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Office of the Provost

Previous Award Winners

A Record of Excellence

The Office of the Provost maintains records of award recipients for each of the faculty and staff awards it manages. Use this list to view the recipients of the following awards:

USC Columbia Teaching Awards

Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Alicia Flach Exercise Science
2023 Christina Cox Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences
2022 James Cook Obstetrics and Gynecology
2022 Michaela Almgren Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences
2021 Eboni Harris College of Nursing, Master’s Entry into Practice Nursing Program
2021 Kathy Quarles-Moore College of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences (CPOS)
2020 Jeff Hall Family and Preventive Medicine
2020 Andrew Sides Internal Medicine
2019 Sheryl Mitchell Nursing
2019 Celeste Caulder Pharmacy
2018 Brian Keisler Medicine
2018 Karen Worthy Nursing
2017 Julie Justo Clinical Pharmacy & Outcomes
2017 Sabra Custer Nursing
2016 Selina McKinney Nursing
2015 De Anna Cox Nursing
2015 Brianne Dunn Pharmacy
2014 LeAnn Norris Pharmacy
2014 Katherine Chappell Nursing
2013 Allen Brett Medicine
2013 Scott Sutton Pharmacy
2012 Brandon Bookstaver Pharmacy
2012 Charles Carter Medicine
2011 Betsy Blake Pharmacy
2011 Rachel Brown Medicine
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 April Hiscox Geography
2023 Kristen Hogan Biological Sciences
2023 James Risk History
2023 Stephen Shapiro Sport & Entertainment Management
2023 Hengtao Tang Educational Studies
2023 Cuizhen (Susan) Wang Geography
2022 Matthew Ballard Mathematics
2022 Juan Caicedo Civil and Environmental Engineering
2022 Cory Schnell Criminology & Criminal Justice
2022 Morgan Stefik Chemistry and Biochemistry
2022 Amelia Taylor-Perry Chemistry and Biochemistry
2021 Tia Andersen Criminology and Criminal Justice
2021 Patricia Fabel Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences (CPOS)
2021 Naomi Falk School of Visual Art and Design
2021 Samuel McQuillin Psychology
2021 Brian Mihalik School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
2021 Shanna Williams Biomedical Sciences
2020 Catherine Gustafson College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
2020 Deena Isom Scott Criminology and Criminal Justice
2020 Michael “Micky” Myrick Chemistry and Biochemistry
2020 Charles “Andy” Schumpert Biological Sciences
2020 Hayden Smith Criminology and Criminal Justice
2020 David Weil School of Medicine Columbia
2019 Reginald Bain and Jeffry Dudycha  Music and Biological Sciences
2019 Karen Edwards Retailing
2019 Edward Gatzke Chemical Engineering
2019 Bridget Miller Instruction and Teacher Education
2019 Thomas Nathaniel USC School of Medicine – Greenville
2019 Laura Smith  Journalism and Mass Communications
2018 J. Daniel Jenkins  School of Music
2018 Steven Rodney  Department of Physics and Astronomy
2018 Lisa Sisk  School of Journalism and Mass Communications
2018 Sandy Strick  College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
2018 Gail Wagner  Department of Anthropology
2018 Beth White  Department of Instruction and Teacher Education
2017 Peter Duffy  Department of Theatre and Dance
2017 Leslie Hendrix  Department of Statistics
2017 Shelley Jones  Extended University and Palmetto College
2017 Mohammed Khalil  USC School of Medicine - Greenville
2017 Paul Malovrh and Nina Moreno  Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2016 Tena B. Crews  College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
2016 Lara Ducate and Judith Kalb  Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2016 Brianne Dunn  S.C. College of Pharmacy
2016 Allison Marsh  Department of History
2016 Caryn Outten  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2016 Terry Wolfer  College of Social Work
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Northrop Davis Media Arts
2022 Tammi Richardson Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean and Environment
2021 Sanjay Ahire Management Science
2020 Amit Almor Psychology
2019 Donna Chen Chemistry & Biochemistry
2018 Bradford Collins Visual Art and Design
2017 Clifford Leaman Music
2016 Maria Girardi Mathematics
2015 David Reisman Biological Sciences
2014 Rekha Patel Biological Sciences
2013 Claudia Benitez-Nelson Earth and Ocean Sciences
2012 Milind Kunchur Physics and Astronomy
2011 James S. Cutsinger Religious Studies
2010 Robert Jesselson School of Music

