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South Carolina Honors College

Shyam Ganesh Babu

Ask me about... Research, student organizations, Top Scholar program, pre-med track, internship/shadowing opportunities, on campus leadership opportunities, Columbia's nature parks/trails 

Hello! I'm a Carolina Scholar from Columbia, South Carolina majoring in biological sciences, complemented by a minor in business administration. On campus, I'm engaged in colon cancer research using mice, hold the position of a Top Scholar Peer Leader, and actively participate in several pre-health student organizations. In addition, I've founded a pre-health service organization known as MedElem. Looking ahead, my ultimate goal is to become a physician dedicated to serving medically underserved communities.

My advice for prospective students: Choose a college that you believe will offer you the support and resources necessary for your growth. Opt for an institution that views you not merely as a statistic but as someone with the potential to engage in extracurricular activities and excel academically. It should feel like a welcoming and supportive university that provides ample opportunities to all of its students.

My advice for current students: Engage in conversations and connect with as many people as possible! USC is a diverse institution with students from various backgrounds and places, each bringing a wealth of unique experiences to the table. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the individuals you'll meet, the connections they might provide, and the opportunities that can emerge from these connections.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: I love the Honors College cool courses! As a sophomore, I've only had the chance to take a few of them. Among them, there was an honors course called "Innovation Thinktank: Translating Science from Bench to Market." It was a distinctive, discussion-based class focused on science-based startup companies, delving into both their successes and failures. The professor, with ample experience in the field, shared captivating stories throughout the course. The class has even inspired me to consider an entrepreneurial career in the medical field.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: The Honors College provides students with abundant opportunities to get involved on campus, and you can always find a supportive faculty member or approachable students willing to share their experiences. Many Honors faculty members and honors students have been instrumental in my journey so far. When I visited the Honors College during high school, I couldn't help but feel welcomed and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

My hobbies: I have a passion for mountain biking, discovering new trails in South Carolina parks, running, and weightlifting. During my leisure time, I relish being outdoors and immersed in nature. Additionally, I find great joy in playing racket sports such as tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

Something that makes me laugh: I have a small white dog at home named Milo. Regardless of how stressed or anxious I may be feeling, his lively and quirky personality never fails to make me laugh. Although he can be a bit moody at times, he always seizes any opportunity to play around, have fun, and be utterly adorable.

Something new I’d like to learn: I'm a big fan of high-performance exotic cars! Since I was a kid, I've watched every episode of BBC Top Gear multiple times, loved going to car dealerships, and always kept an eye out for them on the road. Every day, I find myself talking about or discovering new cars. I'm especially excited to continue learning about the unique electric sports cars that are becoming more popular.

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