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Office of the Provost

Tenure and Promotion

Tenure-Progress Review

All pre-tenure faculty members will submit a tenure-progress review file and receive a written evaluation of their progress toward tenure and promotion in the third year after appointment. This evaluation, commonly known as third-year review, may be performed by the unit tenure and promotions committee or as otherwise provided by the unit criteria.

Additional information regarding tenure-progress review can be found in the university policy, ACAF 1.05 Tenure Progress Review of Faculty: Third Year Review [pdf]. Please contact the relevant department chair or dean for the department- or college-specific tenure-progress review guidelines.

Tenure-Progress Review Calendar

Tenure-Progress review follows the Tenure-Progress review calendar (below) in all cases. The Tenure-Progress review calendar is produced each year by the Office of the Provost. Faculty members should also contact their department chair or dean for department- or college-specific tenure-progress review calendars and deadlines.

This Tenure-Progress review calendar is a guide. Dates marked by an asterisk (*) are firm deadlines set by the Office of the Provost, other dates are suggested guidelines.  Please check with the dean's office for a specific college or school's Tenure-Progress review calendar.


Fall Dates

August 17

Department chair notifies eligible candidates in writing to prepare the Tenure-Progress review file for review and advises of timetable for submission.

August 24

Department chair will notify dean, in writing, of all eligible candidates specifying of mid-year hire. Mid-year (January 1) hires will follow same calendar as regular (August 16) hires.

September 8

Names of faculty electronically submitted to the Office of the Provost.

October – February

Candidate's files should be completed and ready for unit review. Exact date of file submission is given by each college/school.

November – March

Unit faculty review each case by a date given by the college/school.

December – April

Files sent to the dean on a date established by the college/school.


Spring Dates

April 16

All recommendations of non-reappointment of probationary faculty must be forwarded to provost for approval by this date.

April 26

Dean's memorandum to candidate and department chair is sent no later than this date.

May 3

In cases of non-reappointment of probationary faculty, notification must be mailed by certified mail no later than this date.

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