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Office of the Provost

Leadership Development

The Office of the Provost encourages leadership in faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership promise.

Pipeline for Academy Leaders Fellowship Program

The PAL Fellowship is a year-long invitation-only program for emerging campus leaders who are ready to take their already considerable talents to the next level while addressing USC's capacity-building needs.  Over the course of the academic year, PAL Fellows will participate in 40-50 hours of targeted professional development activities focused on President Pastides’ Five Leadership Competencies:

  1. Leading Change
  2. Leading People
  3. Managing for Results
  4. Institutional Knowledge and Understanding
  5. Building Relationships

Within those broad categories, PAL Fellows will gain experience in budgeting and human resources processes, managing difficult people and conflict, and building a network outside one’s academic discipline.  The group will explore USC’s values and strategic direction while learning more about the university’s culture, policies, and decision making.  Fellows will also participate in an important process of self-discovery.

View more about the  PAL program, including nomination, selection and meeting dates for current fellows.

SEC Academic Leadership Development Program Fellows

ALDP Fellows are appointed to a two-year term.  During the first year, the Fellows will participate in the SEC ALDP workshops.  There are two workshops a year and each are hosted by a different SEC institution.  The Fall workshop, Leading for Excellence, spotlights topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, emergency preparedness and planning.  The Spring workshop, Implementing Excellence, focuses on topics such as accreditation, assessment, conducting job searches and formal preparedness for leadership positions.
During their second year, the Fellow will serve as a mentor to the next year's ALDP Fellows.

Generally speaking, ALDP fellows are tenured faculty with demonstrated leadership abilities, have had administrative assignments and have held positions requiring leadership skills.