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Office of the Provost

Activate a Web Calendar

Entering events into the 25Live system will allow you to submit requests for events to be added to the main university calendar,, or other calendars around the university (i.e. USC Connect Calendar). Academic and administrative units also have the option of setting up a unit calendar that works with your unit's website within the university content management system (OU Campus).

Calendar Manager

Unit calendar managers will approve events for display on a unit’s calendar once the space scheduler has approved the room request. The calendar manager and the space scheduler for a unit could be the same person, or it could be the communications manager for a unit.

Setting Up Your Unit with a Calendar

For units already part of the university content management system (OU Campus), follow these steps to generate an online calendar for your unit from the 25Live database:

  1. Fill out the Calendar and Space Reservation Access Request form below.
    This form will give us crucial details about your unit, locations, users and calendar needs. Because this is a dual system, all locations must be activated in the database and a scheduler from the unit identified to approve all space requests.
    1. Roseanne Shaw, the calendar administrator, will evaluate your submission and contact you to begin setting up your users and locations.
    2. Once your unit has been set up, you and your schedulers (those approving and managing locations) will be trained using the 25Live system.
    3. After training you can begin entering events into the system. Once you have enough to feed into a calendar you can contact Roseanne again about setting up searches to publish them from the 25Live database to your calendar.
  2. Once your unit is set up and using 25Live to enter calendar ready events, you will work with Digital Strategy to set up your calendar pages and schedule a follow up training session on using the CMS side of the calendar. If your unit’s webpages are not part of the university CMS (OU Campus) yet, you will need to become part of it before you can set up an online calendar for your unit.

Calendar and Space Reservation Access Request


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