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Voice-Enable your LMS and Virtual Learning Program

Type: Recorded Webinar
Location: Webinar with Transcript
Cost: Free. (Registration is required.)


Participants must register to receive the webinar link.

About the Program

Target Audience: Online Education Leaders, Academic Technologists, Instructional Designers, Special Education Teachers, Assistive Technology Directors, General Education Teachers

Pivoting away from the traditional classroom in 2020 has shown teachers, parents, and students that we have some work to do to make online learning equitable and accessible to every single student. ReadSpeaker is committed to adding a voice (or an instant audiobook) across a school’s online learning environment. ReadSpeaker’s integrations require no downloads and no passwords and have become a vital study aide for students across the country.

Participants will learn

  • how 1-Click listening to course content in Google Classroom or a school’s learning management system works
  • why ReadSpeaker’s usage has increased 40% since the start of the pandemic
  • how students use ReadSpeaker to study, block out online distractions and listen to course material offline.

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the demonstration.

ReadSpeaker will be rolling out a no-cost Teacher Program this Summer/Fall.  Individual teachers can sign up for a classroom account of TextAid.  this digital workplace for students will read aloud documents and student-created content. Giving students the option to listen to readings from class helps improve comprehension and help with literacy skills.  The easy to use accessibility tools such as the reading ruler, open dyslexic font, and enlarge text will assist students across the board.  A teacher training session with the ReadSpeaker team will be provided to train teachers in how to use TextAid and support their students.  The classroom license will be available for 6 months.

About the Presenters

Portrait of Jack Hendrickson

Jack Hendrickson

Jack is an Account Manager for ReadSpeaker, a leading voice technology company delivering text-to-speech tools and integrations.  Jack’s career began as a golf coach for the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  Moving into the classroom as a public school teacher and now as an online learning advocate for accessibility and easy to use study tools in all online course offerings. Email: 

Portrait of Paul Stisser

Paul Stisser

Paul is the Director of Educational Institutions & LMS Partnerships at ReadSpeaker.  He works to enhance the online learning environment through our voice technology and manages all partnership integrations we have developed.  He has 14 years of secondary education teaching experience specializing in Special Education, Assistive Technologies, and At-Risk Students. Email: 


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