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  • The Love Witch

The Love Witch

Biller’s work is light on its feet, delighting in its own sensuality, basking in gorgeous colors that seem to have bled through the screen from another age, and coyly seducing the audience before hitting them over the head with a hammer.”

— The Film Stage

Elaine, a beautiful young witch with more than enough love to give, seeks a new man after moving to California following the sudden death of her husband. Love is never easy when you’re a witch, however. Anna Biller’s film delves deep into gender roles in modern day love stories while focusing on Elaine’s story of passion, devotion, and dissolution. Shot on 35 mm film, this sultry movie evokes the allure of classic 1960’s horror films while questioning patriarchal romance and love. Biller’s melodrama dives into the modern perception of relationships and the gender politics of witchcraft, staging a satirical horror-comedy masterpiece one murder at a time. 

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