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Student Organizations

Student organizations are a vibrant and vital part of the student life experience at the University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School of Law. South Carolina Law focuses on creating not only excellent lawyers but lawyer-leaders that take their experiences both inside and outside the classroom and help their community move to the next level. Participation in an organization supports social development, leadership skills and potential networking opportunities as well as multiple opportunities to give back to both the legal and local communities and a variety of ways. 

Our organization is part of the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and we are in the Southern Region (SRBLSA) which seeks to promote the advancement of black law students and empowerment of the black community.

Position Office Holder
President Lauren Waklatsi
Vice President Aneesha Johnson
Treasurer Gilbert Jean-Louis
Corresponding Secretary Tiffany Eubanks
Recording Secretary Ashley Long
Parliamentarian Jurnee Jones-Holcombe
Community Service Director Shonteé Gathers
Associate Community Service Director Kristen McFadden
Historian Bri Melton
Social Events Coordinator Christina Doe
Mock Trial Manager Rachel Ware

Our objective in the Blockchain Law Society is to expose and educate our fellow students, faculty, and attorneys in the community on blockchain technology, its use cases, and how it will impact various legal fields moving forward. 

Position Office Holder
President Tyler Passarella
Vice President of Internal Communications Duncan MacIlwinen
Vice President of External Communications Ian Bondura
Secretary Sheldon Newman

The Business Law Association (BLA) is a student-led organization aiming to provide law students with the tools, knowledge, and network needed to begin their journey as business/corporate attorneys. Members will have a chance to network with like-minded students and be introduced to successful business/corporate attorneys of diverse backgrounds.

Position Office Holder
President Stephen Murray
Vice President Bradie Herbst
Treasurer Connor Ocasal
Secretary Jay Slappy
Student Outreach Coordinator Ashley Errett
2L Representative Virginia Carroll
Social Media Coordinator Michael Canino

Carolina Equality Alliance is the student organization dedicated to focusing on the legal issues facing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA+) community and their allies. CEA seeks to create a community of harmony, understanding, and respect between all students and citizens through creating meaningful discourse intended to increase awareness of the prominence, importance, and relevance of LGBTQIA+ issues within the student body and the legal community. CEA is dedicated to building a law school and legal community of full equality & respect.

Position Office Holder
President Mya Mays
Vice President William Koontz
Secretary Emily Reich

The Children's Advocacy Law Society is a student organization created to promote awareness of and educate law students about the many aspects of law affecting children. The Society aims to increase student involvement with organizations that provide legal services for and advance the rights of children. It is the goal of the Children's Advocacy Law Society to produce members well informed and well educated about the legal needs and rights of children, ready to enter the legal profession as able and active children's advocates.

Position Office Holder
President Michelle Pappas
Vice President Shannon Wood
Secretary Lauren Pearson
Treasurer Tasha Bridenback

The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a non-denominational national organization of lawyers and law students who share a common faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Law Student Ministries of CLS seeks to encourage students in spiritual formation, compassionate outreach, and integration of faith and learning to help students understand law as a Christian calling. 

Position Office Holder
President Caroline Murphy
Vice President Scarlett Black Smith
Secretary Paisleigh Price
Treasurer Abby Johanson

The Civil Rights and Engagement Society (CRES) is a student association dedicated to the continued need for activism and engaging in dialogue for civil and human rights issues that affect all walks of life. CRES strives to educate the community on the history of civil rights, the progression of social action over the years, as well as a citizen’s constitutional right to engage in democracy. We are a group of aspiring lawyers and public servants who wish to advocate for everyone’s rights, especially those who belong to more vulnerable populations whose rights have historically been violated. We are eager to collaborate with local, state, and Tribal officials to address and discuss issues that are important to and affect citizens. Additionally, CRES will volunteer with both local and state elections.

Read the Civil Rights and Engagement Society's statement on the Supreme Court's June 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization [PDF].

