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School of Medicine Columbia

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Our Endowment

Genetic Counseling is a small program with a big impact. We have the privilege of helping families at very important times in their lives. The Genetic Counseling Endowment was created by graduates of the program to show their gratitude for their education. 

Our Impact

Genetic conditions and complex health problems can affect any family. Genetic counselors are key for understanding the ever increasing complexity of genetic medicine. 

Our genetic counselors have been serving families in the Columbia area for more than three decades. Our Master of Science Genetic Counseling education program has produced more than 250 genetic counselors since 1985. While we continue to serve more than 2,000 families each year from our community, our graduates in turn serve an exponential number of families in South Carolina, the Southeast and the nation. 

A Gift for the Future

The Endowment, established in perpetuity, allows Friends of the Genetic Counseling Program to make tax-deductible contributions that foster genetic counselor education. An endowment contribution ensures your support is felt long into the future. The interest income is used to enhance the education of genetic counselors. 

Please consider donating if....

  • a genetic counselor has touched your life.
  • our faculty has mentored your genetics education.
  • you recognize the crucial role of genetic counselors in today's healthcare.

Donation Levels:



The "mother of all DNA" this small circle of genes is the powerhouse of our giving program. Gifts of $5000 supercharge new visions in genetic counselor education. 



All of our DNA is contained in the genome. Encompass our bigger program goals with your gift of $2000.



Active genes make up the exome. Help us activate our goals with your gift of $1500.



The double helix defines our DNA structure. Help us define future education for genetic counselors with your gift of $1000.



Be a "building block" in our student's education. Each gift helps to build the future of a genetic counselor with your gift of $500. 


Base Pair

A-T-G-C base pairs combine to create our unique genetic code. Create unique potential for genetic counselors with your gift of $250. 



Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.