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School of Medicine


Our students and faculty regularly win prestigious awards thanks to the vigorous educational and research opportunities available at our school. 

  • NIH SBIR Award – Congratulations to Dr.Taixing Cui for funding of a subaward effective September 1 from Senex Biotechnology, Inc/ NIH entitled "Targeting CDK8 for the Treatment of Vein Graft Failure".
  • American Heart Association Grant-in-Aid – Congratulations to Dr. Mohomad Azhar who has been awarded a Grant-in-Aid from the American Heart Association titled “Role of TGFbeta ligands in development and progression of aneurysm” to begin July 1, 2017.
  • William A. Mould Thesis Award - Ms. Ashley Deutsch, an honors undergraduate student who performed research under the mentorship of Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose, received the 2017 William A. Mould Thesis Award. This award is provided to the University of South Carolina honors student whose thesis is deemed to have the greatest impact on their field of research. Ashley’s thesis combines muscle architecture data with analysis of skull geometry to deduce the masticatory abilities (e.g., bite force and gape) of modern primates.
  • USC ASPIRE III – Dr. Bob Price has been awarded an ASPIRE III grant for the project “Acquisition of Logos X-Clarity tissue clearing system and confocal microscopy objective for the USC Instrumentation Resource Facility”. These items will enhance the tissue imaging capabilities of the Instrumentation Facility and help keep this facility on the cutting edge of imaging and image analysis.
  • Anatomy Training Program Selection - First-year Biomedical Science PhD students, Michael Crouch and Kaitlyn Leonard, have been accepted into the Anatomy Training Program co-sponsored by the American Association of Anatomists and Britain’s The Anatomical Society. This program addresses a need to train the next generation of anatomy instructors and provides extensive training in human anatomy, professional development and pedagogical skills to students whose career aspirations include teaching anatomy.
  • National Institutes of Health R21 – Congratulations to Dr. Daping Fan who has received an R21 from the NIH titled “Impact of macrophage PCSK9 on breast cancer”
  • NIH R01- Congratulations to Drs. John Eberth, Susan Lessner and colleagues at Clemson University for the receipt of an R01 grant titled “Theranostic approach to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms”
  • USC SPARC Award - Congratulations to Nadia Al-Sammarraie from Dr. Mohamad Azhar’s lab for a USC SPARC award titled “Cell Specific Role of TGFbeta2 in Heart Valve Development”
  • Microscopy and Microanalysis – Congratulations to Marwa Belhaj and Vinal Menon from the lab of Dr. Jay Potts for receipt of 2017 M&M Student Scholar Awards
  • National Institutes of Health R21 - Congratulations to Drs. Taixing Cui, John Eberth, Igor Roninson and Chuanbing Tang for the receipt of an NIH R21 titled “A novel approach for transforming decellularized vessel grafts into small-diameter arteries”.
  • National Science Foundation/ Welcome Trust - Congratulations to Dr. Adam Hartstone-Roseand colleagues Matthew Irvin, Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Lauren R. Shenfeld and Elizabeth A. Clemens for their receipt of funding from the National Science Foundation for their project titled “Science learning+ STEM Teens: Examining the role of youth educators as learners and teachers in informal STEM learning sites”
  • National Institutes of Health R01 – Congratulations to Dr. Taixing Cui and colleagues from the University of South Dakota for receipt of an R01 grant titled “Nrf2 signaling in the cross-talk between proteasomal and lysosomal degradation”.
  • Happy Holidays! - CBA students, staff and faculty had a memorable time at the Escape Plan in Lexington. Fortunately everyone “escaped” from their rooms and made it to lunch at Za’s to kick-off the holidays.
  • American Heart Association – Congratulations to Drs. Edie Goldsmith, Francis Spinale and others on the recent funding of the Medical Student Summer Fellowship Program by the American Heart Association. This program will provide funding for integration of medical students into research projects during the summer between their first and second years of medical school. Projects and mentors are being recruited broadly related to cardiovascular disease.
  • National Institutes of Health R01 - Congratulations to Dr. Francis Spinale for recent funding of his NIH R01 titled: “Therapeutic targeting of Tissue Inhibitor-4 in hypertrophy and failure”
  • INBRE Pilot Project Grants – Congratulations to Dr. Ann Ramsdell and Dr. Daping Fan for recent funding of their Pilot Project grants by the NIH INBRE Bioinformatics Pilot Project program.
  • Tenure and Promotion – Congratulations to Dr. Taixing Cui for his receipt of tenure with promotion to Associate Professor.
  • American Diabetes Association Award – Dr. Taixing Cui has received funding from the American Diabetes Association for his research proposal titled “Identification of CYLD as a novel mediator of diabetic cardiomyopathy”.
  • Congratulations to CBA 2016 USC Aspire Award recipients:
    • Dr. John Eberth – Development and evaluation of an in vitro calcium chloride mouse model of aortic aneurysm
    • Dr. Holly LaVoie – Validation of cumulus cell biomarkers reflecting oocyte quality and leading to live birth using IVF
    • Dr. Jay Potts – Enhancement of imaging capabilities in the USC Instrumentation Resource Facility
    • Dr. Bob Price – Acquisition of a JOEL Neoscope Scanning Electron Microscope for the USC Instrumentation Resource Facility
  • Spring 2016 PhD Graduates – Congratulations to PhD candidates who have recently defended their dissertation research and will be graduating in May, 2016 including Lindsey Davis (Lessner lab), Bryan Mathis (Cui lab), Stephen Iwanowycz (Fan lab), Eva Juarez-Perez (Spinale lab) and Shana Watson (Lessner lab).
  • National Science Foundation Award - Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose and colleagues from the University of Washington have received a grant titled “Macroevolutionary analyses of cranial morphology and function in mammals”.
  • University of South Carolina Outstanding Faculty/Staff Volunteer Award – Congratulations to Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose for his recent receipt of this university award given annually by the Leadership and Service Center to USC faculty or staff for outstanding contribution to the community and university through service.
  • 2016 Dean C. Barnhart Award - Vinal Menon from the lab of Dr. Jay Potts has received the 2016 Dean C. Barnhart Award. This award recognizes PhD students who go above-and-beyond the call of duty, particularly in terms of service to the graduate program and other activities.
  • National Institutes of Health – Congratulations to Dr. Susan Lessner who has received funding for her R03 grant titled: “Pilot Study of gender-specific differences in failure resistance and material fatigue of human carotid atherosclerotic plaques”.
  • Magellan Scholar Awards – Congratulations to the following student/ faculty mentor teams who have recently received funding from the USC Magellan Scholar program: Ms. Kaitlyn Swimmer/ Drs. Frank Spinale and Edie Goldsmith, Ms. Amanda Carver/ Dr. Wayne Carver, and Ms. Shrusti Patel and Ms. Desai Ruchi/ Dr. Ann Ramsdell.