Position Office Holder
President Lynnise Brown
Representative Relations Lauren Waklatsi
Secretary Avery Allen
Communications Director Kathryn Stevens
Organizational Outreach Coordinator Joshua Schusterman

We, the students of the University of South Carolina School of Law Community and Engagement Task Force, aim to foster a diverse and inclusive educational environment in the law school wherein students of all backgrounds and affinities may thrive and succeed. Promoting inclusive excellence means acknowledging and meeting the needs of different students across a broad spectrum including ​age, gender, dis/ability, race, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, and religion.​ ​By uplifting the voices, needs, and perspectives of all students through dialogue and education, the task force aims to not only welcome and ensure the success of those students who are traditionally underrepresented within the law school, but also to enrich the educational experience of the student body as a whole by exposing students to diverse perspectives and preparing them to be well-rounded, adaptable advocates in an ever-changing world.

Position Office Holder
President Jordyn Holley
Vice President Chloë Satzger
Secretary Bri Melton
Communications Director Jurnee Jones-Holcombe 

The University of South Carolina School of Law Family Law Society (FLS) is dedicated to fostering meaningful experiences with -- and knowledge of -- the practice of Family Law. Our members will have opportunities to hear from professionals in the space such as attorneys, family court judges, guardians ad litem, mediators, and more. 

We will organize events to give our members the opportunity to socialize with other students interested in family law as well as professionals. The mission of this organization is to offer experiences within Family Law and to help build a network of connections that will benefit our members after becoming practicing attorneys.  

Position Office Holder
President Amanda Nesta
Vice President Tasha Bridenback
Secretary Margaret O' Berry
Treasurer De'von Witherspoon
Event Head Liza McCathern

The Federal Bar Association University of South Carolina Law Student Division was created to support the needs and interests of students aspiring to federal practice, both public and private, as well as to strengthen student interest and knowledge of the Federal Legal system.  

Position Office Holder
President Bailey Jackson
Vice President Hollie Sweep
Secretary Becca Sternberg
Treasurer Michael Doyle
Communications Grace Naumowich

The Federalist Society is a non-partisan conservative/ libertarian organization dedicated to freedom, federalism, and judicial restraint.

The Federalist Society seeks to educate the legal community through its programs and publications about how limited constitutional government based on the rule of law can have a positive effect on law and public policy.

Position Office Holder
President Ben McGrey
Vice President Chandler Huskey
Treasurer JC Gaylor
Secretary John David "JD" Jacobus
Outreach Coordinator Ethan Felkel

First Generation Law Student Association is an organization dedicated to helping first-gen students thrive. Our organization provides support to first-gen law students in their classes and beyond. We also serve as mentors in a law school pipeline program with first-gen students at USC Undergrad. 

Position Office Holder
President Chandler Roten
Vice President Taylor Campbell
Treasurer Desirée Witherspoon
Secretary Jay Slappy
2L Representative Madison Register
1L Representative Nicholas Pitcock

The Health Law Society is a close-knit group of students who share an interest in health care law and bioethics. The Society invites health care attorneys to speak to our group several times a semester to discuss the practice of health care law and the latest developments in the field. The Health Law Society also serves the law school and local communities by supporting health awareness programs and initiatives.

Position Office Holder
President Taylor Campbell
Vice President Addy Lowery
Treasurer Anna Saulter

The purpose of the Honor Council is to educate students on the Rule of Academic Responsibility as a set of ethical guidelines governing law student behavior. During Orientation, all incoming students are asked to sign a pledge signifying their commitment to the Rule of Academic Responsibility.

