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School of Law

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Adams, Gregory Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-6743 emeritus
Staff Adler, Amanda Senior Resource Attorney, Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children 803-777-1979 Children's Law Center
Faculty Alford, Duncan E. Associate Dean for the Law Library Professor of Law 803-777-3368 Deans Law Library
Faculty Anderson, Joseph F., Jr. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Andrews, Brook B. Adjunct Faculty Moot Court Coach adjunct
Faculty Anzelmo, Michael Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Arthur, Kaydee Assistant Director of Development 803-777-1093 Development and Alumni Relations
Faculty Ashburn, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Austermiller, Steven Adjunct Faculty 803-777-9364
Faculty Baker, Janice Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7737
Faculty Barber, James R., III Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Barr, Jennifer L. Administrative Assistant for the Children’s Law Center 803-576-6039 Children's Law Center
Staff Barth, Mallory Court Liaison, Florence and Dillon counties 803-767-2391 Children's Law Center
Staff Bateman, Katie Court Liaison; Aiken, Bamberg, Barnwell, and Edgefield counties 803-920-5866 Children's Law Center
Staff Bates, Lillian Access Services Assistant 803-777-1726 Law Library
Faculty Bayne, Brett H. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Beal, Elisabeth A. Senior Associate Director 803-777-6917 Career Services
Staff Beatty, Heather P. Director of Student Affairs 803-777-8768 Student Affairs
Faculty Bias, Joseph Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Black, Derek W. Professor of Law Ernest F. Hollings Chair in Constitutional Law 803-777-9652
Faculty Bockman, Robert T. Senior Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-3613
Faculty Bodman, Margaret Fent Senior Resource Attorney Adjunct Faculty 803-576-7236 adjunct Children's Law Center
Staff Bowden, Mandy Children's Justice Act Coordinator 803-576-7233 Children's Law Center
Faculty Boyd, Marie C. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-2851
Faculty Boyle, F. Ladson Charles E. Simons, Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Federal Law 803-777-6885 Emeritus
Faculty Brackmann, Daniel A. Reference Librarian 803-777-3361 Law Library
Faculty Brannon, William B. Adjunct Faculty
Staff Brasier, Tobias Director of Web Services 803-777-5247 information technology Academic Technology
Staff Britton, Karen Reagan Assistant Dean for Admissions 803-777-6605 Deans Admissions
Staff Brown, Debra Business Manager 803-777-1189 Children's Law Center
Faculty Brown, Josie F. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6963
Faculty Brown, Megan Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian 803-777-6021 Access Services Law Library
Faculty Bullington, Amanda Catalog and Serials Librarian 803-777-6022 Law Library
Staff Burger, Robin Paralegal 803-777-8904 Clinics
Staff Burgess, Mary Jo Program Manager I, Lead Court Liaison for the Pee Dee and Low Country Regions 803-777-1646 Children's Law Center
Faculty Burke, Lewis W. Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-2278 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Burkhard, James R. Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-8178
Staff Butler, Charlestina Administrative Assistant for the Children’s Law Center 803-777-1646 Children's Law Center
Faculty Butler, Katharine I. Distinguished Professor Emerita of Law
Faculty Callen, Teri Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Cassibry, Kent Adjunct Faculty
Staff Cassity, Eric Building Manager 803-576-6359 Law School Administration
Faculty Chambliss, Elizabeth Henry Harman Edens Professor of Law Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-9942 NMRS Center on Professionalism
Faculty Cherry, Jaclyn A. Professor of Law Director, Clinical Legal Education 803-777-3394 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education,
Faculty Childress, Ronald M. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Clark, Joseph D. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Clyburn, Stephen C., III Program Manager I, Lead Court Liaison for the Midlands and the Upstate Regions 803-429-0760 Children's Law Center
Faculty Coggiola, Lesley M. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Conroy, Terrye Assistant Director of Legal Research Instruction Reference Librarian 803-777-1659 Law Library
Staff Cooper, Cordelia D. Court Liaison, Richland County 803-777-9225 Children's Law Center
Faculty Cooper, Thomas W., Jr. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Couvillion, Matthew Adjunct Faculty
