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South Carolina Honors College

Haya Kidwai

What drew you to the field of medicine?

Through my own experience with medical internships and volunteering at my local hospital, I was able to see that everyone’s perspective on medicine is different. There are so many cultural and social determinants that change a person’s relationship with healthcare and also their access to it. So, as I have immersed myself in the healthcare setting, I find that it is my own passion to both foster an environment where patients can be comfortable and provide individualized patient care that draws me to the field of medicine. 

What are your future plans?

As of now, my future plans are to take the opportunities presented by this accelerated degree and fill my schedule with electives from medical ethics to women’s health. Through classes like these, I believe I can expand not only my medical knowledge but my range of perspective when dealing with medicine. As for medical school, I am not entirely sure what path of medicine I want to take, but I know that wherever I end up, I want to connect with my patients and provide care that encompasses every aspect of a patient’s needs.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.