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Joseph F. Rice School of Law

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Donor Recognition

We are grateful to alumni and friends whose support enables us to provide scholarships to students for the duration of their legal education.

Dean's Circle Donors

Thank you to our Dean’s Circle members who contributed $1,000 or more to the University of South Carolina School of Law during the fiscal year of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. The School of Law is grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who continue to support our talented students.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

William L. Bethea Jr. '69 and Paula Harper Bethea

Boeing Company

J. Lyles Glenn IV '81

Kassel McVey, Attorneys At Law

John D. Kassel '85

Estate of Sarah E. Leverette '43

Theile B. McVey '00

William H. Neukom and Sally B. Neukom

New York University

South Carolina Bar Foundation Inc.

Edward Stravitz and Joyce Stravitz

Robert M. Wilcox Sr. '81 and Lisa P. Wilcox

Mitchell M. Willoughby '75

Charles W. Branham III '99

Katharine I. Butler

Collins & Lacy, P.C.

Dorothy D. Smith Charitable Foundation

William S. Duffey Jr. '77

Judith J. Felix

James C. Gray Jr.'79 and Carolyn J. Gray '79

Steven W. Hamm '77 and Debra W. Hamm

John M. Hoefer '84

Gedney M. Howe III '73

William C. Hubbard '77 and Katharine M. Hubbard

William R. Johnson '05

Luther C. Kissam IV '89

Peter D. Korn '74

Wallace K. Lightsey

John F. McKenzie '98

Robert A. McKenzie '66

Robert A. McKenzie Jr.

S. Alan Medlin '79 and Florence H. Medlin

S. Jahue Moore '76

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP

NEO Philanthropy Inc

The Owen Foundation

Joan R. Owen '86 and David G. Owen

Peter D. Protopapas '00

Rikard & Protopapas Legal Group

Robert G. Rikard '97

Patricia M. Sabalis '81 and Timothy A. Crowell

Sanders Family Foundation

Daniel S. Sanders Jr. '89 and Lynda Suzanne Sanders

South Carolina Bar Foundation

Robert J. Sheheen '68

John S. Simmons '87

Smith | Robinson

Trish O. Smith

Carl L. Solomon '94

Sunset Real Estate Partners, LLC

Tides Foundation

W. Rudolph & Helen Jacobs Carter Charitable Foundation

Ethan R. Ware '86

Wateree Dreams Foundation

Thadeous H. Westbrook III '99

Donald B. Wildman '74 and Alanna I. Wildman

Craig Aguiar

American College of Trial Lawyers

Caroline W. Bartman '82

Kenneth E. Berger '08

Mark E. Bergeson '84 and Donna P. Bergeson '84

John M. Bleecker Jr. '60 and Judy Bleecker

William C. Boyd '65 and Erwin P. Boyd

Joseph E. Burns '22

Elizabeth A. Carpentier '79 and Philip T. Lacy

David E. Dukes '84

Lawrence E. Flynn III '07

C. Benjamin Garren Jr. '87

Kevin H. Good '77

George D. Jebaily '82

IS Leevy Johnson '68 and Doris W. Johnson

J. Mark Jones '87

Marion A. Knox Jr. and Catherine Coleman Knox

John F. Kuppens '89 and Jill A. Kuppens '92

Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger

Bristow Marchant '80

Johann M. McCrackin

Brandy B. Milazzo '01

Edward P. Perrin III '19

James F. Rogers '89 and Linda W. Rogers '89

Hyman S. Rubin Jr. '70 and Jeannie M. Rubin '70

Marian W. Scalise '94

Nina N. Smith '80 and James E. Smith Sr.

