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South Carolina Honors College

Three Wishes for an Old Friend: A Letter to South Carolina

How have you been old friend? I know it seems like we don’t talk that much even though we see each other every day. It seems crazy that we’ve known each other for sixteen years. As fun as reunions are though, I am writing today to ask you to do me a favor. While you are a great place and I am so glad we know each other, there are a couple things that you could improve upon. I have some friends coming from out of state pretty soon and I want them to meet the best you, not the you you’ve become recently. Quarantine messed me up pretty badly too.

My first request is that you put a little more time and effort into the future generations.

This pandemic has shown some flaws in our educational system that should be addressed. The most important of them is our teachers are not paid enough for what they do, especially right now. Teachers are putting their health on the line every day, to help shape the next generation of American leaders. Not only that, but they are doing so with nowhere near enough funding, assistance, or space. These teachers deserve to be paid what they’re worth for their contributions to society.

My second request is that you clean up and focus on your coastlines. While your beaches are beautiful, they are full of trash. This pollution of the environment affects everyone, even those who do not live by the beach. I know that you care about your looks; why does that not extend to your beaches? I think a system that rewards keeping the ocean and surrounding areas clean would be well worth investing in.

And finally, my last request is that you try to turn to cleaner forms of energy. I know that may seem daunting, but I believe that investing in clean energy is going to become more common in the future. You have so much natural beauty that I would hate to see go to waste if you keep using nonrenewable energy. Try some solar panels and wind turbines near the coast and see how you feel. You’ll never know if you like something until you try it.

I know this letter seems kind of harsh, but I really do just want you to be the best you can be. You’re a pretty great place, and I know that with these three things you’ll become even better. We should talk more often, SC. I’m glad we know each other.

See you around,

Sarah Nelson

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