Susan Anderson

Theatre and Dance

Sanjib R. Mishra  

Physics and Astronomy
2007 Thomas Hilbish Biological Sciences
2006 Tangali S. Sudarshan Electrical Engineering
2005 John Larry Durstine Exercise Science, Public Health
 [Previously] Amoco Teaching Award Recipients
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2004 James W. Roberts Mathematics
2003 Vincent Van Brunt Engineering and Information Technology
2002 Walter H. Peters Engineering and Information Technology
2001 David P. Sumner Mathematics
2000 John D. Spurrier Statistics
1999 Chaden Djalali Physics and Astronomy
1998 Carolyn B. Matalene English
1997 Richard M. Showman Biological Sciences
1996 Daniel L. Reger Chemistry and Biochemistry
1995 Steven V. Mann B.A.
1994 Nelson, Marilyn German, Slavic
1993 Engle, Randall W. Psychology
1992 Atkinson, Ronald History
1991 Goode, Scott R. Chemistry
1990 Shimp, Terence A. B.A.
1989 Thombs, Lori A. Statistics
1988 Kovacik, Charles P. Geography
1987 Cowart, David G. English
1986 Farach, A. Horacio Physics
1985 Bearden, William O. B.A.
1984 Odom, Jerome Chemistry
1983 Greiner, Donald J. English
1982 Sadik, Farid Pharmacy
1981 Stiver, James Philosophy
1980 Jones, W. Elbert Accounting
1979 Becker, Peter History
1978 Zeltner, Philip Philosophy
1977 French, Harold Religious Studies
1976 Teague, Peyton C. Chemistry
1975 Gardner, John Univ. 101
1974 Dunlap, Benjamin English
1973 Husband, David D. Biology
1972 Borelli, Mary C. Foreign Language
1971 Ashley, Jack English
1970 Beardsley, Edward History
1969 Rempel, Richard History
1968 Batson, Wade Biology
1967 Wesson, William B.A.
1966 Boal, Jan List Math
1965 Ott, Ruby Foreign Language
1964 Strebe, David Math
1963 Foran, William History
1962 Bouknight, Joseph Chemistry
1961 Coolidge, Charles History
1960 Herty, Frank Engineering
1959 Murphy, Eugene Foreign Language
1958 Welsh, John English
1958 Nolan, Edward English
1957 Karesh, Coleman Law
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Michael Myrick Chemistry and Biochemistry
2022 Sara Schneckloth Studio Art
2021 Todd Shaw Political Science
2020 Michael A. Matthews Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
2019 Amanda Fairchild Psychology
2018 Richard Adams Chemistry and Biochemistry
2017 David S. Wethey Biological Sciences & Marine Science
2016 Rekha Patel Biological Sciences
2015 S. Michael Angel Chemistry and Biochemistry
2014 Susan Kuo Law
2013 James Stallworth Pediatrics
2012 Milind Purohit Physics & Astronomy
2011 Mark M. Smith History
2010 Michael Filaseta Mathematics
2009 Katherine Chaddock Educational Leadership and Policies
2008 Ralf Gothe Physics and Astronomy
2007 Edsel Pena Statistics
2006 Manoj Malhotra Business
2005 Lawrence Glickman History
2004 Michael Amiridis Chemical Engineering
2004 Chaden Djalali Physics and Astronomy
2004 Victor Giurgiutiu Mechanical Engineering
2003 Christina Friend English
2003 Ted Moore Business
2003 Dan Reger Chemistry/Biochemistry
2002 Ann Kingsolver Anthropology
2002 Carolyn Matalene English
2002 William J. (Joe) Padgett Statistics
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 April Hiscox Geography
2023 Morgan Stefik Chemistry and Biochemistry
2023 Katherine Ryker School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
2023 Alexander Gasparian Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
2022 Meredith DeBoom Geography
2022 Sheryl Wiskur Chemistry and Biochemistry
2022 Charles Andy Schumpert Biological Sciences
2022 Andrew Gillentine Sport and Entertainment Management
2021 Eliza Braden Instruction and Teacher Education
2021 Melissa Moss Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
2021 Lori Ziolkowski School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
2021 Marketa Kubickova School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
2020 Wendy Valerio School of Music
2020 Andrew Greytak Chemistry & Biochemistry
2020 Mary Robinson School of Visual Art & Design
2020 Anna Swartwood House School of Visual Art & Design
2019 Caryn E. Outten Chemistry & Biochemistry
2019 Conor Harrison Earth, Ocean & Environment
2019 Alicia Wilson Earth, Ocean & Environment
2019 Meir Muller Instruction & Teacher Education
2018 Carlina de la Cova Anthropology