Staff Crane, Elizabeth Collins Associate Director of Career Services 803-777-2767 Career Services
Faculty Crater, Kate Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Crocker, Thomas P. Professor of Law N. Heyward Clarkson Professorship 803-777-4790
Faculty Cross, Jesse M. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-1412
Faculty Cross, Joseph R., Jr. Law Librarian Emeritus Emeritus Law Library
Staff Davis, Lisa Administrative Assistant 803-777-2278 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Clinics
Faculty Davis, Tessa R. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6809
Faculty Day, Richard E. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Emeritus
Faculty Dean, Emma Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Dennis, Patrick Adjunct Faculty
Staff Dhunjishah, Michelle Director 803-576-7243 Children's Law Center
Faculty Dickey, Joseph, Jr. Adjunct Faculty
Staff Dowling, Regenia Administrative Coordinator / Business Manager 803-777-5944 Law Library
Faculty Duncan, David Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Eagle, Josh Solomon Blatt Professor of Law 803-777-2486
Staff Eagles, April Court Liaison; Pickens, Cherokee, and Greenville counties 803-312-3518 Children's Law Center
Faculty Eichhorn, Lisa A. Director of Legal Writing & Professor of Law 803-576-6776
Faculty Eisenberg, Ann M. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-8805 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Staff Fanning, Kim L. Administrative Assistant, South Carolina Law Review 803-777-5874 Faculty Support Services
Faculty Felix, Robert L. James P. Mozingo III Professor Emeritus of Legal Research Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-7758
Faculty Few, John Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Fields, Meghan Associate Director of Admissions Operations 803-777-2832 Admissions
Faculty Flanagan, James F. Oliver Ellsworth Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Federal Practice 803-777-7744
Staff Flowers, Treneice R. Regional Attorney Trainer 803-576-7241 Children's Law Center
Faculty Flynn, Patrick J. Professor Emeritus of Law
Staff Ford, Rachel Faculty Scholarship Support 803-777-3433 Faculty Support Services
Faculty Foster, Robert W., Jr. Adjunct Faculty
Staff Foulks, Angela Administrative Assistant for the Children’s Law Center 803-576-7229 Children's Law Center
Faculty Fox, Jacqueline R. Professor of Law 803-777-8192
Faculty Freeman, John P. Distinguished Professor Emeritus and John T. Campbell Chair in Business and Professional Ethics Emeritus 206-829-8701
Staff Fulkert, Marc Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Gaines, Kenneth W. Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-8903 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Glenn, Aaron Reference Librarian 803-777-4334 Law Library
Faculty Gore, Clyde "Bennett", Jr. Director, Veterans Legal Clinic Clinical Instructor 803-777-8904 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education, veterans, veteran
Staff Griffin, Melanie Access Services Assistant 803-777-9384 Law Library
Staff Grosso, Diana Technical Services Assistant 803-777-5997 Law Library
Faculty Gupta-Kagan, Josh Associate Professor of Law 803-777-3393 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Haggard, Thomas R. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Hagins, Christopher Todd Adjunct Faculty
Staff Hallman, Alyne E. Faculty Support Services 803-777-5828 Faculty Support Services
Faculty Hamilton, Kara Bailey Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Handel, Richard Adjunct Faculty 803-777-3611 adjunct
Staff Hardee, M. Christine "Tena" Resource Attorney 803-777-1090 Children's Law Center
Faculty Hedley, Rachel Atkin Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Hensley, Cassandra A. Court Liaison; Dorchester and Calhoun counties 803-605-4004 Children's Law Center
Faculty Higgins, William O. Adjunct Faculty
Staff Hill, Jessica Lead Mandated Reporter Trainer 803-260-0128 Children's Law Center
Staff Hilldrup, Ann Admissions Communication Coordinator 803-777-3385 Admissions
Faculty Hubbard, F. Patrick Ronald L. Motley Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Tort Litigation 803-777-6712
Faculty Jedziniak, Lee P. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Johnson, Herbert A. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Staff Johnson, Patti L. Associate Director of Admissions 803-777-6605 Admissions
Staff Keith, Romona Law Registrar & Director of Academic Services 803-777-5221 Academic Affairs Registrar
Staff Kendall, Virginia Faculty Scholarship & Support Services 803-777-6210 Faculty Support Services
