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South Carolina Honors College

Amanda Goldhardt

Ask me about... The BARSC program, Pre-Law track, greek life, SCHC original courses, and changing your major (once or twice)

Hi everyone! I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, and I am a junior at UofSC studying Education Law and Policy through the BARSC program! My dream job would be to work at a law firm that represents students and teachers. After graduating, I hope to go straight to law school to continue pursuing my career goals. Outside of the Honors College, I am involved in the pre-law organization, Phi Alpha Delta, as well as a social sorority, Pi Beta Phi. 

My advice for prospective students: Go to the place that feels like home, even if it’s far away. When I first came to USC, I just knew it was the place for me. Whether it’s the academics, the atmosphere, or even the weather that makes a place feel right for you, trust yourself! 

My advice for current students: Get involved as soon as possible! At first, I was hesitant to join organizations on campus, but now I wish I had started sooner. There is nothing wrong with trying something out and deciding it isn’t for you. My advice would be to try anything that sounds interesting to you, and don’t be afraid to branch out! It will be worth it.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The small, fun classes! I absolutely love taking classes with a small group of my honors peers. I have taken so many of these, and made so many friends that have made my honors experience amazing. Not only is this an easy way to make friends, but I have also connected with professors that have helped me along the way. 

My reason for choosing the SCHC: For me, the SCHC was the perfect balance between a small school community and large school resources. I always wanted to go to a school that had every opportunity to be involved, any major I could choose from, and fun football games. The SCHC was perfect because it has offered me a community of friends that make the school feel like home, while also offering anything else that a large school would. I took a chance going so far away, but even now I know I made the right decision choosing the SCHC.

Skill I’d like to master: I would love to get better at cooking. One thing about me is I eat the same things over and over again. I would like to eventually get better at cooking to make myself try new things.

My hero(s): My parents. I am so grateful for their guidance, support, and inspiration over the years. I definitely would not be where I am today if it weren’t for them supporting me, even when I wanted to move across the country for school.  Thank you! 

My escape: Watching reality TV. I love Survivor, Big Brother, and Love Island the most, but I will watch anything!

Something I will never do: Go deep enough in the ocean that I cannot see the bottom. I am so afraid of all ocean wildlife.

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