2018 Brad Epperly Political Sciences
2018 Camelia Knapp Earth, Ocean and Environment
2018 Evan Meaney Visual Art and Design
2017 David Barbeau Earth, Ocean & Environment
2017 Sourav Banerjee Mechanical Engineering
2017 Ralf Gothe Physics and Astronomy
2017 Mindi Spencer Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
2016 Beth Krizek Biological Sciences
2016 Leah McClimans Philosophy
2016 Linda Shimizu Chemistry and Biochemistry
2016 Joshua Tarbutton Mechanical Engineering
2015 Sanjay Ahire Management Science
2015 Lydia Brandt School of Visual Art and Design
2015 Thomas Lekan History
2015 Tammi Richardson Biological Sciences
2014 Sarah Baxter Mechanical Engineering
2014 Jeff Dudycha Biological Sciences
2014 John Grady Sport and Entertainment Management
2014 Saskia Coenen-Snyder History
2013 Danny Jenkins Music
2013 Ann Johnson History
2013 Amy Mills Geography
2013 Michael Myrick Chemistry & Biochemistry
2012 Northrop Davis Art
2012 John Ferry Chemistry & Biochemistry
2012 Anthony Jarrells English Language & Literature
2012 Joseph Quattro Biological Sciences
2011 Erin Connolly Biological Sciences
2011 Thomas Crawford Physics and Astronomy
2011 Catherine Keyser English
2011 Sara Schneckloth Art
2010 Donna A. Chen Chemistry and Biochemistry
2010 Bobby Donaldson History and African American Studies
2010 Kevin Elliott Philosophy
2010 Kimberly Eison Simmons Anthropology and African American Studies
2009 Elise Blackwell English
2009 John Lavigne Chemistry & Biochemistry
2009 David Simmons Anthropology
2009 Stephen Thompson Education
2008 Ken Shimizu Chemistry & Biochemistry
2008 Grigory Simin Electrical Engineering
2008 Daniel Smith English
2008 Stephen Stancyk Biological Sciences
2007 Robert Lyon Art
2007 Antonello Monti Electrical Engineering
2007 David Tedeschi Physics
2007 Stacy Wood Business
2006 JoAnne Herman Nursing
2006 Julie Hubbert Music
2006 Charles Pierce Civil & Environmental Engineering
2005 Claudia Benitez-Nelson Geological Sciences
2005 Gregory Carbone Geography
2005 Greg Forter English
2005 Kenneth Kelly Anthropology
2004 Michael Meadows Civil & Environmental Engineering
2004 Rekha Patel Biological Sciences
2004 David Rocheleau Mechanical Engineering
2004 Patrick Scott English/University Libraries
2004 Terry Smith Theatre and Dance
2003 Ward Briggs Languages, Literature and Cultures
2003 Art Cohen Geological Sciences
2003 Jed Lyons Mechanical Engineering
2003 David Reisman Biological Sciences
2002 Horacio Farach Physics & Astronomy
2002 Judith Kalb Germanic, Slavic & East Asian Languages & Literature
2002 Vance L. Kornegay Journalism & Mass Communications
2002 Dorothy K. Payne Music
2002 Douglas F. Williams Marine & Geological Sciences
2001 Bonnie L. Drewniany Journalism
2001 Milind N. Kunchur Physics & Astronomy
2001 Ronald W. Maris Sociology
2001 Stephen R. McNeill Engineering
2001 Catherine Murphy Chemistry & Biochemistry
2000 Bill Bearden Darla Moore School of Business
2000 Christopher Berg Music
2000 Sandra Kelly Psychology
2000 Gail Wagner Anthropology
1999 James S. Cutsinger Religious Studies
1999 Nina S. Levine English
1999 Harry J. Ploehn Chemical Engineering
1999 David P. Sumner Mathematics
1999 Vincent Van Brunt Chemical Engineering
1998 Michael D. Amiridis Chemical Engineering
1998 Thomas P. Cafferty Psychology
1998 Erik L. Collins Journalism & Mass Communications
1998 Scott R. Goode Chemistry & Biochemistry
1998 James W. Roberts Mathematics
1997 John Adams Music
1997 Ronald Atkinson History
1997 Chaden Djalali Physics & Astronomy
1997 Walter H. Peters, III Mechanical Engineering
1996 Berten Ely Biology
1996 Jamil Khan Engineering
1996 Reginald Bain Music
1996 Edward Beardsley History
1996 Richard Showman Biology
1995 David Cowart English
1995 Robert Jesselson School of Music
1995 Daniel Reger Chemistry/Biochemistry
1995 Farid Sadik College of Pharmacy
1995 John Spurrier Statistics
1994 Cynthia Colbert Art
1994 Robert S. Coleman Chemistry
1994 Georgia J. Cowart Music
1994 Helen I. Doerpinghaus Business Administration
1994 Sandra Frick- Helms Nursing
1993 Bruce C. Coull Marine Science
1993 Lester A. Lefton Psychology
1993 Jerome D. Odom Chemistry
1993 Steven V. Mann Business Administration
1993 Peter H. Werner Physical Education

