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Carolina Core Syllabi Examples

The syllabi may not reflect current best practices and requirements for syllabi. Faculty are encouraged to consult the Center for Teaching Excellence website on syllabi and syllabi templates for best practices.

Please note that not all courses have a syllabus available for viewing. 

Course Title Keywords
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Design I  


Freedom Papers: Narratives of Race and Nation  


Introduction to African American Studies: Social and Historical Foundations  


Introduction to African-American Studies  


Convergence and Divergence in African American and Jewish Relations: Historical and Contemporary  
ANTH101 Primates, People, and Prehistory  
ANTH102 Understanding Other Cultures  
ANTH161 Human Origins: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology  
ANTH204 Plagues Past and Present  
ANTH210 Human Life Cycles in Different Cultures  
ANTH211 Learning Across Cultures  
ANTH212 Food and Culture  
ANTH213 Ethnobotany: Plants and Peoples  
ANTH216 Violence and Peace: Anthropological Perspectives  
ANTH244 American Indian Nations Today: From Hard Times to Hard Rock  
ANTH273 Cross-Cultural Communication  
ANTH280 Humans Going Nuclear: Atomic Bombs, Cold War, and the Fallout  
ARAB121 Elementary Arabic  
ARAB122 Basic Proficiency in Arabic  
ARTE101 Introduction to Art  
ARTE260 Interdisciplinary Relationships in the Arts  
ARTH105 History of Western Art  
ARTH106 History of Western Art  
ARTH107 History of Asian Art  
ARTS103 Fundamentals of Art  
ARTS104 3-Dimensional Design I  
ARTS210 Introduction to Painting  
ASTR101 Introduction to Astronomy  
ASTR201 Introduction to Astronomy II: The Dark Universe  
BIOL101 Biological Principles I  
BIOL101L Biological Principles I Laboratory  
BIOL102 Biological Principles II  
BIOL102L Biological Principles II Laboratory  
BIOL110 General Biology  
BIOL120 Human Biology  
BIOL120L Laboratory in Human Biology  
BIOL202 Infectious Diseases, Human Health, and Ethics  
BIOL206 Genetics and Society  
BIOL208 Our Hungry World from Malthus to McDonalds  
BIOL220 Elementary Life Science  
BIOL243 Human Anatomy and Physiology I  
BIOL243L Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory  
BIOL244 Human Anatomy and Physiology II  
BIOL244L Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory  
BIOL270 Introduction to Environmental Biology  
BIOL270L Introduction to Environmental Biology Laboratory  
CHEM101 Fundamental Chemistry I  
CHEM102 Fundamental Chemistry II  
CHEM105 Chemistry and Modern Society I  
CHEM107 Forensic Chemistry  
CHEM111 General Chemistry I  
CHEM141 Principles of Chemistry I  
CHIN121 Elementary Chinese Mandarin  
CHIN122 Basic Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese  
CLAS220 Introduction to Classical Mythology  
COLA298 Interdisciplinary Special Topics in the Liberal Arts: Social Sciences  
CPLT150 Values and Ethics in Literature  
CPLT150 Values and Ethics in Literature  
CPLT270 World Literature  
CRJU101 The American Criminal Justice System  
CSCE101 Introduction to Computer Concepts  
CSCE102 General Applications Programming  
CSCE145 Algorithmic Design I  
CSCE390 Professional Issues in Computer Science and Engineering  
DANC101 Dance Appreciation  
ECON436 Introductory Econometrics  
EDEX205 Understanding the Foundations of Disability  
EDTE202 Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility through Education  
EDTE218 Convergence and Divergence in African American and Jewish Relations: Historical and Contemporary  
EDUC360 Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Education in International Settings  
ENGL101 Critical Reading and Composition  
ENGL102 Rhetoric and Composition  
ENGL200 Creative Writing, Voice, and Community  
ENGL280 Literature and Society  
ENGL282 Special Topics in Fiction  
ENGL283 Special Topics in British Literature  
ENGL284 Drama  
ENGL285 Special Topics in American Literature  
ENGL286 Poetry  
ENGL287 American Literature  
ENGL288 English Literature  
ENVR101 Introduction to the Environment  
ENVR101L Introduction to the Environment Lab  
ENVR200 Natural History of South Carolina  
ENVR322 Environmental Ethics  
FAMS110 Media Culture  
FAMS180 Film Culture  
FAMS240 Film and Media Analysis  
FAMS300 Film and Media History  
FREN109 Beginning French I  
FREN110 Beginning French II  
FREN121 Elementary French  
FREN122 Basic Proficiency in French  
FREN290 French Literature in Translation  
GEOG103 Introduction to Geography  
GEOG104 Introduction to Physical Geography  
GEOG105 The Digital Earth  
GEOG121 Geographies of Global Change  
GEOG201 Landform Geography  
GEOG202 Weather and Climate  
GEOG210 Peoples, Places, and Environments  
GEOL215 Coastal Environments of the Southeastern U.S.  
GEOL215L Coastal Environments of the Southeastern U.S. (Laboratory)  
GEOG221 Geography of South Carolina  
GEOG223 Geography of Latin America  
GEOG224 Geography of North America  
GEOG225 Geography of Europe  
GEOG226 Geography of the Middle East  
GEOG228 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa  
GEOL101 Introduction to the Earth  
GEOL103 Environment of the Earth  
GEOL110 Cultural Geology  
GEOL205 Earth Resources  
