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Office of the Provost

Phi Beta Kappa

Faculty & Staff Members

Phi Beta Kappa faculty or staff members employed by the University of South Carolina are listed below. 

Member Unit
Addy, Cheryl Lynn Provost’s Office
Anderson, Mary C.* English
Andrews, Arlene B.* Social Work
Angel, Robert C.* Political Science
Ardis, Marilyn B.* U. Technology Services
Ashley, Brittany OIRAA (Office of Inst. Research…)
Atkinson, Camelia Ann DoIT
Atkinson, Ronald* History
Aun, Lorraine International Support for Faculty & Staff
Benfield, Carol D.* Central Development
Bennett, Charles L. College of Pharmacy
Blackburn, McKinley Lee, Jr. Economics
Blessing, Edward University Libraries
Boggs, Carol School of Earth, Ocean & Environment  and  Biological Sciences
Bouknight, James G.* School of Medicine
Bové, Nancy E. Social Work
Boylan, Matthew Mathematics
Brandon, John C. Cooper Library
Brett, Allan S. School of Medicine
Briggs, Ward W., Jr.* Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Bridgman, Alysia College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office
Brookshire, Robert Integrated Information Technology Department, Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing
Brown, J. Jeffrey* School of Medicine
Brown, Josephine F. Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Buell, Duncan A.* Computer Science
Buff, Wayne Erwin* College of Pharmacy
Butler, William W., II* School of Medicine
Cannon, Robert* Computer Science
Chappell, Henry W.* Economics
Childress, Ronald Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Cochran, Shannon Marie English
Cook, Michael D.* School of Medicine
Cooper, Mark Garrett Film and Media Studies
Courtney, Susan C. English
Cox, Ron History / Palmetto College
Creswick, Richard John Physics
Curran, Mary C. Marine Science
Currin, Elizabeth Education
Cutsinger, James S.* Religious Studies
Davis, Cynthia J. English
Davis, Harry W,. Jr. Children’s Law Center
Davis, Keith E.* Psychology
Dickson, William Michael* Pharmacy
Druseikis, Frederick C. DoIT
Duffy, John J., Jr.* Languages, Literatures
Dunn, Robert Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
Dusenbury, Angela M.*  
Eastman, Caroline Merriam* Computer Science
Etheredge, Richard S. Office of VP Research
Fairchild, Amanda Psychology
Fant, James Wilks, Jr. School of Medicine
Feldman, Barry J. School of Medicine
Feldman, Paula R. English
Filaseta, Michael Anthony* Mathematics
Flowers, Catherine University 101 Programs
Ford, Lacy K. History
Freestate, Kristin Elizabeth Admissions
Friend, Christina English
Frierson, Richard L. School of Medicine
Gadala-Maria, Francis A.* Chemical Engineering
Gardner, Dwight F.* Libraries
Geidel, Gwendelyn* School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Goings, Janice S. Univ 101
Goldsmith, Jack Dept of Cell Biology and Anatomy / School of Medicine - Columbia
Graham, C. Blease* Political Science
Greiner, Donald J.* English
Griggs, Jerrold Robinson* Mathematics
Gunter, Jennifer College of Arts and Sciences 
Guram, Surbjinder* NID (School of Medicine) retired
Gwara, Scott English
Hark, Ina Rae* English
Harley, Peter W.* Mathematics
Heckman, Heather Library Technologies
Heider, Karl* Anthropology
Herlong, James H.* School of Medicine
Herron, Elizabeth J. Research and Grant Development
Herzstein, Robert* History
Hollins, William Joseph School of Medicine carrdiolog
Holt, David Eric Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Horton, Mary C. University Libraries
Howe, Duncan B.* School of Medicine
Howell IV, L. Cameron Board of Trustees
Hubbard, Francis Patrick* Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Hubbard, William Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Huray, Paul G.* Electrical Engineering
Hussey, James R.* Public Health
Jenkins, Aubrey K. Student Life
Johnson, Helena Center for Teaching Excellence
Kaufman, Stacey Lynn Children’s Law Center
Keeney, Craig University Libraries
Keisler, Brian D. School of Medicine
Kloos, Bret R. Psychology
Lackstrom, Kirsten Jean Geography
Lavigne, John J. Chemistry & Biochemistry
