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Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling

TAGC is a partnership of genetic counselor educators from eitghteen countries.  TAGC connects the global counseling community and enhances international communication and collaboration.

About the TAGC International Network

In 2006, the first ever international meeting of genetic counselor educators was held in Manchester, England with representatives from eighteen countries, including forty-five genetic counseling programs and fifteen professional organizations. At this inaugural conference, “Genetic Counseling Education: Connecting the Global Community,” participants were eager to tap the potential for future collaboration and created the Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling.

TAGC strives to foster communication and collaboration among the international genetic counseling community and enhance genetic counseling education transnationally. Our formal incorporation was adopted at TAGC Barcelona 2008. Since then, TAGC Montreal 2011 and TAGC Barcelona 2016 have built on our connections and several collaborative projects are underway. The TAGC listserv promotes our continued transnational communication. Where will we meet next? Stay connected and see!

This website serves as the nexus for the TAGC, continuing and building upon our global connections and as a resource site to the greater genetic counseling community. As you explore herein, we welcome your input and international perspectives.


Australia Jan Hodgson 2017 - 2019 University of Melbourne
Canada Jennifer Firzpatrick 2018 - 2020 McGill University
Cuba  Paulina Araceli Lantigua-Cruz 2016 - 2018 National Center for Medical Genetics
France Emeline Davine 2017-2019 University of Marseille 
Israel Shiri Shkedi  2018-2020

Hebrew University

Hadassah Medical Center

Italy Domenico Coviello 2008-2011  European Society of Human Genetics 
Japan Hiroshi Kawame 2017-2019 Tohoku University 
Netherlands Beppy Caanen  2018-2020 Dutch Association of Genetic Counsellors 
Norway Ashil d Lunde 2017-2019  University of Bergen 
 Philippines Peter James Abad 2018-2020 University of Philippines
Portugal Milena Paneque 2018-2020 University of Porto
Saudi Arabia Moeen Al-Sayed 2017-2019 King Faisal Hospital & Research Center
South Africa Tina Wessels 2016-2018 University of Cape Town
South Korea Hyon Kim 2018-2020

