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There are many free resources available that enable individuals and assistive technology teams to participate fully at home, in school and in the community.

Assessment Guides

Learn to assess technologies and strategies that can help improve your daily life.

Funding Guides

Find out about public and private funding sources for technology devices and services.

Woman assisting man with adaptive shirt

Adaptive Clothing and Shoes

Find resources for clothes and shoes that are specially designed for those who may who have difficulty dressing themselves.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Resources

AAC can be used to help you interact socially and communicate your needs and wants if you are struggling with written and verbal communication.

Blind and Low Vision Resources

Learn to navigate the built-in accessibility features of your Mac or PC as well as other software options for low or no vision users.

Computer and App Accessibility

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a device to assist you with daily tasks.

Driving and Vehicle Modifications

Drive with help from training and vehicles modified with adaptive equipment.

Hearing Resources

Beyond sign language, technology can help you by making sounds louder or converting sound to a visual or written message.

Home Modifications

Learn about solutions to help you live more independently in your own home.

Seating and Mobility Resources

Maximize your safety at home and in the community with an assessment of your unique seating and mobility needs.

Transition Resources

Prepare for further education, employment and independent living as you transition from high school to adult life.

Transportation Resources

Accessible transportation helps you stay involved in meaningful activities, such as work, school, appointments and social events.

Web Accessibility Resources

Learn about tools and technologies that can improve your online experience.


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