff-Led Overseas Programs    
    ACAF 2.11 Substantive Change (NEW)    
    ACAF 2.12 International Academic Project Development    
    ACAF 2.13 Financial Certification Requirements for International Student Applicants (Formerly STAF 6.40)    
    ACAF 2.20 Academic Program Review (NEW)  New  
    ACAF 3.00 Assessment of Student Learning (NEW)  New  
    ACAF 3.03 Handling of Student Records  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 3.05 Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 3.06 Establishing and Changing a Student's Official Name  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 3.09 Registration Holds  Non-Substantive Update  
    ACAF 3.15 Classroom Scheduling    
    ACAF 3.17 Conference Related Activities (NEW)  New  
    ACAF 3.21 Athletic Competitions During Final Exams    
    ACAF 3.40 Verification of Lawful Presence of Students    
    ACAF 3.50 Academic Bulletins and Planning Calendar  Revised  
    ACAF 3.60 Graduate Resident Tuition Rate for Highly Selective Fellowship Students    
    ACAF 3.70 Commencement Exercises  Revised  
    ACAF 4.00 Graduate Assistantships    
    ACAF 7.03 Private Requests for University Data    
    ADV 5.00 Publications and Printed Materials    
    ADV 5.02 USC Letterhead and Business Card    
    ADV 5.03 Periodicals Approval    
    ADV 5.04 University Printing Services    
    ADV 5.05 University Copier Center    
    ATHL 1.00 Intercollegiate Athletics--General    
    ATHL 2.00 Athletic Tickets--Faculty and Staff    
    ATHL 2.03 Athletic Tickets--Students    
    BTRU 1.00 Statutory Basis of the University    
    BTRU 1.03 By-Laws of the Board of Trustees    
    BTRU 1.04 Authority to Sign Contracts    
    BTRU 1.06 Audit & Advisory Services  Revised  
    BTRU 1.09 Employment of Outside Legal Counsel    
    BTRU 1.12 Use of University of South Carolina Name    
    BTRU 1.14 University Designated Funds Revised  
    BTRU 1.15 University Personnel Expenditure Policy    
    BTRU 1.16 Board Member Expense Policy and Procedures  New  
    BTRU 1.18 Conflict of Interest  Revised  
    BTRU 1.20 Dishonest Acts and Fraud    
    BTRU 1.22 Reporting Violations of State and Federal Laws or Regulations Revised  
    BTRU 1.24 Internal Control Policy    
    BTRU 2.01 Honorary Degree Recipients Revised  
    BTRU 2.03 Removal of a Board of Trustees Member    
    BUSA 1.00 University Dining Services    
    BUSA 1.03 Catering for Student Organizations    
    BUSA 3.00 Textbook and Supplies Orders  Revised  
    BUSA 3.06 Trademark and Licensing    
    BUSA 3.09 University Vending Services    
    BUSA 4.00 University Postal Services    
    BUSA 7.00 Purchasing  Revised  
    BUSA 7.01 Acquisition and Payment of Goods and Services (Same as FINA 2.14)  Revised  
    BUSA 7.05 Payment/Reimbursement for Personal Consumption Items at Employee's Official Headquarters (Formerly BUSF 7.05)  Non-Substantive Update  
    BUSA 7.06 Employee Association/Professional Dues--Employee Personal Certifications--Employee License Fees (Formerly BUSF 7.06)  Non-Substantive Update  
    BUSF 7.08 Cellular and Wireless Telephone and Devices    
    DEVL 1.06 Fund Raising by the Development Office    
    EM 1.00 Emergency Notification System Policy    
    EOP 1.00 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action    
    EOP 1.01 Equal Opportunity Complaint Processing Procedures    
    EOP 1.02 Sexual Harassment    
    EOP 1.03 Prohibition of Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment  Revised  
    FCMN 1.00 Procurement of Architectural/Engineering and Other Professional Services Related to Design and Construction    
    FCMN 1.03 Leasing of Real Property    
    FCMN 1.05 Leasing "Lease-outs" of State-Owned Property to Non-University Parties    
    FCMN 1.06 Establishment of Permanent Improvement Projects    
    FCMN 2.03 Facilities Customer Service and Call Center    
    FCMN 2.06 Building Maintenance for Academic/General Areas    
    FCMN 2.09 Landscaping & Environmental Services    
    FCMN 2.10 Motor Vehicle Use on University Grounds (formerly BUSF 5.50)    