Position Office Holder
Chair Mary Stewart DeLong
Vice Chair Anna Evans
Parliamentarian Alex Paris
Secretary Alex Berman
2L Representative Katie Frank
Bryce Pigeon
1L Representatives William Raffone
Liza Segars
Kate Willette

If/When/How is a national nonprofit network of law students, professors, and legal professionals committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement. Mobilizing and mentoring new lawyers and scholars is a long-term strategy that will build capacity, vision, and leadership for a more successful reproductive justice movement. Law functions as both a catalyst to prompt the expansion of rights and a tool with which to hold governments and communities accountable for the delivery of liberty, equality, dignity, and fairness promised by those rights.

Position Office Holder
President Anabel Masaschi
Vice President Hailey Alderson
Social Media Director Elizabeth Rentz-Neeley
Secretary Maya Gardner
Treasurer Morgan Mercer
Director of Outreach Caroline Varsi

The Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) is a student organization geared towards the practice of intellectual property law. Like tangible property, "ideas" have economic value, and intellectual property law is the vehicle through which corporations and individuals seek to protect their intellectual assets. Intellectual property (IP) law encompasses matters relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade names, the drafting of licensing contracts, infringement litigation, internet law, and computer law. No particular educational background is required to practice IP law; however, a technical background is desirable for those who would like to practice patent law.

Position Office Holder
President Ken Ejiri
Vice President of External Affairs Kara Wagstaff
Vice President of Internal Affairs Alex Kerrison

The International Law Society aims to facilitate access to information regarding developments in international law and to foster interest and communication pertaining to various topical areas of international law.

Position Office Holder
President Kjursten Collier
Vice President Estefania Ramirez
Secretary Liza McCathern 
Treasurer William Brown

The PILS Summer Grant Program gives law students the opportunity to gain valuable public interest law experience and provides public interest organizations with valuable law student assistance. PILS hosts several fundraisers throughout the year to create funding for the Grant Program.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Position Office Holder
President Mackenzie Keane
Vice President Kjursten Collier
Treasurer Joseph McNeila
Secretary Taylor Lagroon
Outreach Coordinator Cat Gibson

We are a small collective of students seeking to establish a Hispanic/Latino based student organization at the University of South Carolina School of Law. Our hope is to establish a forum where Hispanic/Latino/Latina law students can share a sense of community and help foster the professional and academic development of our members. We plan to bring awareness about the needs of our members within the law school, as well advocate and build relationships within the community. If you are interested in becoming involved with this endeavor, please reach out.  

Position Office Holder
President Sara Cano Zuleta
Vice President Genesis Gonzales
Treasurer Andrew Iacobelli

The University of South Carolina School of Law Labor and Employment Law Society is a student-governed organization dedicated to providing a greater understanding of the practice of labor and employment law.

Our mission is to develop an enriching and informative outlet for students through subject related events and luncheons with renowned attorney guest speakers, while also providing career guidance and networking opportunities.

Position Office Holder
President Hollis Burnett
Vice President Griffin Carrouth
Secretary  Katherine Mullett

Law Students of Color Collective's Goal is to create a platform for all students of color to share their experiences and concerns with each other. Our top three goals are (1) allowing a space for student of color to gather and network among each other, (2) creating a safe space for BIPOC students to discuss the issues that affect our communities and (3) building a community in which all BIPOC can discuss our differences and gain a better understanding of each of our communities. 

Position Office Holder
President TBD
Vice President Sara Cano
Treasurer Estefania Ramirez
Secretary Lynnise Brown

The Lincoln-Douglas Society strives to foster debate in higher education—something desperately lacking nationwide. Specifically, they wish to encourage debate of important and controversial issues in a civil and productive manner. To achieve these goals, the Lincoln-Douglas Society hosts debates by legal scholars, professors, practitioners, and students of law. Additionally, they serve as an apparatus for the various student-run groups at the school to allow representatives of their organizations debate their competing perspectives.

Position Office Holder
President Cameron Cox
President Carter Balderson
Treasurer Joseph Becker

The USC Mock Trial Bar hones students' evidence, civil procedure, and oral advocacy skills through participation in simulated trials. With coaching from award winning local attorneys, members of the bar learn how to draft and deliver witness examinations, opening arguments, and closing arguments. Each semester bar members are selected to represent the University of South Carolina School of Law in external competitions throughout the nation. Based on the team's recent performance in those competitions the bar has garnered recognition as one of the best mock trial programs in the nation. 