Research Awards

Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Greg Forter English Language and Literature
2022 Qiana Whitted English Language and Literature
2021 Michael Stoeltzner Philosophy
2020 David Greven English
2019 Lauren Sklaroff History
2019 Kurt Goblirsch Languages, Literature & Cultures
2017 Paula Feldman English Language and Literature
2016 Holly Crocker English Language and Literature
2015 Carol Harrison History
2014 Jorge Camacho Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2013 Lawrence Rhu English Language and Literature
2012 Geoff Alpert Criminology and Criminal Justice
2011 Elena Osokina History
2010 Laura Dassow Walls English Language and Literature
2009 Nicholas Vazsonyi Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2007 H. Meili Steele English Language and Literature
2006 Stanley Dubinsky English Language and Literature
2005 George Krause Political Science
2004 Sandra J. Kelly Psychology
2003 Janette Turner Hospital English Language and Literature
2002 Gordon C. Baylis Psychology
2001 Lawrence Glickman History
2000 Ronald J. Prinz Psychology
1999 Susan L. Cutter Geography
1998 Harvey Starr Political Science
1997 David E. Willer Sociology
1996 Abraham M. Wandersman Psychology
1995 John R. Jensen Geography
1994 Carol Myers-Scotton English
1993 Ralph Mathisen History
1992 Elchanan Cohn Economics
1991 John E. Richards Psychology
1990 Lacy K. Ford History
1989 Earl Black GINT
1988 Trevor Howard-Hill English
1987 G. Ross Roy English
1986 Eugene T. Long Philosophy
1985 Robert M. Weir History
1984 Shahrough Akhavi GINT
1983 Gordon Smith GINT
1982 Charles W. Kegley GINT
1981 Ronald W. Maris Sociology
1980 Benjamin Dunlap English
1979 James N. Hardin Foreign Languages
1978 Robert E. Herzstein History
1977 Robert V. Heckel Psychology
1976 Phillip E. Mullen Art
1975 Richard O. Mandell History
1974 Owen Connelly History
1973 Matthew J. Bruccoli English
1972 Howard Woody Art
1971 Thomas L. Connelly History
1970 Frank M. Durham English
1969 Hugh S. Norton Economics
1968 John P. Dolan History
1967 Edmund Yaghjian Art
1966 Paul W. Blackstock International Studies
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Ken Shimizu Chemistry and Biochemistry
2022 Caryn Outten  Chemistry and Biochemistry
2021 David Matolak Electrical Engineering
2020 Chuanbing Tang Chemistry
2019 Ronald Benner Earth, Ocean & Environment
2018 Timothy Mousseau Biology
2017 Qian Wang Chemistry and Biochemistry
2016 Jochen Lauterbach Chemical Engineering
2015 Branko Popov Chemical Engineering
2014 Milind Kunchur Physics
2013 Ralf Gothe Physics
2012 Kenneth Reifsnider Mechanical Engineering
2011 Ralph E. White Chemical Engineering
2010 T. S. Sudarshan Electrical Engineering
2009 M. Hanif Chaudhry Civil & Environmental Engineering
2008 Pradeep Talwani Geological Sciences
2007 Laszlo A. Szekely Mathematics
2006 Vicki Vance Biological Sciences
2005 Catherine Murphy Chemistry & Biochemistry
2004 Robert C. Thunell Geological Sciences
2003 Kuniharu Kubodera Physics
2002 M. Asif Khan Engineering & Information Technology
2001 William J. Padgett Statistics
2000 James M. Sodetz Chemistry and Biochemistry
1999 Jerrold R. Griggs Mathematics
1998 Sarah Ann Woodin Biological Sciences
1997 James M. Tour Chemistry
1996 John W. Baynes Chemistry
1995 Ronald A. DeVore Mathematics
1994 Jerome D. Odom Chemistry
1993 Roy E. Wuthier Chemistry
1992 Jeeva S. Anandan Physics
1991 Frank T. Avignone, III Physics
1990 Peter J. Nyikos Mathematics
1989 Richard Adams Chemistry
1988 John H. Dawson Chemistry
1987 R. Bruce Dunlap Chemistry
1986 Colgate W. Darden Physics
1985 James A. Marshall Chemistry
1984 Robert Ehrlich Geology
1983 Ronald R. Fisher Chemistry
1982 Bruce C. Coull Biology
1981 Norimitsu Watabe Biology
1980 Barry M. Preedon Physics
1979 James W. Roberts Mathematics
