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South Carolina Honors College

Staff Directory

Meet the dedicated group that is deeply committed to the success of our students. Nearly all of our staff assist with advisement in addition to their other duties. Please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on our staff if you have questions or concerns.

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Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTagsDepartment
Faculty Advani, Priya, MM Business and Human Resources Assistant 803-576-8401 Honors College
Staff Alexander, Susan, PhD Academic Advisor and Director of Undergraduate Research 803-777-8005 Academic Advisors
Staff Banks, Kay, EdD Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity 803-777-2409 Academic Advisors
Staff Beskid, Novella, MEd Assistant Dean for National Fellowships and Scholar Programs 803-777-0954
Staff Bess, Jen, MA Director of National Fellowships, OFSP 803-777-5420
Staff Blauvelt, Ashley, MS Academic Advisor 803-777-8048 Academic Advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Campbell, Megan Tone, MR Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Coordinator 803-777-6280 Academic Advisors
Staff Cook, Ali Administrative Coordinator and Webmaster of OFSP 803-777-4631
Faculty Davis, Michelle, MEd Administrative Assistant for Student Services 803-777-0610
Staff Denmark, Rachel, MEd Coordinator of Student Services 803-576-5714 Academic Advisors
Staff Driver, Zach Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement 803-777-8555 Alumni
Faculty Elbery, Erica, MS Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator 803-576-7207 Internships, Academic Advisor, South Carolina Semester Academic Advisors
Staff Flowers, Catherine, MA Academic Advisor and Service Learning Coordinator 803-576-6283 Academic Advisors
Staff Hollm, Becky, MS Academic Advisor 803-576-6285 Academic Advisors
Staff Holmes, Thomas, MS Director of Information Technology, Academic Advisor 803-777-7799 Academic Advisors
Staff Hood, Anita, MD Director of Pre-Med Programs 803-777-9512
Staff Hutt, Julie, MA Director of Internship Programs and Academic Advisor 803-777-1180
Staff Lord, Zack, MEd Academic Advisor 803-777-2554 Academic Advisors
Staff Lynn, Steve, PhD Dean, Louise Fry Scudder Professor 803-777-2128
Staff Mathwig, Ali, MA Academic Advisor 803-576-6284 Academic Advisors
Staff McKnight, Amanda, MEd Academic Advisor and Events Coordinator 803-777-9737
Staff Mohn, Jason Assistant Director of Development 803-777-0620 development
Staff Moring, Catherine Director of Business and Human Resources 803-777-9042
Staff Porter, Elise Academic Advisor and Recruiting Coordinator 803-777-1666 Academic Advisors
Staff Redwine, Anna, MFA, MBA Academic Advisor and Director of Communications 803-777-2206 Academic Advisors
Staff Robinson, Bianca, MA Academic Advisor 803-777-5446 Academic Advisors,Honors College
Staff Rogers, Aïda Writer/ Editor 803-777-9044
Staff Shepard, Jennifer Senior Director of Development 803-576-6219 Honors College
Faculty Smith, Timothy (Tim), MM Scholar Programs Coordinator 803-777-0314
Staff Smoak, Jan, MEd Director of Scholar Programs, OFSP 803-777-6600
Faculty Thomas, Nathaniel OFSP Communications Assistant 803-777-0958
Staff Wessinger, Jo Assistant to the Dean 803-777-2128
Staff Wilson, Chappell, MBA Assistant Dean of Administration 803-777-7511 Academic Advisors