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Office of the Provost

University Policies

The Office of the Provost maintains the official Policies and Procedures Manual for the university, and coordinates review and approval of all university policies that have campus- and system-wide application. The Policies and Procedures Manual is published in electronic format only by the Office of the Provost. 

The Office of the Provost uses a standard policy format [pdf] and a uniform review and approval process for university policies to improve communication, promote administrative consistency and efficiency and ensure compliance with pertinent state and federal laws as well as state and regional accreditation requirements.

Policy Oversight

The university policies are organized by administrative division and each division has a responsible officer and policy liaison assigned to develop, maintain and update division specific policies. The officer is responsible to keep all division policies up-to-date and will revise policies to reflect current policy, practice and procedure of the university. The responsible officer annually appoints a policy liaison who will serve as the main point of contact with the Office of the Provost for all policy-related matters for the division or campus.