Learn more about our Mock Trial program

Position Office Holder
 Chief Justice Tanner Wise
Associate Justice of External Competitions Abigail Lodge
Associate Justice of Internal Competitions Darien Mikell
Associate Justice of Hosted Competitions Bailey Jackson
Associate Justice of Administration Adrienne Lowery
Associate Justice of Community Relations Madison Terry
Faculty Coach Brett Bayne

The Moot Court Bar has been established by students of the University of South Carolina School of Law in order to learn and adopt principles of appellate advocacy; to enhance analytical, writing, and oral advocacy skills; to administer intramural moot court competitions at the Law School; to select and prepare teams to represent the Law School at extramural moot court competitions; to encourage respect for the highest standards of professionalism before our state and federal appellate courts; and to promote the Moot Court Bar’s activities within the Law School, the legal profession, and the community at large.

Follow the Moot Court Bar on:

Learn more about the Moot Court Bar.

Position Office Holder
 Chief Justice Brent Glasgow
Associate Justice for Intramural Competitions Caitlin Costner
Genesis Gonzales
Associate Justice for Writing & Research Courtney Triplett
Associate Justice for Publicity and Alumni Relations Kenley Richardson
Associate Justice for Finance & Administration Joe Reinhardt
Associate Justice for External Competitions Rebekah Davis

National Security Law Society shall be to professionally develop South Carolina Law students in the practice of National Security law and foster partnership and mentorship with National Security Attorneys.

Position Office Holder
President Joshua Ayers
Vice President William Brown
Treasurer Michael Canino
Strategic Engagements Director Jake Helfenbein
Professional Development Director Shelby Niehus
Director of Communications Rebecca Holbrooks

USC NALSA strives for indigenous awareness and advocacy within the legal profession while working alongside 17 Tribes and Tribal Communities in South Carolina, as well as Tribes in the Southeast. So far this year, USC NALSA has worked with Pro Bono, taking the Palmetto Leader to the Catawba Nation to write wills and provide legal advice for members of the community. Our goal is to be a beacon of knowledge among our law school peers, educating them on the needs of the local Tribes to bring about a meaningful change in the Carolinas. Indigenous history is integral to the tapestry of the Carolinas; it is our undertaking to preserve the legacy of these cultural treasures.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the USC Law NALSA shall be to: articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Native American and Alaska Native Law Students and their allies; foster and encourage professional skill; focus upon the relationship of the Native American and Alaska Native Law Student, the Native American and Alaska Native Attorney, and their allies to the American legal system; instill in the legal community at large a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Native American and Alaska Native community; influence the legal community to bring about meaningful change to meet the needs of the Native American and Alaska Native community; to encourage NALSA member law students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes. However, this organization will not limit itself to these sole objectives. We reserve the right to become involved in other objectives and to support fellow student organizations in solidarity.


Position Office Holder
Co-President Brooke Perry
Co-President Will Kibler
Treasurer Lauren O'Steen

The Parents in Law Student Association (PILSA) seeks to build community and address the unique professional and personal needs of students who are parents. PILSA supports parents in navigating law school and preparing for a legal career.

Position Office Holder
President Shinelle Polite

Founded in 1869, Phi Delta Phi is the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States. Phi Delta Phi was established to promote a higher standard of professional ethics in the legal community. The Calhoun Inn benefits the legal community by impressing upon law students, in the formative years of their legal careers, the need for integrity and strong ethical ties. Our Chapter's activities include sponsoring the Faculty Auction to raise money for the Public Interest Law Society's Summer Grant Program. This past year, we raised enough money to help fund 11 summer jobs. Various philanthropic and social activities are also planned throughout the year.