1978 Horacio A. Farach Physics
1977 John & Winona Vernberg Biology
1976 Paul D. Ellis Chemistry
1975 William J. Padgett Mathematics
1974 Robert L. Cargill Chemistry
1973 William H. Hoppmann Engineering
1972 Frank T. Avignone,III Physics
1971 Charles P. Poole Physics
1970 Elmer A. Amma Chemistry
1969 Donald J. Colquhoun Geology
1968 James R. Durig Chemistry
1967 Ronald D. Edge Physics
1966 William R. Gilkerson Chemistry
Year Recipient College, School or Department
1957 D.F. DeTar Chemistry
1958 Daniel W. Hollis History
1959 Robert D. Thornton 
James W. Howell, Jr.
Foreign Languages
1960 O.D. Bonner Chemistry
1961 George C. Brauer English
1962 John D. Russell English
1963 M. Glenn Abernathy Political Science
1964 George C. Rogers, Jr. History
1965 F.W. Zartman International Studies
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 James Hébert Epidemiology and Biostatistics
2022 Ozgur Sahin Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences
2021 Daping Fan Cell Biology and Anatomy
2020 James Thrasher Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
2018 Angela Liese Epidemiology and Biostatistics
2017 James Carson Exercise Science
2016 Jamie R. Lead Environmental Health Sciences
2015 Francis Spinale Cell Biology and Anatomy
2014 Kim Creek Pharmacy
2013 Steven Blair Exercise Science
2012 James Fadel Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience
2011 Lawrence P. Reagan Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience
2010 Sara Wilcox Exercise Science
2009 J. Mark Davis Exercise Science
2008 Marlene A. Wilson Pharmacology, Physiology, and Neuroscience
2007 no award winner  
2006 Alexander J. McDonald Medicine
2005 Bao-Ting Zhu Pharmacy
2004 Beth Mayer-Davis Public Health
2003 Alan Decho Public Health
2002 C. Marjorie Aelion Public Health
2001 Jeanette M. Jerrell Medicine
2000 Richard L. Sowell Nursing
1999 Alvin Fox Medicine
1998 G. Thomas Chandler Public Health
1997 Thomas Borg Medicine
1996 Russell Pate Public Health
1995 Sally P. Weinrich Nursing
1994 Louis Terracio Medicine
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2022 Agnes Mueller Languages, Literatures and Cultures
2021 Susan Felleman School of Art & Visual Design
2020 Thomas Brown History
2019 Mark Weist Psychology
2016 Christine Caldwell Ames History
2015 Alexander Beecroft Languages, Literature and Cultures
2014 no award winner  
2013 Brent Simpson Sociology
2012 Patricia Sullivan History
2011 Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr. English
2010 David S. Shields English
2009 Thomas M Lekan History
2007 Charles F. Mactutus Psychology
2006 Virginia Scotchie Art
2005 no award winner  
2004 Charles R. Mack Art
2003 Allen Miller Languages, Literature and Cultures
2002 Donald R. Songer GINT
2001 Keith E. Davis Psychology
2000 Mark M. Smith History
1999 Lala C. Steelman Sociology
1998 S. Paul MacKenzie History
1997 Thomas J. Rice English
1996 John M. Bryan Art
1995 David G. Cowart English
1994 John V. Skvoretz Sociology
1993 Karl G. Heider Anthropology
1992 Gordon R. Goodwin Music
1991 Ann O'M. Bowman GINT
1990 John T. Addison Economics
1989 James B. Appel Psychology
1988 Ward W. Briggs French and Classics
1987 Donald Puchala GINT
1986 Peter C. Sederberg GINT
1985 William P. Kreml GINT
1984 Donald J. Greiner English
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Brooke McKeever Journalism and Mass Communications
2022 Andrea Hickerson Journalism and Mass Communications
2021 Christine Distefano Educational Studies
2020 Anthony Nyberg Management
2019 Susi Long Instruction & Teacher Education
2016 Sherry Thatcher Management
2015 Robert Li Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
2014 Gloria Boutte Education
2013 William Brown Education
2012 Robert Ployhart Moore School of Business
2011 no award winner  
2010 Erik Drasgow Special Education

