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South Carolina Honors College

Stop me if you've heard this one

by Aiden Wood

He didn't like to think.
It wasn't because he was stupid. More so, he tried to block out The world around him.
Let's say you saw someone die. Would you want to
Think about it often,
Or at all?
Maybe you couldn't help it, Most of us can't.
If I saw someone die,
I'd probably brag about it.
Just being honest,
Because I mean,
What's cooler than seeing Some stranger die?
Most of your friends haven't.

I heard somewhere
That the first shooting
Was in 1840
A student shooting his teacher, Let him bleed out for 3 days. You'd expect one at a church Or somewhere controversial. Must've been a surprise
To hear gunshots
At a school.

They're assholes.
I say we kill 'em.
Why not?
We'll just kill ourselves after Or maybe get away.

No I don't like the idea
Of suicide. We're killing People who hurt us, remember? It's ok to do this.
Everyone else is doing it.
It'll be fun.

Even rappers are trying to Get a message into your Heads idiots.
Yeah those people
You labeled as meth heads? They're doing more than you. Turn on the news.
7 children dead, maybe more. And you're probably, no, Definitely gonna be shocked That someone would do that. Kill innocent kids, and you're Going to tell someone
How horrible it is
And move on.
I mean you're still ok and
So are your kids.
I bet Parkland thought
The same thing.

Wanna feel good for a second? Maybe these people
Kill kids to display a message. They get your attention,
Make you realize what happened, And you'll do something.
They're not physcopaths,
Just really motivated Americans.

Son I'm serious.
If a man with a weapon Comes to your school, Do not try to beat him up. Get to a safe place, Follow the teacher,
Or just run.
No, I don't care if you're Spider-Man. Please just Listen to me, ok?
Now eat your dinner.

1,091 people killed.
864 of those
Are teens and children.
By 2020, maybe it'll be 1,400 or more.
It's not just mass shootings, School shootings,
Concert shootings.
It's any shooting. Anywhere,
Without warning.
You can try to prepare,
But you might die first.

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