Ajou University

Kyunyang University

Spain Clara Serra 2018-2020 University of Pompeu Fabra
Taiwan Lian-Hua Huang 2017-2019 National Taiwan University
United Kingdom Rhona Macleod 2018-2020 University of Manchester
United States Barbara Biesecker 2016-2018 Johns Hopkins University National Human Genome Research Institute
Program Director
 Yerevan State University Davit Babikyan
Program Director
 University of Melbourne Jan Hodgson
University of Sydney  Kristen Barlow-Stewart
 University of São Paulo
 Program Director
 McGill University Jennifer Fitzpatrick
 University of British Columbia Jenna Scott
 University of Manitoba Jessica Hartley 
 University of Montreal Virginie Poisson
 University of Toronto Cheryl Shuman
Fudan University 
 Program Director
National Center for Medical Genetics  Araceli Lantigua Cruz
 Program Director
 Aix Marseille University  Nicole Philip
 Program Director
 Un of Siena Anna Maria Pinto
 Program Director
 Haddasah Hebrew University  Shiri Shkedi
 Tel Aviv University  Michal Berkenstadt
Technion Israel Institute of Technology  
 Program Director
 Chiba University Akira Hata
Kawasaki University Mitsuo Masuno
 Kinki University Kazuo Fujikawa
 Kitasato University Fumio Takada
 Kyoto Univsersity  Shinji Kosugi
 Nagaski University Tadashi Matsumoto 
 Ochanomizu University Hiroshi Kawame 
 Shinsu University Yoshimitsu Fukushima 
 Tokyo Women's Medical University Kayoko Saito
 Program Director
Ajou University  Hyon J. Kim 
Kyunyang University Hyon J. Kim
Konyang University  
 National University of Malaysia
 Program Director
 University of Groningen Beppy Caanen
 Program Director
 University of Bergen  Ashil D. Lunde
 Program Director
 University of the Phillipines Manila  Carmencita Padila
 Program Director 
 University of Portugal Jorge Sequiros
 Program Director
 King Faisal Hospita & Research Center  Moeen Al-Sayed
King Abdulaziz University of Jeddah   
 Program Director
 University of Cape Town Tina Wessels
 University of Witwatersand Shelley Macaulay
 Program Director
University of Pompeu Fabra  Luiz Perez
 Program Director
 National Taiwan University Fang-Jen Lee
 Program Director
Cardiff University Marion McAllister
University of Manchester Rhona Macleod
 Program Director
Arcadia University Kathy Valverde
Augustana University Quinn Stein
 Bay Path University Susan Capasso
 Baylor College of Medicine Dan Riconda
 Boston University  MaryAnn Campion
 Brandeis University Judith Tsipis
 California State University- Stanislaus Lauri Nemzer
 Case Western Reserve University Anne Matthews
 Emory University Cecelia Bellcross
Indiana University Paula Delk
Indiana State University Megan Tucker
Johns Hopkins University/NHGRI Barbara Biesecker
Keck Graduate Institute Ashley Mills
Long Island University Jill Fischer
Mount Sinai University Randi Zinberg
Northwestern University Catherine Wicklund
Ohio State University Dawn Allain
Rutgers University  
Sarah Lawrence College Anne Greb
Stanford University Kelly Ormond
Thomas Jefferson University Rachel Brandt
University of Alabama Birmingham Christina Hurst
University of Arkansas Lori Williamson Dean
University of California- Irvine Pamela Flodman
University of Cincinnati Melanie Myers
University of Colorado Carol Walton
University of Maryland Shannan DeLany-Dixon
University of Michigan Beverly Yasher
University of Minnesota Bonnie LeRoy
UNC- Greensboro Nancy Callanan
University of Oklahome Susan Hassed
University of Pittsburgh Robin Grubs
Universtiy of South Carolina Janice Edwards
University of South Florida  
University of Texas Claire Singletary
University of Utah Kelly Dent
University of Wisconisin Catherine Reiser
Virginia Commonwealth University Rachel Gannaway
Wayne State University Angela Trepiner


International Committee on Genetic Counselor Credentialing

TAGC promotes communication and collaboration in genetic counseling, transnationally.

In 2010, the TAGC Board of Directors agreed to facilitate an International Committee on Genetic Counseling Credentialing for the purpose of promoting communication among the professional organizations that currently certifies/registers genetic counselors, internationally.

The charge of this committee is to create direct dialogue to:
1. Understand commonalities and differences in established credentialing processes
2. Create web accessible information on credentialing linked to each organization’s website
3. Learn from the experience of organizations that have developed processes for recognizing
credentials of foreign trained genetic counselors
4. Explore the possibility of certification recognition between countries
5. Assist countries developing credentialing through accessibility of information

The International Committee on Genetic Counselor Credentialing first met in Montreal, 2011 With Representatives of the following Genetic Counselor Credentialing Organizations:
American Board of Genetic Counseling 
Australasian Board of Censors for Genetic Counseling
Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors Certification Board
Genetic Counselor Registration Board (UK)
Health Professions Council of South Africa
Japanese Board of Genetic Counselors

Barcelona 2016 created the opportunity for a second meeting of the organizations representing genetic counselors, internationally. The Genetic Counselor and Genetic Nurse Division of the European Board of Medical Genetics hosted the meeting in May 2016 with representatives from the following organizations, each of whom pledged to continue an open dialogue on international recognition of genetic counselor education.

Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling
American Board of Genetic Counseling
Australasian Board of Censors in Genetic Counseling
Canadian Association of Genetic Counselors Certification Board
French Association of Genetic Counselors
Genetic Counselor Registration Board (UK)
Health Professional Council of South Africa

TAGC maintains current information on the established credentialing process for each country here, with links to each organization’s website and policies, including the current policy (if available) on recognizing certified genetic counselors trained in a foreign country. As genetic counseling education and credentialing evolves in other countries, we expect this web-resource to grow. We hope the accessibility and transparency of information will be useful to all.

Click to explore the established credentialing processes for each country:

Australia Philippines
Canada South Africa
Japan United Kingdom
Netherlands United States

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