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South Carolina Honors College

Michael Plumer

Ask me about… being in the Carolina Band, BARSC, undergraduate research, changing your major, and intramural sports!

Hello! My name is Michael and I am a Sophomore from Lexington, SC, pursuing a BARSC degree in Nutritional Biochemistry. I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the College of Pharmacy and an avid member of the Carolina Band! After graduation I hope to attend medical school and figure out what I want to specialize in.

My advice for prospective students: Meet anyone and everyone that you can. You will find the greatest friends in the most unexpected of places. While leaving the comfort zone can be hard, the more experiences you have and people you meet will make going to college much easier and more fun.

My advice for current students: Break a few eggs to make your omelet. I’ve gone through 4 majors, far too many hours researching different careers, and many different extracurriculars until I finally settled on what I want to do here. Just try anything and everything offered by USC and I promise you will figure out what you want and love to do. This school offers so much to us, so take advantage of it!

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The BARSC Degree Program has to be my favorite perk in the honors college. BARSC allowed me to combine my obsession of nutrition with my relative fascination for biochemistry into a brand new customized and personalized major. With the program, I can explore topics that I am truly interested in rather than going through a typical Pre-Med major that I had little real interest in, just to get into medical school. 

My reason for choosing the SCHC: To be honest, the tipping point for me was the free printing. The fact that they cared enough to include a seemingly mundane perk like printing showed me that the honors college actually cares about its students. Also, the printing was actually my most used honors perk my freshman year with all the worksheets and lab write-ups I needed, saving me a ton of money.

Something that makes me laugh: Old episodes of spongebob never fail to make me laugh. The episodes are so quotable and the jokes are way too good for no reason sometimes that they catch me off guard. 

Favorite study music: Viking and sea shanties. For some reason they just scratch my brain in the perfect way and lull me into concentration for studying.

My motto in life: Be better than before. Often times I find myself taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but I tell myself that as long as I am better as a person than I was before that point, everything is going well. It's really corny but it helps when times get tough or I’m in the thick of exam weeks.

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