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Office of the Provost

Climate and Culture Programs

Fostering Proactive Learning Environments (FPLE)

6 online synchronous sessions

Fostering Proactive Learning Environments (FPLE) is designed to assist participants to understand today’s student and how to structure your class to foster a sense of belonging, develop proactive and reactive strategies for handling academic misconduct, and practice how to avoid and address classroom conflicts. 

Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence

8 one-hour face-to-face sessions

The Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence (TTIE) program is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to support USC’s commitment to inclusive excellence both within and outside their classroom.

Mental Health and Well-being Competency

4 online synchronous sessions (~6 hours)

The program has a goal of helping faculty members feel better equipped to respond to the growing mental health needs of students. 

Managing High Performing Teams

12 courses (16.5 hours), both online or face-to-face

The certificate program has elements of improving interpersonal relationships, how to set up inclusive meetings, resolve conflict and improve the team climate.

Effective Communication

7 courses (15 hours), both online or face-to-face options

This certificate program explores the skills individuals need for effective communication. Sessions include methods for advocacy and inquiry and how we can see and overcome obstacles to communicate with one another successfully.

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