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South Carolina Honors College

  • The Horseshoe


At the Honors College, you'll be challenged in ways you've never experienced before, and you'll be able to tailor your education to fit your interests. Experience everything from publishing and performance to research and internships. Students in the South Carolina Honors College have a passion for learning, and that passion is respected and nurtured.

Your Course of Study

The Honors College is open to all majors offered at the University of South Carolina. We also give you the opportunity to design your own major through the Baccalaureus Artium et Scientiae [BARSC] degree.


Our curriculum is designed to educate and inspire students with the passion to continue on a path of lifelong learning. The South Carolina Honors College provides over 600 courses for students to choose from each semester, with an average class size of 16, including foundation courses like English 101 and organic chemistry; higher-level courses like commercial law and semiconductor optoelectronics; and Honors seminars taught by leaders in their fields featuring topics like the state of American politics.

At the South Carolina Honors College, You Can...

Learn from the Best

In the Honors College, you'll be taught by the best and brightest faculty from all academic areas across campus. Not only are they experts in their fields, they can guide and mentor you along your own path.

Take Cool Courses

Our courses are meant to inspire you and open your mind to new possibilities. And our faculty have a lot to share. Take a look at some of the courses we have to offer.

Create Your Own Major

Do your interests complement each other in unexpected ways? Is your desired course of study absent from the university's list of majors? Design your own major to get the most out of your education.

Prepare for Professions

Are you sure of your career path already? In the Honors College, you can choose courses and mentors to support your goals while taking advantage of university-wide resources like the Office of Pre-Professional Advising.

Compete for Awards

National Fellowships and Scholar Programs is a close partner to the Honors College with two missions: assisting students in preparing and applying for national fellowships and serving as the home base for our Stamps, Carolina, McNair, 1801 and Horseshoe Scholars. 

Graduate with Honors

Graduation from the South Carolina Honors College requires the completion and successful defense of a senior thesis or project. Choose themes that are meaningful to you, as many projects lead to further research, graduate school projects or future employment. You'll consult with an Honors College faculty mentor and your thesis committee to plan your project.


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.