Kendall J. Roth

Moore School of Business
2007 Manjo Malhotra Moore School of Business
2006 Subhash Sharma Business
2005 William T. Moore Business
2004 William O. Bearden Business
2003 John Addison Business
2002 Robert Felix Law
2001 Terry Tirrito Social Work
2000 Herbert A. Johnson Law
1999 Huynh Huynh Education
1998 Ronald T. Farrar Journalism and Mass Communications
1997 Daniel Feldman Business Administration
1996 David Owen Law
1995 Geoffrey P. Albert Criminal Justice
1994 Billy F. Kiker Business Administration
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Varsha Kulkarni Physics and Astronomy
2022 Andreas Heyden Chemical Engineering
2021 Susan Richardson Chemistry
2020 Qi Wang Mathematics
2019 Thomas Vogt Chemistry & Biochemistry 
2018 Brian Benicewicz Chemistry & Biochemistry
2017 Kevin Huang Mechanical Engineering
2016 Donna Chen Chemistry & Biochemistry
2015 Victor Giurgiutiu Mechanical Engineering
2014 George Voulgaris Earth & Ocean Sciences
2013 John Weidner Chemical Engineering
2012 James Ritter Chemical Engineering
2011 James T. Morris Biological Sciences
2010 Pencho Petrushev Mathematics
2009 S. Michael Angel Chemistry & Biochemistry
2008 Edsel Pena Statistics
2007 Mark A. Berg Chemistry & Biochemistry
2006 Hans-Conrad zur Loye Chemistry & Biochemistry
2005 Ronald Benner Biological Sciences
2004 Susanne C. Brenner Mathematics
2003 Vladimir Temlyakov Mathematics
2002 Berten E. Ely III Biological Sciences
2001 Chaden Djalali Physics & Astronomy
2000 Walter W. Piegorsch Statistics
1999 Franklin G. Berger Biological Sciences
1998 Lukasz Lebioda Chemistry & Biochemistry
1997 Robert C. Thunell Geological Sciences
1996 Michael A. Sutton Engineering
1995 Daniel L. Reger Chemistry & Biochemistry
1994 Douglas F. Williams Geological Sciences
1993 Willard S. Moore Geological Sciences
1992 Ian Lerche Geology
1991 Donald T. Secor Geology
1990 Tangali S. Sudarshan Engineering
1989 Thomas K. Borg Pathology
1988 Gary Blanpied Physics
1987 Anthony Huang Biology
1986 Roger H. Sawyer Biology
1985 Chi Kwan Au Physics
1984 James R. Durig Chemistry