    FCMN 2.15 Campus Utilities and Energy Distribution    
    FINA 1.00 Travel  Revised (formerly BUSF 1.00) 
    FINA 1.08 Relocation and Moving Allowance  Revised (formerly BUSF 1.08)
    FINA 2.00 Object of Expenditure Classification Codes    
    FINA 2.03 Revenue Classification Codes    
    FINA 2.06 Intra-Institutional Transfers (within USC)    
    FINA 2.09 Inter-Departmental Transfers (between state agencies)    
    FINA 2.12 Accounts Payable    
    FINA 2.13 Honorariums and Royalties (formerly BUSF 2.13)    
    FINA 2.14 Acquisition and Payment of Goods and Services (Same as BUSA 7.01)  Revised  
    FINA 2.15 Accounts Payable--Check Writing Schedule    
    FINA 2.18 Petty Cash    
    FINA 2.19 Cash Advance--University Accounts    
    FINA 3.00 Contract and Grant Accounting--Restricted Funds    
    FINA 3.03 Contracts and Grants--Cost Sharing (Formerly BUSF 3.03)    
    FINA 3.06 Contracts and Grants--Participant Support    
    FINA 3.09 Contracts and Grants--Consultant Services    
    FINA 3.12 Contracts and Grants--Personnel Activity Reporting System (formerly BUSF 3.12)    
    FINA 3.15 Contracts and Grants--Closeouts    
    FINA 3.19 Contracts and Grants--Elimination of Accounts Overdrafts    
    FINA 3.20 State Grant and Legislatively Appropriated Non-operating State Funds ("G" Funds) (NEW)    
    FINA 3.21 External Audit Policy for Grant Transactions and Activities (Restricted Accounts) (NEW)    
    FINA 3.22 Agency Funds (Z Funds)  New  
    FINA 3.30 Other Educational and General Program Accounts (E Funds)  Non-Substantive Update  
    FINA 4.00 Tuition, Academic and All Other Fees (Formerly BUSF 4.00)    
    FINA 4.01 Student Statement of Financial Responsibility    
    FINA 4.03 Free Tuition and Reduction of Fees (Formerly BUSF 4.03)    
    FINA 4.04 Tuition Award Program    
    FINA 4.05 Law School Educational Fee Waiver    
    FINA 4.06 Refund of Academic Fees (formerly BUSF 4.06)    
    FINA 4.07 Study Abroad Refund (Formerly BUSF 4.07)    
    FINA 4.10 Receipt and Handling of University Payments (Formerly BUSF 4.10)    
    FINA 4.11 Credit/Debit Card Processing and Security    
    FINA 4.12 University Identity Theft and Detection Program (Formerly BUSF 4.12)    
    FINA 4.13 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts (NEW)    
    FINA 4.14 Accounts Receivable – Collections of Past Due Accounts  New  
    FINA 5.00 Asset Management  Revised  
    FINA 6.00 Payroll Authorizations    
    FINA 6.01 Salary Overpayments New Payroll
    FINA 6.03 Payroll Frequency    
    FINA 6.06 Payroll Checks--Items Withheld    
    FINA 6.09 Distribution of Payroll Statements of Electronic Deposit and Payroll Checks    
    FINA 6.11 University Employees Furnished Campus Housing (Formerly BUSF 6.11)    
    FINA 7.00 Capital Planning Policy  Revised  
    FINA 7.07 Club Membership and Dues  Non-Substantive Update  
    FINA 8.01 Payroll Authorizations to Internationals    
    FINA 9.10 Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)    
    HESA 1.00 Investigation of Fires    
    HESA 1.01 Fire Alarms    
    HESA 1.02 Reporting Fires    
    HESA 1.03 Fire Drills (formerly BUSA 5.00)    
    HR 0.00 Policy Disclaimer    
    HR 1.01 Drug-Free Workplace    
    HR 1.02 University of South Carolina Ethics Policy    
    HR 1.03 Annual Leave  Non-Substantive Update  
    HR 1.06 Sick Leave Revised  
    HR 1.07 Family and Medical Leave    
    HR 1.09 Other Leave With Pay  Revised  
    HR 1.10 Leave Transfer Policy  Revised  
    HR 1.12 Leave Without Pay    
    HR 1.15 Holiday Leave  Revised  
    HR 1.18 Hazardous Weather and Emergency Leave    
    HR 1.21 Educational Leave    
    HR 1.22 Telecommuting  Non-Substantive Update  
    HR 1.24 Appointment, Reassignment, and Promotion of Classified, Research Grant, Time-Limited or Unclassified Staff Employees    
    HR 1.27 Nepotism    
    HR 1.30 Outside Employment    
    HR 1.33 Labor    
    HR 1.34 Evaluation of Officers of the University and Administrators Reporting to the President    
