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Office of the Provost

Staying Prepared

All faculty members should prepare for the possibility of an interruption to face-to-face instruction and build alternative instruction strategies into their course.

  • Consider introducing remote learning tools and practices early each semester.
    • Encourage all students to try a web conferencing tool during the course.
    • Record a video lecture or narrated PowerPoint for use in the course.
  • Set up additional instructional materials that can be used for remote teaching.
  • Have electronic copies of text material readily available.
  • Consider relevant statements you may want to include in your syllabi and review with students each semester.
    • Reserve your right to modify a syllabus when necessary.
    • Set communication expectations to inform the class about any changes when they occur.
    • Identify your expectations and procedures should classes be cancelled or moved to remote teaching.
  • Direct students to inclement weather, emergency preparedness or campus closure information.

Get the information and context you need.

  • Campus closures and class cancellations during emergencies will be reported through the Carolina Alert system and the university homepage.
  • Changes in instruction and course delivery plans due to continued disruptions will be announced by campus leadership and on the university homepage.
  • Check with departmental leaders for more details about their expectations for classes as administrators may want to have many of the department’s classes handled in similar ways.

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