Position Office Holder
Magister Bella Higgins
Vice Magister Adrienne Tauscheck
Exchequer Daniel Boucher
Clerk Grant McGinnity
Historian Mya Mays

The Real Estate Law Society strives to educate law students about the area of Real Estate Law, foster relationships between real estate professionals, faculty, staff, and USC Rice School of Law students, and expose students to the inner workings of the Real Estate Law world and its legal structure.

Position Office Holder
President Macy Gault

South Carolina Asian Law Student Association (SCALSA) provides a voice for Asian law students and advocates for the Asian community in South Carolina.

Position Office Holder
Director of Operations Srijan Mukherjee
Director of Communications Edward Shi
Executive Director Anthony Cheang

 The South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is devoted to protecting the liberty of the citizens of South Carolina by fighting to ensure justice and due process for all persons accused of any criminal act.

We promote excellence and integrity in the practice of criminal law by providing the highest quality criminal law seminars to those who defend the accused.

We speak with a united voice in challenging legislation directed to limiting or eliminating the rights of the individual and we labor for laws that preserve equal access to justice for all.

Find us on Instagram

Position Office Holder
Student Director Caroline McAtee
Assistant Director Sarah Michael
Secretary Catherine Gibson
3L Representatives Katie Goliwas
Kyle Cooper
2L Representatives Lee Gibson
Chandler Hines

The mission of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society is to provide a community for law students to connect with like minded students interested in sports and/or entertainment law. The SELS will provide students with monthly meetings where they can engage attorneys that work (or have worked) in the profession.

Position Office Holder
President Luke Erbs
Vice President Ashley Long
Finance Director Zachary Bozard
Public Relations Director Rachel Lindblom
Blog & Media Director Anslee Wood

Sports & Entertainment Law Blog

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) provides a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interest of animals through the legal system and raising the profile of the field of animal law. Mirroring the national Animal Legal Defense Fund, our five focus areas are: animals used in research, captive animals, companion animals, farmed animals, and wildlife. The activities of the student chapter shall aim to highlight the legal issues related to these five areas and call attention to the overlap between animal law and other practice areas.

Position Office Holder
President Megan Mercer
Vice President Abby Johanson

The mission of Student Bar Assocation is to foster and cultivate a professional, diverse, and supportive atmosphere at the University of South Carolina School of Law. Through this mission, SBA seeks to represent the voices and opinions of students to faculty and administration, to provide a support system for other student organizations, and to create social and educational opportunities for the student body.

Follow the Student Bar Association on Instagram.

Position Office Holder
President John David "J.D." Jacobus
Vice President Sheldon Newman
Treasurer Christian Ford
Secretary Devyn Fischer
Position Office Holder
President Alexis Paris
Vice President Richmond Sheedy
Treasurer Patrick McLean

The purpose of the Technology Law Students Association (TLSA) is to bring together a community of students interested in the intersection of technology and the law, and provide information and resources to our community. Further, we aim to clarify that technology is more than computers and science, it is any innovation in any area.

Position Office Holder
President / Treasurer Samuel Boyd
Vice President Michelle McGee
Public Relations Director Katie Frank 

Service Members and Veterans in Law encourages public interest in, and pro bono work on, issues related to the welfare and interests of military personnel and veterans; helps veterans assimilate into law school; and creates networking opportunities between veterans in the legal community and students who share similar backgrounds.

Position Office Holder
President Shelby Niehus
Vice President Luke Dorrough
Treasurer John Bolchoz

Women In Law seeks to encourage students as they enter the legal profession. We provide opportunities for our members to learn about the legal field from successful women lawyers. We serve others, particularly in areas benefiting women. We foster a community to support you through law school and into your career.

Position Office Holder
 President Caitlin Costner
Vice President Morgan McCrary
Secretary Nicole Lane
Networking Coordinator Caroline Murphy
Treasurer Sarah Kennedy


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