Staff Killian, Angela M. Senior Resource Attorney 803-748-0544 Children's Law Center
Faculty Kretschmar, Andrew Access Services Librarian 803-777-3367 Law Library
Faculty Kuo, Susan S. Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Professor of Law & Class of 1969 Chair for Teaching Excellence 803-777-3597
Faculty Lacy, Philip T. Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-3359 emeritus
Faculty Lacy, Stanford E. Adjunct Faculty 803-255-0459
Faculty Langford, John K. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Lasky, Bari Events Manager 803-777-8058 Administration
Staff Lee, Devante Buildings & Events Coordinator 803-673-7788 Law School Administration
Staff Leonard, Tina Court Liaison, York and Union counties 803-587-0166 Children's Law Center
Faculty Leonardi, Shelby K. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7785
Faculty Leventis, Ami Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-5312
Staff Lewis, Inge K. Faculty Scholarship & Support Services 803-777-6921 Faculty Support Services
Staff Lidge, Cody Program Manager II, Court Improvement Program Director 803-777-0807 Children's Law Center
Faculty Linnan, David K. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-7740
Faculty Lockemy, James E. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Mallett, Kayla SC Citizens Review Panel Coordinator 803-576-5575 Children's Law Center
Faculty Manning, Cory E. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Martin, Adam Audiovisual Instructional Technology Specialist 803-777-8614 information technology Academic Technology
Faculty Martin, Lisa V. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-2490 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Maxfield, Dave Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Maxwell, Rebekah K. Associate Director for Library Operations 803-777-1725 Law Library
Faculty Maynard, Goldburn P., Jr. Visiting Professor of Law 803-777-6560
Staff McCoy, Natalie M. Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-5221 Registrar
Faculty McCulloch, Joseph M., Jr. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff McKinney, Carissa Communications Coordinator 803-777-9046 Communications
Staff McQuinn, Vanessa L. Faculty Scholarship & Support Services 803-777-0029 Faculty Support Services
Faculty McWilliams, Martin C., Jr. Professor of Law 803-777-5639
Faculty Means, Benjamin Professor of Law 803-777-3616
Faculty Medlin, S. Alan David W. Robinson Professor of Law 803-777-7465
Faculty Melton, Pamela Rogers Law Librarian Emerita Law Library
Faculty Miller, Colin Associate Dean for Faculty Development Professor of Law & Thomas H. Pope Professorship in Trial Advocacy 803-777-6654 Deans
Faculty Milligan, Amy Assistant Director of Legal Writing 803-777-3386
Staff Mitchell, Carol Associate Director of Alumni Outreach and Donor Relations 803-777-3408 Development and Alumni Relations
Faculty Montgomery, John Dean Emeritus Distinguished Professor Emeritus & Former Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-3360
Staff Moore, Gary P. Assistant Dean for Academic Technology 803-777-8296 Deans information technology Academic Technology
Staff Morgan, Deborah Adjunct Faculty
Staff Morris, Carolyn Simpson Assistant Director 803-777-5506 Children's Law Center
Staff Morrison, Macaulay Staff Attorney 803-777-9243 Clinics
Staff Mounter, Michael Evening Access Services Supervisor 803-777-6002 Access Services Law Library
Faculty Moïse, E. Scott Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Myers, Brenda J. Mandated Reporter Trainer 803-576-7242 Children's Law Center
Faculty Nelson, Eboni Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor of Law 803-777-6617
Faculty Newsome, William Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Newton, Clarke Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Niehaus, Elizabeth Assistant Dean for Administration 803-777-6043 Deans Law School Administration
Faculty Nolan, Dennis Webster Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Labor Law 843-838-4878
Staff Nye, Stephanie Director of Externship & Special Academic Programs 803-777-1451 Academic Affairs
Staff Opie, Christopher Administrative Assistant for the Children’s Law Center 803-576-7228 Children's Law Center
Faculty Osbaldiston, Diana M. Law Librarian Emerita Emeritus Law Library
Staff Oswald-Sease, Elizabeth Business Manager 803-777-5489 Administration
Faculty Owen, David Carolina Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus 809-777-1411
Staff Palmer, Susan Associate Dean for Student Affairs 803-777-6843 Deans, Student Affairs
Faculty Parrish, Sara Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Patterson, Elizabeth Professor of Law 803-777-8189
