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School of Medicine

Alumni Services

After you graduate, we continue to support you through our services, many of which are available through the Medical Library. 

Alumni can access many services through the Medical Library. They include:


Borrowing Privileges

School of Medicine Alumni can retain their circulation privileges as long as they are employed within the state of South Carolina as a medical professional. To obtain more information please contact the circulation department at (803) 216-3200 .



A self-service copying machine is located on each floor of the School of Medicine Library. Coin-operated cash copies are available at a rate of $.10 each. Debit cards are available which require a purchase of a $.50 reusable card and will provide a copy for $.075. Cards may be purchased at the circulation desk in $5 or $10 amounts, or purchased and value added from a vending machine in the library which accepts $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills.


Reference Services

Reference librarians are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, to assist alumni. Requests are accepted by mail by telephone to (803) 216-3213, or on a walk-in basis. They should come directly from the person requesting the service whenever possible. Experience has proven that direct communication between the requestor and the librarian gives the most efficient and satisfactory results.

Information services offered include those in the following categories:

  • Answers to factual questions where no interpretation of information is required.
  • Assistance in accessing electronic journals and textbooks.
  • Instruction in the use of health sciences indexes, abstracting services, and bibliographies.
  • Assistance in interpretation of the catalog and the periodical union list and in locating materials.
  • Assistance in verification of citations for bibliographies and for interlibrary loan requests.
  • Help in determining availability of translations of foreign language materials.
  • Assistance in the use of the audio-visual collection and equipment.
  • Bibliographic assistance in locating and acquiring audio-visual materials.
  • Orientation tours for individuals and groups; class presentations.
  • Brief manual bibliographic searches on subjects not suitable for computer-based information systems.
  • Computerized bibliographic search services.
  • Instruction in use of local databases and various software programs.


Computerized Bibliographic Search Service

The School of Medicine Library will provide bibliographic searches in the numerous databases to which it has access, with the primary ones being MEDLINE, Web of Science (Science Citation Index), and PsycINFO.

The Library provides access to OVID MEDLINE, a networked system containing the complete MEDLINE databases (featuring many full-text articles) from 1966 to the present and a number of other databases. Alumni may access OVID from the Library's public workstations at no charge.

NOTE: Mediated searches performed by a librarian on MEDLINE and other databases on our network are provided to School of Medicine alumni at the cost of $25 per search.


Software Instruction

The Library offers monthly classes on a variety of computer related topics including: Consumer Health Web Sites, Searching OVID, Powerpoint, ISI databases, and PubMed. School of Medicine Alumni are welcome to attend. 


Interlibrary Loan

Requests for academic or clinical materials within the scope of its services but not available in the School of Medicine Library are accepted. Verified requests can usually be filled within a week.

As a participant in the Southeastern/Atlantic Regional Medical Library Program, the Library is bound by its policies and procedures. USC SOM alumni in South Carolina will be charged $10.00 per filled request.

The loaning of material to the library's clientele by other institutions constitutes a courtesy and a privilege, and the patron must thus adhere to the principles of the national interlibrary loan system. The system was not designed to support extensive research requiring materials not found in our library. Individual abuse of the system will necessitate the establishment of quotas. Further, the library also abides by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code), which governs the making of photocopies of copyrighted materials.

The Library also participates in the National Library of Medicine's Loansome Doc system. SOM Alumni wishing to use Loansome Doc should fill out the ILL Express! form as well as the form at the Loansome Doc website. YOU MUST CHOOSE THE SAME USERNAME FOR BOTH ILL EXPRESS! AND LOANSOME DOC. Upon receipt of the completed form the necessary LIBID will be supplied. This LIBID and a username and password assigned by the National Library of Medicine will enable electronic submission of requests for materials.



 Carolina Alumni Association members have access to three online research databases through a partnership between the Carolina Alumni Association and the University Libraries. Please click here for more information