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South Carolina Honors College

George Rogers

Ask me about… Political Science, Economics, student organizations, pre-law, and internship opportunities.

My name is George Rogers, and I am a junior studying Political Science and Economics. I am from Irmo, South Carolina and now that I am studying the LSAT, I am soon planning on saying a short goodbye to my home for a few years to attend law school. As I get closer to the end of my college career, I am excited for the opportunity to pursue a career in public service to eventually help both my community and communities outside of South Carolina.

 My advice for prospective students: When making a college decision, choose the place that speaks to you the most. Whether this be because of the people, the opportunities, or its proximity to home, in order to have a great college experience, the only thing that matters is that you think the college is great. It isn’t an easy decision sometimes, but that is when you have to decide between what is easy and what is right.

My advice for current students: Take advantage of all the opportunities in the Honors College. There are internship, research, service, and study abroad opportunities for you to gain professional experience and enrich your college experience.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: I love the honors courses that are available in the SCHC. Since the college offers a variety of challenging courses I have been able to learn from attorneys, politicians, and lawmakers. This has helped informed my decision to apply to law school and it has encouraged me.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I chose the South Carolina Honors College because I loved its perfect combination of people and opportunities. As a native South Carolinian, I grew up around the southern hospitality that resonates at the University of South Carolina at large. The graciousness of the community was simply one aspect though. Since enrolling, I have been able to live in Washington D.C. for months, learn from highly esteemed professionals, and gain invaluable internship experience. I chose the SCHC because of its community and opportunity, and I have no regrets in making that decision.

Something new I’d like to learn: I’d like to learn many more languages. My top languages to learn include Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. It will doubtlessly be difficult, but I know it will be rewarding.

Song I could listen to non-stop: Lift Me Up By Rihanna (this song has actually been my most played song this week).

My motto in life: “We fall so we may learn to pick ourselves back. ”

Favorite movie: Inception. It stars A-class actors such as  Leonardo DiCrapio, (then) Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Tom Hardy. I’d highly recommend it!

My strength: I’d like to believe I am a reasonable, empathetic, and understanding person. I always try to account for other people’s backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to be as inclusive and kind as possible.

My hero: Viola Davis. Although she is an actor, she truly brings her character’s life, and one of her characters inspired me to be a lawyer as well: Annalise Keating. Overall, I have much love and respect for the characters she portrays with emotion and passion.

Something I will never do: I am never letting myself be convinced to skydive. It is not for me and simply never will be. I will, however, go on the South Carolina state gondola. That is about as high as I am going in the sky if I am not in a plane.

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