Staff Paulk, Sonya R. Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 803-777-6617 Academic Affairs
Staff Pereira, Cornelius Head of Technical Services 803-777-5898 Technical Services Law Library
Faculty Polavarapu, Aparna Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8925
Faculty Powell, Burnele Venable Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Miles and Ann Loadholt Chair of Law Emeritus 803-777-7780
Faculty Pratt, Walter F., Jr. James P. Mozingo III Professor Emeritus of Legal Research Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Raj, Claire S. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-1391 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Reid, Charles F. Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Richardson, Nathan D. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-9412
Staff Richey, Blanche Q. Resource Attorney Publications Coordinator 803-777-4322 Children's Law Center
Staff Robinson, Pamela D. Director, Pro Bono Program 803-777-3405 Pro Bono Program
Faculty Rookard, Crystal Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Ross, Eve Reference Librarian 803-777-6109 Law Library
Staff Ruskell, Alex Director of Academic Success 803-777-8115 Academic Affairs
Faculty Said, Wadie E. Professor of Law 803-777-0471
Faculty Samuels, Joel Professor of Law Director, Rule of Law Collaborative 803-777-8295
Staff Schaller, Rob Director of Communications 803-777-5611 Communications
Staff Scoff, Stephen Juvenile Justice Project Manager 803-576-5576 Children's Law Center
Faculty Seiner, Joseph A. Oliver Ellsworth Professor of Federal Practice 803-777-5569
Faculty Serbin, Todd Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Shedd, Dennis Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Smalls, O'Neal Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Smith, Bryant Walker Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6880
Faculty Snow, Ned Ray Taylor Fair Professor of Law 803-777-8064
Staff Spitz, Stephen Professor Emeritus of Law emeritus
Faculty Stoughton, Seth W. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-3055
Faculty Stravitz, Howard B. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6860
Faculty Stuckey, Roy T. Webster Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Clinical Legal Education 843-588-6677 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Surber, Melissa M. Law Librarian Emerita Emeritus
Faculty Suski, Emily Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-7735 Clinics Clinical Legal Education
Faculty Taylor, Karen G. Law Librarian Emerita Emeritus Law Library
Staff Tester, Travis D. Interim Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations 803-777-6618 Development and Alumni Relations
Staff Thomas, Demetria E. Court Liaison, Lexington, Saluda, and McCormick counties 803-760-2567 Children's Law Center
Faculty Thomas, Karen Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Tollison, Haley B. Court Liaison, Greenville County 803-260-0128 Children's Law Center
Faculty Underwood, James L. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law 803-777-0202
Faculty Virzi, Michael J. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7742
Faculty Wallace, Clinton G. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6594
Staff Watters, Jacob Student Affairs Coordinator 803-777-2430 Student Affairs
Faculty Wedlock, Eldon D., Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law
Faculty Welton, Shelley Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-5662
Faculty Wester, Candle M. Associate Director for Faculty Services and Administration 803-777-7229 Law Library
Faculty Wheeler, Travis C. Adjunct Faculty 803-540-2117 adjunct
Staff Whisonant, Zeke Computer Support Specialist 803-777-8262 Academic Technology
Staff Wilcox, Randall A. Audiovisual Support Specialist 803-777-1179 Academic Technology
Faculty Wilcox, Robert M. Dean 803-777-6857 Deans
Faculty Williams, H. Bruce Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Williamson, Benton D. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Willis, Richard Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Staff Wilson, Erin Career Services Operations Manager 803-777-8912 Career Services
Faculty Winston, Emily R. Assistant Professor 803-777-6591
Staff Wolverton, Austina Associate Law Registrar & Associate Director for Academic Services 803-777-4967 Registrar
Staff Woodley, Ronée Dean’s Suite Administrative Coordinator 803-576-6046 Law School Administration
Faculty Wyatt, David S. Adjunct Faculty adjunct
Faculty Yablon-Zug, Marcia A. Professor of Law 803-777-3615
Faculty Yancey, Mark Adjunct Faculty
Staff Zhang, Liyun Research Scientist 803-777-1226 Children's Law Center

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