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Weather update: The Columbia campus will have a delayed opening until 10 am tomorrow, Jan. 18. This applies to all offices. Classes scheduled to begin before 10 am are canceled. Classes scheduled to begin at or after 10 am will take place as scheduled. See for updates See for updates.

Office of the Provost

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Policies and Procedures

The Office of the Provost is responsible for formal policies and procedures at the University of South Carolina that have campus- and system-wide application.  The university policies and procedures manual improves communication, promotes administrative consistency and efficiency and ensures compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements.

Family-friendly policies have particular importance to the Office of the Provost.  These policies enhance USC's ability to recruit and retain excellent and diverse faculty members, foster a flexible and supportive work environment and promote an academic culture that is supportive of faculty and their families.

The faculty manuals for the USC system campuses outline the essential elements of the employment relationship between the faculty, individually and collectively and the university.  It contains information concerning university regulations and procedures considered to be of particular importance to university faculty.