Leaphart, Janis K. Political Science
Learner, Stephanie University Libraries
Lekan, Thomas M. History
Littmann, Jane Robin School of Medicine
Long, Eugene* Philosophy (Deceased, I believe)
Macauda, Mark Center for Applied Research
Mancke, Rudolph School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Marinelli, Patti J.* Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Markovsky, Barry N. Sociology
Maxwell, Richard S. U. Technology Services
McDermott, John H. Moore School of Business
McGrievy, Matt Public Health
McInnes, Melayne Economics
McKay, Sally Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Meade, Dougas B. Mathematics
Medlin, S. Alan Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Miller, Matthew Mathematics
Montgomery, John* Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Morris, Carolyn S. Children’s Law Center
Neuffer, Francis School of Medicine
Nottingham, James Maurice School of Medicine
Nyikos, Peter Joseph Mathematics
Outten, F. Wayne Chemistry
Owens, Thomas Joseph* School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Parham, Walter H. Office of General Counsel
Patterson, Gregory Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
Patterson, Ruth Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing
Peters, Rachel A. School of Medicine
Potter, Ellen F.* Education
Powell, Tara Frances English
Pratt, Walter F.* Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Pritchard, Skyler* Student Life
Probst, Janice* Rural and Minority Research
Ravan, Sarah A.* School of Medicine
Rawl, John C.*  
Rea, Mikaela University 101 Programs 
Reeves, Susan M. Retailing
Reger, Daniel L.* Chemistry
Rivers, William Ebert* English
Robbins, Kathleen R. Art
Rood, Karen* University Press
Rowe, J. Alexandra* Linguistics
Ruderman, Anne E.* School of Medicine
Salzberg, Deborah Arnold School of Public Health
Sanders, Ronda M Mathematics
Scardaville, Michael C.* History
Schoenherr, Jessica Political Science
Schor, Adam History 
Schwoebel, Kristina Libraries
Scott, Clifford* Equal Opportunities Programs
Scrivens, Walter A.*  
Sella-Villa, David Joseph F. Rice School of Law
Sharpe, Patricia A.* Social Work
Shields, David S. English
Shuler, Ruthann B. University Foundations
Sides, Andrew Wesley School of Medicine
Silvester, Thomas D.* School of Medicine
Smith, Michael S.* History
Snediker, Kathryn University Libraries
Spruill, Lisa Karen Nursing
Stallworth, James R. School of Medicine pediatrics
Starr, Harvey R.* Political Science
Stephens, Larry* Computer Science & Engineering
Stephens, Rhonda W. College of Arts & Sciences
Stepp, Thomas L.* Board of Trustees
Sternberg, Leslie*  
Stokes, Allen* Caroliniana
Sudarshan, Sushupta T.* Electrical Engineering
Sutton, Kate Member University of South Carolina
Teel, Jesse E.*  
Thompson, Joseph R.* School of Medicine
Truesdale, Roger D. U. Technology Services
Voit, Lynne English Program for Internationals
Volmer, Mark William Libraries
Volt, Mark William Libraries
Von Nessen, Joseph Charles Moore School of Business
Voss, Tracy Robertson School of Medicine
Wagner, Gail Elaine Anthropology
Wagner, Mary Tileston Admissions
Waldman, Alan Stephen Biological Sciences
Waldman, Barbara* Biological Sciences
Walker, Dorothy M. Library
Walsh, John J., IV School of Medicine
Warren, Sherry L. English Program for Internationals
Watts, Bailey College of Arts and Sciences - School of Visual Art and Design
Weir, Robert M.* History
White, Ralph E. Chemical Engineering
Wilson, Alicia M School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Wilson, Chappell S. Honors College
Wilson, Steven P. School of Medicine
Wise, Sarah P.* Retailing
Woodin, Sarah A. School of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Yablon-Zug, Marcia Joseph F. Rice School of Law

*emeritus faculty

Please note:  The Executive Committee continuously tries to update this listing, but may have inadvertently missed someone. If you are a Phi Beta Kappa faculty or staff member employed by the University of South Carolina and NOT listed on this site, please email Chappell Wilson at

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