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School of Medicine Columbia

Mission & Objectives

Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Mission Statement

The Mission of the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program is to enhance the quality of life of persons who have physical or mental disabilities, including addictions, or who are disadvantaged by cultural differences and educational and economic impoverishment, through educational, scholarly, and service activities.

Program Objectives


To provide high quality professional education that includes classroom learning, field experiences, and other applied learning opportunities to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful, effective, and responsible participation in changing diverse state and national rehabilitation counseling environment. Specifically,

  • Education/Program Objective # 1. Students will demonstrate current knowledge and competencies required for successful practice in the field of professional counseling.
  • Education/Program Objective # 2.  Students will be able to demonstrate specialized clinical and technical knowledge in working with individuals with disabilities to achieve their personal, social, psychological, and vocational goals. 


Through research and scholarship activities, to advance knowledge and understanding of the effects of disability on the lives of persons with disabilities, the effectiveness of programs and services for people with disabilities, and the role of individuals with disabilities in society, the workplace, and the world.


  • To provide consultation and training to agencies and programs to enhance the abilities of their personnel serving disabled and disadvantaged persons in South Carolina and throughout the southeast.
  • To provide rehabilitation services while offering students the opportunity for hands-on learning under the supervision of qualified, experienced professionals.
  • To support the operations and activities of the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science, School of Medicine, and University

Respect for Diversity

 To actively demonstrate respect for cultural and individual diversity in areas of education, scholarship, and service.






Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.