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South Carolina Honors College

Lauren Reasoner

Ask me about... balancing Greek life and academics, pursuing the performing arts, studying abroad, being an out-of-state student and where to find the best study spots on campus!

Hey guys! My name is Lauren Reasoner and I’m a sophomore from Sarasota, Florida. I started out as a Dance Performance and Choreography major, but I switched to Visual Communications with a minor in Dance. I like to joke that I’m also majoring in my sorority and the Carolina Coquettes Dance Team because I’m heavily involved in these extra curriculars as well as my academics. After graduation, I plan to pursue commercial dance professionally and then I plan to work in entertainment communications at places like Disney, Universal or Carnival Cruise Lines after my performance career. 

My advice for prospective students: Be selfish! This decision is about you. Don’t let setbacks discourage you, everything happens for a reason. I spent far too much time worrying when I was in your shoes when I should have been excited about being in charge of my future. Be bold and be ambitious! 

My advice for current students: Every day I find something new to love about UofSC. This school is my perfect fit, not only because of Honors, but also the wide array of extracurricular activities I found myself falling in love with. Put yourself out there! Go to that club, show up to that audition, go to the game! What's the worst that can happen? 

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The small class sizes! I am definitely a people person and I love interacting with my peers and my professors. I’ve created some great connections with my Honors professors and friends in my classes and they are some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met! 

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I felt very underrepresented at a lot of high performing academic programs I applied to because I didn’t see enough diversity in career paths. They appealed to the part of me that is very academically focused, but I didn’t feel like any of those programs really respected or accommodated my desire to pursue dance at the collegiate and professional level until I found USC Honors. I love being an Honors Ambassador because I can advocate for people like me that aren’t your ~typical~ STEM Honors student to feel like they are represented in higher education. What drew me to the SCHC is that there is no typical student, we are all diversely interested and multi-faceted.

My favorite things: laying on the beach, driving with the windows down, cutting my hair shorter and shorter, watching movies I’ve already seen, playing games with my friends, being active and scrolling on Pinterest! 

Skill I’d like to master: I really want to learn calligraphy! I like to think I have pretty good handwriting, but I’d love to learn how to do those big fancy cursive letters with watercolor pens. 

Songs I’ve completely memorized: Every word of the Mamma Mia discography and all the One Direction albums. Quiz me. 

Favorite movies/ TV shows: Right now, I’m a big fan of the Elvis movie, Bridgerton, Stranger Things and Titanic because I LOVE period pieces. Especially the costuming, makeup design and all the effort that goes into transforming modern day settings into a distinctly different era. I could watch endless YouTube videos about how the costumers and producers do it, I find it so interesting. 

My pet peeve: I HATE bone popping. Cracking knuckles sends shivers down my spine. As a dancer, it makes me so anxious. The noise actually gives me goosebumps, I hate it so much. 

My dream job: I would love to be a cruise director at some point in my life! Working in performance and entertainment is my biggest dream, whether that’s dancing on stage, or anything behind the scenes. 

My biggest fear: ET. He’s so scary. When I was little, I was always afraid that my older brother was hiding an alien in his closet, and I thought I would grow out of it... but here we are.

Something I will never do: Use the Oxford comma. I hate it. It looks weird.

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