GEOL230 Geology of the National Parks  
GERM109 Beginning German I  
GERM110 Beginning German II  
GERM121 Elementary German  
GERM122 Basic Proficiency in German  
GERM270 Knights and Ladies  
GERM280 German Culture and Civilization  
GERM290 Viking Mythology  
GREK121 Elementary Ancient Greek I  
GREK122 Elementary Ancient Greek II  
HIST101 European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century  
HIST102 European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century  
HIST103 Introduction to South Asian History  
HIST104 Introduction to the Civilization of the Islamic Middle East  
HIST105 Introduction to East Asian Civilization  
HIST106 Introduction to African History  
HIST108 Science and Technology in World History  
HIST109 Introduction to Latin American Civilization  
HIST110 Conquest, Colonization, and Captivity: A Cultural History of the Americas from 1441 to 1888   
HIST111 United States History to 1865  
HIST112 United States History since 1865  
HIST214 The Practice of Public History  
HRTM280 Foundations of Tourism  
ISCI202 Information Literacy and Technology  
ITAL121 Elementary Italian  
ITAL122 Basic Proficiency in Italian  
ITEC101 Thriving in the Tech Age  
JAPA121 Elementary Japanese  
JAPA122 Basic Proficiency in Japanese  
JSTU218 Convergence and Divergence in African American and Jewish Relations: Historical and Contemporary  
LASP331 Geography of Latin America  
LATN109 Beginning Latin I  
LATN110 Beginning Latin II  
LATN121 Elementary Latin  
LATN122 Basic Proficiency in Latin  
LIBR101 Information Literacy  
LING101 Linguistics 1: Introduction to Language  
LING240 Language Conflict and Language Rights  
LING273 Cross-Cultural Communication  
MART101 Making Media That Matters  
MART110 Media Culture  
MART201 Foundations of Media Arts Production  
MART210 Digital Media Arts Fundamentals  
MATH122 Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences  
MATH141 Calculus I  
MATH142 Calculus II  
MATH170 Finite Mathematics  
MATH172 Mathematical Modeling for the Life Sciences  
MATH174 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science  
MSCI101 The Ocean Environment  
MSCI102 The Living Ocean  
MSCI210 Oceans and Society  
MSCI210L Oceans and Society Laboratory  
MSCI215 Coastal Environments of the Southeastern US  
MUSC110 Introduction to Music  
MUSC113 Special Topics in Popular Music  
MUSC114 Introduction to Music Theory  
MUSC115 Music Theory I  
MUSC140 Jazz and American Popular Music  
MUSC210 Understanding the Psychology of Music  
MUSC310 Selected Topics  
MUSC354 History of Western Music II  
PHIL103 Special Topics in Ethics and Values  
PHIL111 Introduction to Logic II  
PHIL114 Introduction to Formal Logic I  
PHIL115 Introduction to Formal Logic II  
PHIL211 Contemporary Moral Issues  
PHIL320 Ethics  
PHIL321 Medical Ethics  
PHIL322 Environmental Ethics  
PHIL324 Business Ethics  
PHIL325 Engineering Ethics  
PHIL335 Disobedience, Dissent, and Revolution  
PHYS101 The Physics of How Things Work I  
PHYS101L The Physics of How Things Work I Lab  
PHYS201 General Physics I  
PHYS201L General Physics Laboratory I  
PHYS202 General Physics II  
PHYS202L General Physics Laboratory II  
PHYS211 Essentials of Physics I  
PHYS211L Essentials of Physics I Lab  
PHYS212 Essentials of Physics II  
PHYS212L Essentials of Physics II Lab  
PHYS541 Advanced Experimental Physics I  
POLI101 Introduction to Global Politics  
POLI201 American National Government  
POLI302 Classical and Medieval Political Theory  
POLI303 Modern Political Theory  
POLI304 Contemporary Political Theory  
PORT121 Elementary Portuguese  
PORT122 Basic Proficiency in Portuguese  
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology  
RELG101 Exploring Religion  
RELG205 Morality, Ethics, and Religion  
RELG270 Religion and the Arts  
RELG338 Sociology of Religion  
RUSS121 Elementary Russian  
RUSS122 Basic Proficiency in Russian  
RUSS280 Introduction to Russian Civilization  
SAEL200 Social Advocacy and Ethical Life  
SLIS202 Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology  
SOCY101 Introductory Sociology  
SOCY301 Sex and Gender  
SOCY307 Sociology of Religion  
SOCY309 An Introduction to Social Inequality  
SOCY340 Introduction to Social Problems  
SOCY355 Race and Ethnic Relations  
SOST101 The Literary South  
SOST302 Introduction to Southern Studies: The Twentieth Century  
SOWK222 Social Welfare Policies and Programs (Face to Face)  
SOWK222 Social Welfare Policies and Programs (Online)  
SPAN109 Beginning Spanish I  
SPAN110 Beginning Spanish II  
SPAN121 Elementary Spanish  
SPAN122 Basic Proficiency in Spanish  
SPAN220 Selected Works of Hispanic Literature in English Translation  
SPCH140 Public Communication  
STAT110 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning  
STAT112 Statistics and the Media  
STAT201 Elementary Statistics  
STAT205 Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences  
STAT206 Elementary Statistics for Business  
THEA170 Fundamentals of Acting  
THEA181 Shakespeare in Performance  
THEA200 Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre  
WGST112 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  
WGST113 Women's Health  
WGST300 Sex and Gender  


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