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Cybersecurity Legal Institute

More than 4,000 cyberattacks happen every day.  But your company doesn't have to be a victim.  Let the Cybersecurity Legal Institute show you how to take action to protect your firm and stay safe in an increasingly dangerous online world. 

The costs of a data breach to your company can include destruction of data, lost productivity, employee downtime, canceled contracts, not to mention the reputational harm.  And with approximately 90 percent of cyber breaches stemming from human error or behavior, education and training for all of your staff is crucial to keeping your firm's—and your clients'sensitive data safe.  

The Cybersecurity Legal Institute is here to help you protect your company from an attack.

The full-day training will: 

  • Explore the different types of cyberattacks
  • Explain how they work
  • Examine steps you can take to eliminate vulnerabilities

Plus, you will learn how to create an action plan, so you can react quickly and decisively in the event that an attack is successful.

Register today for the inaugural Cybersecurity Legal Institute on Thursday, April 4, as we bring together experts from across fields and disciplines, including law enforcement, legal, insurance, and technology to share best practices and help keep you safe.