    HR 1.36 Performance Evaluation for Classified and Unclassified Non-Academic Staff  Non-Substantive Update  
    HR 1.37 Pay for Performance    
    HR 1.39 Disciplinary Action and Termination for Cause    
    HR 1.42 Grievance    
    HR 1.45 Reduction-in-Force    
    HR 1.48 Solicitation and Distribution    
    HR 1.51 Professional Development for University Personnel    
    HR 1.54 Floater Services    
    HR 1.57 Separation from University Service    
    HR 1.60 Lactation Support Policy    
    HR 1.61 USC Tuition Assistance Policy    
    HR 1.63 State Service Award Program    
    HR 1.65 Employee Recognition    
    HR 1.66 Worker's Compensation    
    HR 1.69 Official Personnel Files and Records Release    
    HR 1.77 Bonuses  Non-Substantive Update  
    HR 1.78 Dual Employment    
    HR 1.79 Salary Supplements    
    HR 1.81 Summer Compensation for Faculty    
    HR 1.84 Minimum Wage, Official Workweek, and Overtime Compensation    
    HR 1.85 Research Grant or Time-Limited Positions    
    HR 1.90 Job Reference and Background Checks  Revised  
    HR 1.95 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy    
    HR 2.00 Succession Planning and Post-Retirement Employment Revised  
    IT 1.00 Information Technology Procurement    
    IT 3.00 Information Security    
    LESA 1.03 Bomb Threat    
    LESA 3.03 Reporting Disturbances    
    LESA 3.06 Reporting Loss or Theft of University Property    
    LESA 3.12 Access Control, Alarm and Video Security Systems    
    LESA 3.15 Registration and Parking of Bicycles    
    LIB 1.00 University Libraries--General    
    LIB 1.01 University Libraries-Misuses and Penalties    
    LIB 1.02 Library Annex and Conservation Facility    
    LIB 1.03 Archives and Record Management    
    RCAM 1.00 Regional Campuses--General  Non-Substantive Update  
    RSCH 1.00 Misconduct in Research and Scholarship  Revised  
    RSCH 1.01 Debarment and Suspension in Federally Sponsored Projects    
    RSCH 1.02 Sponsored Programs Administered through USC Foundations    
    RSCH 1.03 Research and Human Subjects    
    RSCH 1.04 Compliance with Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995    
    RSCH 1.05 Data Access and Retention  Revised  
    RSCH 1.06 Disclosure of Financial Interests and Management of Conflicts of Interest Related to Sponsored Projects (Research)    
    RSCH 1.07 Administration of Sponsored Projects    
    RSCH 5.03 Care and Use of Laboratory Animals    
    STAF 1.01 Registered Status for Religious Workers    
    STAF 1.03 HIV/AIDS Policy    
    STAF 1.04 University Student Identification Cards    
    STAF 1.05 Constitution of Student Government  Non-Substantive Update  
    STAF 1.06 Treasurer's Manual for Student Organizations    
    STAF 1.07 Student Suicide Attempts, Threats, or Gestures    
    STAF 1.08 Sexual Assault    
    STAF 1.09 Relationship Violence, Stalking and Harassment    
    STAF 2.01 Blatt Physical Education Center    
    STAF 2.03 Conduct at Recreational Facilities    
    STAF 2.06 Outside User Group Policy for Campus Recreation    
    STAF 2.09 Sports Clubs  Revised  
    STAF 3.01 Advisors for Student Organizations    
    STAF 3.02 Alcohol Policy and Guidelines for the University Community    
    STAF 3.05 Hazing  Revised  
    STAF 3.06 Eligibility Requirements for Student Participation in Intramural Sports    
    STAF 3.07 Campus Recreation--Risk Statement    
    STAF 3.08 Student Media Policy    
    STAF 3.10 Student Organizations    
    STAF 3.11 Posting Promotional Material, Including Banners    
    STAF 3.12 Off-Campus Speakers    
    STAF 3.15 Removal of Editors or Managers of Student Media    
    STAF 3.16 Outdoor Recreation Rental Equipment    
    STAF 3.17 Campus Solicitation    
    STAF 3.18 Drug Policy for University Students    
    STAF 3.22 Fund Raising by Student Organizations    
    STAF 3.23 Outdoor Event Registration    
    STAF 3.25 Use of University Facilities    
    STAF 3.26 Procedures for Accommodating Distinguished Guests    
