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Private and Secure Automated Captioning, Translation and Note-Taking of Remote Meetings and Livestreams

Type: Recorded Webinar
Location: Webinar with Transcript
Cost: Free. (Registration is required).


Participants must register to receive the webinar link.

About the Program

With COVID-19 and the resulting remote meeting and livestream situations, ensuring equal access for everyone has become a significant issue. Be it co-workers at a company, students at a school, or attendees at a religious service.

Remote livestreams and meetings can be difficult to follow and understand. This is especially true for individuals that are hard of hearing, deaf, and those who prefer using a language other than English. In this webinar you will learn how to use Streamer to automatically caption and translate remote conversations, meetings and webinars in a way that is easy, affordable, private and secure.

You will also learn how you can use the live transcript as a note-taking system, adding your own personal notes, generating an automated summary of the meeting, and saving the transcript for future reference. This same approach works with every livestream platform including Zoom, Google, Adobe, Cisco, RingCentral, Skype and more. Set it up once and everything being said is instantly captioned and translated for all participants. During the webinar you will have the opportunity to create a Streamer system for yourself, your business, agency, or school.

Participants will also receive four weeks of free unlimited captioning and translation. After that first four weeks, the cost to continue using your Streamer system is about $9 per month. This is not a per user price. This is the total cost for your Streamer captioning room which includes an unlimited number of minutes and an unlimited number of user accounts. You are encouraged to share your Streamer subscription with as many people as desired and to use it as often as you like.

About the Presenter

Portrait of Robert Palmquist

Robert Palmquist

Robert Palmquist is the CEO of SpeechGear, a firm that develops communication products including the Streamer captioning, translating and note-taking system. He is a frequently invited to speak at workshops, conventions, radio programs and television broadcasts. Robert has been interviewed on NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, FOX Channel’s “Fox and Friends” show, and multiple editions of NPR’s All Things Considered radio broadcasts. His firms have been featured in numerous articles and television programs around the world, ranging from MSNBC’s Power Lunch to the BBC’s Fast Track and Gadget shows. He has given hundreds of seminar presentations and has approximately 100 papers published in peer reviewed technical journals.


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