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South Carolina Honors College

Jaimeen Shah

Ask me about… Student Government, Honors Hall Government, Undergraduate Research, Pre-Med Internships, Intrammurals

Hey y’all! I am a Public Health major with a minor in Medical Humanities and Culture. I am from the booming city of Greenville, SC. I am a student senator and an undergraduate research assistant at the medical school here in Columbia. I also serve on the University Health Advisory Committee, and I was treasurer of the Honors Residence Hall last year. Going forward, I hope to become an orthopedic surgeon, while working on global health policy.

My advice for prospective students: Start becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable! College is going to be a time of exploration, so push yourself out of your comfort zone. The more comfortable you get pushing yourself, the more you will gain from any experience.

My advice for current students: Seize the day! Strive to get the most out of each and every day. Both academically and extracurricularly, make sure you optimize your time and have fun!

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The community atmosphere. 100%. The people and support from the Honors community is overwhelmingly encouraging. This support and these connections will leave a lasting impact on me.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: The diversity the Honors College offers in all aspects (whether it is people, experiences, academics, etc), the access to resources, and the support. All of these reasons, combined with the small community feel at a large institution lead me to the University of South Carolina Honors College.

My favorite things: I love to hike, play basketball, play football, listen to music, go on random drives, and just ~vibe~. I love trying new things, whether it's food, activities, songs, or even meeting new people. I highly value family, health, and passion.

Skill I’d like to master: Cooking. I have recently gotten into cooking, but I am definitely not the best at it. So throughout this year, and the coming years, I hope to get better at cooking and hopefully develop a signature dish that I master for myself.

Songs I’ve completely memorized: Down by Jay Sean, Wants and Needs by Drake, and the Moana theme song. I have a very diverse taste in music and love being shown new songs.

In a movie about my life, the movie star who would play me would be: Kevin Hart. I think Kevin Hart is absolutely hilarious. Even though he is a whole foot shorter than me, I think he is a very optimistic and light hearted actor who can embrace any role he is put into, and I would be elated to have him play me in a movie.

My strength: I believe my biggest strength is my dedication. Once I set my mind to something, I will give it my 110%. My dedication allows me to fully embrace myself in any opportunity, which allows me to get the most out of it.

My hero: My parents. My parents left a comfortable and known life in India to move here and start over so that my sister and I could have a better future. They have sacrificed so much for me, and I am inspired by them. I hope to give back to them and become even half of the people that they are.

My dream job: Surgeon General of the United States. I would love to take my passion in medicine and public policy to the next level and advocate for public health policies across the nation. In addition, I would like to increase awareness of good health practices among pediatric populations.

My escape:  Bollywood Dance. I dance and choreograph Bollywood dances. I have danced since I was about 4 years old, and it has become a form of expression and stress relief for me. I am able to exercise, destress, and express my creativity all through this passion of Bollywood dance. Come dance with me!

Something I will always do: Smile. I rarely am not smiling. I have an overwhelmingly optimistic view of life. “The glass is half full.” I love to laugh and will make the best of any situation.

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