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Truancy Intervention Guide: Training and Resource Guide for Responding to Truancy in South Carolina

The Truancy Intervention Guide is an electronic resource guide that provides a single source of information for parents and professionals involved in the truancy intervention process, including school officials, DJJ staff, solicitors, attorneys, and family court judges. The Guide is designed to assist with clarifying legal requirements and expectations of all parties and encourage best practices for responding to truancy.

Table of Contents



Section 1. Truancy Overview

  • School Attendance Requirement
  • Truancy Defined                 

Section 2. SC Laws Governing School Attendance and Truancy 

  • Relevant Statutes
  • State Board Reg. 43-274

Section 3. Educational Neglect Vs. Truancy

  • Educational Neglect Defined
  • Indicators of Educational Neglect
  • Reporting Educational Neglect

Section 4. Requirements & Recommendations for Intervention

  • School Attendance
  • Truant Level
  • Habitual Truant Level
  • Chronic Truant Level

Section 5. Truancy Intervention at the School Level

  • Underlying Causes of Truant Behavior and Suggested Interventions
  • Developing and Implementing an Effective Intervention Plan

Section 6. Family Court Referrals and Judicial Intervention

  • Initiating a Referral to Family Court for Truancy
  • The Family Court Process for Children Charged with Truancy and Contempt of Court
  • Possible Dispositions for a Child Adjudicated Delinquent in Family Court for Violating a Court Order to Attend School

Section 7. Tools & Resources

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