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South Carolina Honors College

Anusha Ghosh

What drew you to the field of medicine?

Growing up as a second-generation Indian immigrant, I have seen the way failed community health systems have harmed my people due to a lack of access to basic healthcare, sanitation resources, and more. Consequently, I have immersed myself within the healthcare field and continuously seek to learn about and spread awareness of the public health issues that affect patients presently. 
With an MD, I will earn the skills and experience necessary to provide medical relief to disadvantaged communities. Additionally, I intend to use my platform as an MD to conduct research to improve the patient-doctor relationship and strengthen the role of the medical field in effectively identifying and resolving public health issues.

What are your future plans?

First, I aim to make the most of my undergraduate and medical school experience. Beyond that, I am open to various opportunities. Currently, I am leaning towards trauma surgery and community health leadership due to my firefighter-EMT background and passion for political and social change. 
Regardless of where my medical career takes me, I know for certain that I want to volunteer for or establish a free medical clinic to do my part in making medicine more accessible and equitable.

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