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College of Education

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Language and Literacy, M.Ed.

What will I study?

This 100% online master’s program in Language & Literacy will prepare you to become a specialized literacy professional. As a student in the program, you will learn the theories and methods for teaching literacy. You will learn how to assess individual readers and writers and develop curriculum to meet student needs by working with learners and other educators. Through this program, students will engage in a blend of theoretical, field-based, and research-based experiences with a focus on diverse learners and evolving conceptions of literacy in 21st century schools.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

Upon completion of the M.Ed. in Language and Literacy, you will have completed the current South Carolina requirements for add-on certification as a Literacy Teacher, Literacy Coach, and with one additional course, Literacy Specialist.  No other program in the state provides coursework for all three certifications.

You will be prepared to be a highly qualified literacy professional in varied literacy leadership positions and serve the children and educators of South Carolina and the nation. Literacy positions this program prepares you for include:

  • Reading/literacy specialists: Primarily responsible for planning, teaching, and evaluating instruction for students having difficulty with reading or writing at all levels (pre-K–12);
  • Literacy coaches: Primarily responsible for improving classroom instruction by supporting teacher learning and facilitating literacy program efforts;
  • Literacy coordinators/supervisors: Primarily responsible for developing, leading, and/or evaluating the school or district literacy program.


Typical Course Work

Courses are offered online in a convenient 8-week format.

Core Courses (27 semester hours) 
You will learn the theories and methods for teaching literacy, which will help you work with PreK-12 students in both English language arts and content area classrooms. You will learn and practice reading and writing assessment with students in a practicum setting and develop literacy curricula to meet student needs. You will learn to incorporate digital and other media into classroom instruction. You will learn to work with families, communities, and the school to develop literacy programs as you prepare to become a specialized literacy professional.

Research (3 semester hours)
You and your advisor will select a course in educational research appropriate for you.


Typical Program of Study

Language and Literacy (27 Hours)

  • EDRD 714 – Critical Foundations of Literacy Instruction
  • EDRD 715 - Instructional Strategies for Reading
  • EDRD 716 - Foundations of Reading Assessment
  • EDRD 730 - Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
  • EDRD 750 – Literacy Curriculum Development
  • EDRD 760 – Literacy Research and Inquiry
  • EDRD 776 – Coaching within Classrooms: Improving Teaching and Literacy Instruction
  • EDRD 783 – Literacy Leadership and Supervision
  • EDRD 796 - Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Learners: Theory and Practice

 Research (3 hours)

  • 3 hours in research as approved by advisor

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