USC Columbia Other Awards

Year Faculty Recipients Staff Recipients
2023 Amy Grant, College of Pharmacy Kristi Kinslow, College of Pharmacy
2022 Grigory Simin, Electrical Engineering Sarah Jusiewicz, Student Services
2021 Leslie Lovelace, Chemistry Lauren Sanborn, College of Education
2020 Aaron Vannucci, Chemistry Meredith McNeice, Darla Moore School of Business
2019 Mark Uline, Chemical Engineering Rebecca Boyd, Visual Art and Design
2018 Donna Chen, Chemistry and Biochemistry Amanda Zeigler, Biology
2017 Gwen Geidel, Earth, Ocean and Environment
Renee McGinnis, Chemistry and Biochemistry
2016 Claudia Benitez- Nelson, Earth and Ocean Sciences Althea Counts, Opportunity Scholars Program
Brittain Goff, Darla Moore School of Business
2015 Melissa Moss, Chemical Engineering Diane Wise, Pharmacy
2014 Judith Kalb, Languages, Literatures and Cultures Becky Mayo, Engineering & Computing
2013 John Kupfer, Geography Patricia Armstrong, Criminology & Criminal Justice
2012 Wayne Outten, Chemistry Stephanie Bradley, HRSM
2011 Thomas J. Hilbish, Biological Sciences Lauren Welch, HRSM
2010 Nina Levine, English Jim Burns, Honors College
2009 John M. Grady, Hospitality, Retail, and
Sport Management
Melissa Lowe
2008 Thomas L. Leatherman, Anthropology Leslie Wingard, Public Health
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 John Grady Sport and Entertainment Management
2023 Angela Liese Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
2022 Rutvik Desai Psychology
2022 James Pinckney Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean and Environment
2021 Rosemarie Booze College of Arts & Sciences, Psychology
2021 Jamil Khan College of Engineering & Computing, Mechanical Engineering
2020 August Grant School of Journalism and Mass Communications
2020 Donna A. Chen Chemistry & Biochemistry
2019 Brian Benicewicz Chemistry & Biochemistry
2019 Christy Friend English Language & Literature
2019 Andrew H. Myers History
2018 Kirstin Dow Geography
2018 Thomas Vogt Chemistry & Biochemistry
2017 Michael Filaseta Mathematics
2017 Daniel C. Littlefield History
2017 Warren J. Carson, Jr. Languages, Literature & Composition
2016 Venkataraman Lakshmi Earth & Ocean Sciences
2015 Robert Jesselson Music
2015 DeAnne Hilfinger Messias Nursing
2014 Michael Sutton Mechanical Engineering
2014 Manoj Malhotra Management Science
2013 S. Michael Angel Chemistry and Biochemistry
2013 Katherine Chaddock Educational Leadership and Policies
2012 James Hebert Epidemiology and Biostatistics
2012 Hanno zur Loye Chemistry and Biochemistry
2011 Ann E. Kingsolver Anthropology
2011 Roger A. Dougal Electrical Engineering
2010 Lawrence Glickman History
2010 Robert Thunell Earth and Ocean Sciences
2009 T.S. Sudarshan Electrical Engineering
2009 Andrew Billingsley Sociology and African American Studies
2008 Sandra Kelly Psychology
2008 Roger Sawyer Biological Sciences
2007 Walter B. Edgar History
2007 Valdis O. Lumans USC Aiken, History
2007 James M. Sodetz Chemistry and Biochemistry
2006 David Cowart English
2006 Kim E. Creek Medicine
2005 Richard Adams Chemistry and Biochemistry
2005 William O. Bearden Business
2004 John Dawson Chemistry and Biochemistry
2003 Chaden Djalali Physics and Astronomy
2003 Robert E. Botsch USC Aiken
2002 John Baynes Chemistry and Biochemistry
2001 Douglas F. Williams SC Honors College
2000 Daniel L. Reger Chemistry and Biochemistry
1999 William J. Padgett Statistics
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Shana Harrington Exercise Science
2022 Lori Ziolkowski Earth, Ocean and Environment
2021 Amanda Fairchild Psychology
2020 Minuette Floyd School of Visual Art & Design
2019 Jed Lyons Engineering & Computing
2018 Shayne Barlow Medicine
2017 Tan Ye Languages Literatures & Cultures
2016 Norman “Ed” Madden English
2015 Laura Hein Nursing
2014 Danielle Holley-Walker Law
2013 Scott Goode Chemistry & Biochemistry
2012 John Dawson Chemistry & Biochemistry
2011 Elizabeth Patterson Law
2010 Russ Pate Exercise Science
2009 James Augustine Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience
2008 Daniel L. Reger Chemistry & Biochemistry
2007 Berten E. Ely Biological Sciences
2006 Chaden Djalali Physics and Astronomy
2005 Jerome D. Odom Chemistry & Biochemistry
2004 Carl Evans Religious Studies
2003 John Logue USC Sumter - Biology
2002 Joseph H. Gibbons Engineering & Information Technology
2001 John Gandy Social Work
2000 Marilyn Chassie Nursing
1999 H. Thorne Compton Theatre, Speech & Dance
1998 Lori A. Thombs Statistics
1997 Augustus Rodgers Social Work
1996 Daniel D. Barron Library & Information Science
1995 Paul P. Fidler Education
1994 Mary Ellen O'Leary Mathematics
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Jin Liu Educational Psychology and Research
2022 David Rocheleau Mechanical Engineering
2021 Kristen Hogan Biology
2020 Linda Hazlett Epidemiology

