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Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling

TAGC is a partnership of genetic counselor educators from more then twenty countries.  TAGC connects the global genetic counseling community and enhances international communication and collaboration.

About the TAGC International Network

In 2006, the first ever international meeting of genetic counselor educators was held in Manchester, England with representatives from eighteen countries, including forty-five genetic counseling programs and fifteen professional organizations. At this inaugural conference, “Genetic Counseling Education: Connecting the Global Community,” participants were eager to tap the potential for future collaboration and created the Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling.  

TAGC was formally incorporated after the TAGC Barcelona 2008. Janice Edwards was the Founding President and lead the organization until 2021.   

TAGC strives to foster communication and collaboration among the international genetic counseling community and specifically to enhance genetic counseling education transnationally.  TAGC does this through international conferences (2006, 2008, 2011 and 2016), an active listserv, and various workgroups that are established and overseen through the board of directors.  

This website serves as the nexus for the TAGC, continuing and building upon our global connections and as a resource site to the greater genetic counseling community. We encourage your membership if you are a genetic counseling educator, considering developing genetic counseling training in your country, or simply want to be more connected to the international community of genetic counselors.  


President Kelly Ormond 2021-present Stanford University
Australia Jan Hodgson 2020-2024 University of Melbourne
Austria    Gunda Schwaninger 2022-2024 Medical University of Innsbruck
Canada Jennifer Fitzpatrick 2023- 2025 McGill University
Cuba  Paulina Araceli Lantigua Cruz 2022- 2024 National Center for Medical Genetics
France Jean-Michael Mazzella 2020-2022 University of Marseille 
India    Annie Hasan 2022-2024 Kamineni Hospitals
Indonesia Prof. Sultana MH Faradz, MD, PhD 2022-2024 National Diponegoro University Hospital, Semarang
Israel Shiri Shkedi-Rafid 2021-2023 Hebrew University
Hadassah Medical Center
Italy Francesca Mari 2020-2023 University of Siena
Japan Masakazu Nishigaki 2020-2022 International University of Health and Welfare
Malaysia Juliana Lee 2022-2024 National University of Malaysia
Netherlands Sara Joosten 2021-2023 Dutch Association of Genetic Counselors 
Norway Ashil d Lunde 2020-2022  University of Bergen 
Philippines Peter James Abad 2021-2023 University of Philippines
Portugal Milena Paneque 2021-2023 University of Porto
Saudi Arabia Moeen Al-Sayed 2023-2025 Alfaisal University
South Africa Tina Wessels 2022-2024 University of Cape Town
South Korea Hyon Kim 2021-2023 Ajou University
Konyang University
Spain Clara Serra 2021-2023 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sweden Rebecka Pestoff 2022-2024  
Taiwan Lian-Hua Huang 2020-2022 National Taiwan University
United Kingdom Rhona Macleod 2021-2023 University of Manchester
United States Janice Edwards 2021-2023 University of South Carolina


Professional Society of Genetic Counselors in Asia (PSGCA)

Australia and New Zealand

Australasian HGSA Certification in Genetic Counseling

Australasian Society of Genetic Counselors (ASGC)


Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors (CAGC)


National Center of Medical Genetics (NCMG)


Chinese Board of Genetic Counseling (CBGC)


European Board of Medical Genetics

The European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG)


Association of French Genetic Counselors (AFCG)


Board of Genetic Counseling in India (BCG)


Indonesian Society of Human Genetics


Irish Society of Human Genetics (ISHG)


The Israeli Association of Genetic Counselors (IAGC)


Japanese Association of Certified Genetic Counselors (JACGC)

Japanese Board of Genetic Counselors (JBGC)

Japanese Society of Genetic Counselors (JSGC)

Japanese Society of Human Genetics (JSHG)


The Genetics Society of Korea (GSK)


National University of Malaysia


Portuguese Society of Human Genomics (SPGH)


Romanian Society of Human Genetics (SRGM)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS)

South Africa

Health Professions Council of South Africa

Southern African Society for Human Genetics (SASHG)

South/Central America

The Latin American Professional Society of Genetic Counseling


Spanish Society of Genetic Counseling (SEAGEN)


Swedish Society of Genetic Counselors (SSGC)

Swedish Society of Medical Genetics (SFMG)


Taiwan Association of Genetic Counseling (TAGC)

The Netherlands

Dutch Association of Clinical Genetics (VKGN)

Dutch Association of Nursing Specialists (Venvnvs)

Netherlands Association of Physician Assistants (NAPA)

United Kingdom

Association of Genetic Nurses and Counselors (AGNC)

Genetic Counselor Registration Board (GCRB)

United States

Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC)

American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC)

Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors (AGCPD)

National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC)

 Program Director
Ajou University  Hyon J. Kim 
 Program Director
University of Bergen  Ashild Lunde
 Program Director 
University of Porto Jorge Sequeiros
 Program Director
University of Pompeu Fabra  Luiz Perez
 Program Director
Linköping University Rebecka Pestoff
 Program Director
Arizona State University Katherine Hunt Brendish
Augustana University Becca Loman
Bay Path University Janice Berliner
Baylor College of Medicine Dan Riconda
Boise State University Jennifer Eichmeyer
Boston University Kathleen Berentsen Swenson
Brandeis University Gretchen Schneider
Case Western Reserve University Anne Matthews
Columbia University Amanda Bergner
Emory University Cecelia Bellcross
Indiana State University Megan Tucker
Indiana University Paula Delk
Johns Hopkins University/NHGRI Lori Erby
Kean University Jill Fischer
Keck Graduate Institute Ashley Mills
Long Island University Monika Zak Goelz
Medical College of Wisconsin Jennifer Geurts
MGH Institute of Health Professions Maureen Flynn
Mount Sinai University Randi Zinberg
Northwestern University Catherine Wicklund
Ohio State University Dawn Allain
Rutgers University Jessica Rispoli Joines
Sarah Lawrence College Claire Davis
Stanford University MaryAnn Campion
Thomas Jefferson University Rachel Brandt
Zohra Ali-KhanCatts
University of Alabama at Birmingham R. Lynn Holt
University of Arizona Dee Quinn
University of Arkansas Noelle Danylchuk
University of California-Irvine Pamela Flodman
University of California-Los Angeles Christina Palmer
University of California-San Francisco Cynthia Morgan
University of Cincinnati Melanie Myers
University of Colorado Carol Walton
University of Connecticut Maria Gyure
University of Maryland Shannan Dixon
University of Michigan Beverly Yashar
University of Minnesota Bonnie LeRoy
University of Nebraska Holly Zimmerman
UNC- Greensboro Lauren Doyle
University of Oklahoma Erin Youngs
University of Pennsylvania Kathleen Valverde
University of Pittsburgh Robin Grubs
University of Rochester Audrey L. Schroeder
University of South Carolina Janice Edwards
University of South Florida Deborah Cragun
University of Texas Claire Singletary
University of Utah Karin Dent
University of Washington Robin Bennett
University of Wisconsin-Madison Catherine Reiser
Vanderbilt University Martha Dudek
Virginia Commonwealth University Tahnee Causey
Wake Forest University Emily Lisi
Washington University in St. Louis Rachel Bradshaw
Wayne State University Angela Trepanier


International Genetic Counselor Credentialing

TAGC promotes communication and collaboration in genetic counseling, transnationally.

Click to explore the established credentialing processes:

Australia South Africa
Canada United Kingdom
Europe United States

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