    STAF 3.27 Russell House University Union Catering Policy    
    STAF 4.00 Single Undergraduate Housing (Academic Year)    
    STAF 4.01 Single Undergraduate Housing Fees    
    STAF 4.02 Family and Graduate Housing    
    STAF 4.03 Campus Housing Policies and Regulations    
    STAF 4.04 Visitation    
    STAF 4.05 Housing Contract Appeals Committee    
    STAF 4.06 Capstone Conference Center    
    STAF 4.11 Resident Student Conduct    
    STAF 4.14 Emergency Removal or Relocation    
    STAF 6.00 Disability Discrimination    
    STAF 6.02 Support Services and Accommodations for Students with Diagnosed Learning Disabilities  Revised  
    STAF 6.11 Veterans Services Eligibility Policy    
    STAF 6.12 University VA Policies and Procedures    
    STAF 6.24 Student Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy (NEW)    
    STAF 6.25 Academic Responsibility - The Honor Code  Revised  
    STAF 6.26 Student Code of Conduct    
    STAF 6.27 Student Grievance Policy--Non-Academic    
    STAF 6.28 Academic Freedom  Non-Substantive Update  
    STAF 6.29 Student Health Condition Disturbances Policy    
    STAF 6.30 Academic Grievance Policy  Non-Substantive Update  
    STAF 6.31 Use of Bicycles, Skateboards, In-line Skates, and Similar Conveyances on University Property    
    STAF 7.00 Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement for Graduate and International Students  Revised  
    STAF 7.01 Eligibility for Student Health Services  Revised  
    STAF 7.03 Immunization Requirements (Measles MMR, Tuberculosis PPD, and Meningitis)  Revised  
    STAF 7.04 Student Health Services in Unusual Situations or Disasters    
    STAF 7.05 Emergency Health Care and Emergency Transportation    
    STAF 7.07 Validation of Student Visits    
    STAF 7.08 Student Health Fee  Revised  
    STAF 7.09 Dismissal of Patient from Care  Revised  
    STAF 7.10 Client Eligibility to Student Health Services, Counseling and Human Development Center  Revised  
    STAF 8.00 Visitor Center Leasing Policies and Procedures  Revised  
    STAF 8.11 Eligibility to Use Services of the Career Center  Revised  
    STAF 8.17 Employer Eligibility to Use Career Center Services    
    STAF 9.25 Financial Aid Bulletin  Revised  
    STAF 10.01 Student Membership - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.02 Current and Retired Faculty and Staff Membership - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.03 Spouse Membership - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.04 Locker and Towel Rental - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.05 Guest Policy - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.06 General Information Policies - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.07 Climbing Wall - Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center    
    STAF 10.08 Plus One Membership for Recreational Facilities for Faculty & Staff (NEW)  New  
    STAF 10.09 Outdoor Recreation Trip Programs, Clinics and Equipment Check-Out    
    UNIV 1.00 Policy on Policies    
    UNIV 1.51 Data and Information Governance  Revised  
    UNIV 1.52 Responsible Use of Data, Technology, and User Credentials  Revised  
    UNIV 2.00 Freedom of Information Policy    
    UNIV 2.50 Affiliate Appointments    
    UNIV 3.00 Emergency Management Team    
    UNIV 3.01 Threat Assessment and Management    
    UNIV 3.02 Enterprise Risk Management (NEW)    
    UNIV 3.50 Asbestos Management    
    UNIV 4.00 Programs Involving Minors    
    UNIV 5.00 Tobacco Free Campus    
    UNIV 5.50 University Environmental Policy Statement  Revised  
    UNIV 6.00 Calendar and Space Reservation (USC-CSR) Policy    
    UNIV 7.00 Campus Exterior Art Approval and Procurement    
    VMPS 1.00 Motor Vehicle Registration  Revised  
    VMPS 2.00 Vehicle Traffic and Parking    
    VMPS 4.00 Motor Pool Operations    
    VMPS 5.00 Leasing and Renting Non-USC Owned Vehicles    
    VMPS 6.00 Vehicle Insurance and Accident Policy    
    VMPS 7.00 Carolina Shuttle Systems    

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