Comprehensive Universities and Palmetto College Award

Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Ellen Malphrus USC Beaufort, English
2022 Manuel Sanders USC Beaufort, Mathematics
2021 Bruce Marlowe USC Beaufort, Education
2020 Timothy M. James USC Beaufort, History
2019 Brian Benicewicz Chemistry & Biochemistry
2019 Christy Friend English Language & Literature
2018 Yiming Ji USC Beaufort
2017 Warren J. Carson, Jr. Languages, Literature & Composition -USC Upstate
2016 James R. Cox, Jr. Theatre - USC Upstate
2015 Tim Lintner Education - USC Aiken
2014 Chad Leverette Chemistry - USC Aiken
2013 Maureen Carrigan Psychology - USC Aiken
2012 Juanita Villena-Alvarez Humanities and Fine Arts - USC Beaufort
2011 Ann E. Kingsolver Anthropology
2010 Allen J. Dennis USC Aiken, Biology/Geology
2009 Carl P. Eby English, Speech, & Theatre - USC Beaufort
2008 Tom Mack USC Aiken, English
2007 Valdis O. Lumans USC Aiken, History
2006 Roberto Refinetti USC Salkehatchie, Psychology
2005 Keri Weed Psychology - USC Aiken
2004 Lynn Mulkey Sociology - USC Beaufort
2003 Robert E. Botsch USC Aiken
2002 Phebe Davidson English - USC Aiken
2001 Ronald Harshbarger Mathematics - USC Beaufort
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Steve Lownes USC Union, World Languages
2022 Wei-Kai (Bryan) Lai USC Salkehatchie, Mathematics
2021 Christine Sixta Reinhart USC Union, Political Science
2020 Maggie Aziz USC Union, Sociology
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Patrick Lawrence USC Lancaster, English
2022 Andrew Kunka USC Sumter, Division of Arts and Letters
2021 Li Cai  USC Lancaster, Chemistry
2020 Fran Gardner USC Lancaster, Art
Year Recipient College, School or Department
2023 Fernanda Marques Burke USC Lancaster, Biology and Chemistry
2022 Francis Burns USC Salkehatchie, Chemistry
2021 Fidele F. Ngwane USC Salkehatchie, Mathematics
2020 Sarah Hunt Sellhorst USC Lancaster, Exercise Science
2019 Ray McManus USC Sumter
2018 Shelley Jones USC Extended University, English
2017 Jill Castiglia USC Lancaster
2015 Kajal Ghoshroy USC Sumter
2014 Eran Kilpatrick USC Salkehatchie
2013 Wei-Kai Lai USC Salkehatchie
2012 Bettie Obi-Johnson USC Lancaster
2011 Leandro Junes USC Sumter
2010 Pearl Fernandes USC Sumter
2009 Sarah Miller USC Salkehatchie


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