Patricia T. Smith '75

South Carolina Bar

Robert B. Thompson

John R. White Jr. '12 and Weston J. White '13

Matthew A. Abee '13 and Kinli Abee

Robert C. Adams '95

American Online Giving Foundation

Joseph F. Anderson Jr. '75

Mary P. Argenzio-West '76

Benjamin A. Barnhill '01

Mike Beck and Avryl Beck

Derek W. Black and Claire S. Raj

Charles Adair Bledsoe Jr. '89

Allen Mattison Bogan '04

Jocelyn G. Boyd '95

F. Ladson Boyle '74 and Susan B. Boyle

Brooks Family Foundation

Robert H. Brunson '88

Cole A. Bryant

Jennifer S. Burnett '01

Carolyn P. Burns '06

Timothy M. Cain '86

John P. Cardillo '68 and Linda B. Cardillo

Alysja S. Carlisle '15

Beverly A. Carroll '81

Jim L. Carroll

Catawba Properties

Rita B Caughman '80

J. Michelle Childs '91

The Coca-Cola Foundation

Joseph D. Cole '76

The Committee to Elect Todd Rutherford

Thomas W. Cooper Jr. '73

Matthew W. Couvillion '10 and Elizabeth R. Whicker '10

Mary Jane Cowden

Mary E. Crum '73

Mark C. Dukes '89

Brian Dumas '81

Deborah A. Durden '91 and Kevin Durden

Lisa A. Eichhorn

Mary C. Eldridge '16

David T. Evrard '79

Eleanor L. Foster '95

Donald L. Fowler Jr. '93

Kenneth H. Fox and Laurel K. Fox

Margaret J. Fox '92

John D. Frick '03

I. Allan From '75

Barry B. George '71

Edward V. Glenn

Perry H. Gravely '86

Elizabeth V. Gray '76

Greenville County Bar Association

Daniel S. Haltiwanger '98 

Hanson Law Firm, P. A.

Kenneth C. Hanson '77

Michelle T. Hardy '00 and Mason B. Hardy

Tara A. Harris '01

James C. Harrison Jr. '68+

Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA

Molly Heines

Lloyd I. Hendricks '68

William O. Higgins '84 and Alicia S. Higgins '88

Matthew B. Hill '01 and Amy B. Hill '00

The Hobbs Foundation

Michael W. Hogue '91

Robert R. Horger '75

F. Patrick Hubbard and Judy K. Hubbard

Thomas L. Hughston Jr. '68

IBM Corporation

Jane M. Johnson ' 82

Marvin C. Jones '73

Richard A. Jones Jr. '72

Gail E. Jordan '69

George R. Jurch III '93

Craig N. Killen '91

Richard L. Krauss and Lisa V. Krauss

D. Larry Kristinik III '92

Augusta P. Kuhn '95

Joseph J. Kusa and Marie I. Kusa

Rebecca Laffitte '83

Lanneau W. Lambert Jr. '81

Leroy F. Laney '91

John T. Lay Jr. '91

James K. Lehman '90 and Donna H. Lehman

Athena Leventis

Charles M. Lipman '66

James E. Lockemy '74

James B. Lybrand Jr. '78

Teresa E. MacGillivray '89

Elizabeth R. Mannion '08

Sylvia A. Matthews '86

Rebekah K. Maxwell

McAngus Goudelock & Courie, L.L.C.

Clifford C. McBride '88

Linda C. McDonald '79

William P. McElveen Jr. '84

J. Thomas McGrath '66

Elizabeth S. Moise '89

Wade H. Morris '76

Robert D. Moseley Jr. '91

Motley Rice LLC

Edward W. Mullins Jr. '59

Ken Murrah and Kathy Murrah

Sara Najjar-Wilson '69

Everette H. Newman '65 and Beverly C. Newman

Nexsen Pruet

Walter O. Nisbet IV

Paul B. Nix Jr. '80

Venugopalakrishna Polavarapu

Arthur M. Quattlebaum Jr. '89 and Laurie E. Quattlebaum

Richardson, Plowden & Robinson, P.A.

Matthew T. Richardson '98

James H. Rion Jr. '81 and Jean A. Rion

Edward C. Roberts '62 and Beverley H. Means

Harmon H. Rogers '54

William S. Rose Jr. '73

John M. Rucker '69

Michael A. Scardato '78

Ronald C. Scott '76

Joseph A. Seiner and Megan S. Seiner

James W. Sheedy '82 

G. Murrell Smith Jr. '93 and Mary Macaulay Smith '03

South Carolina Association for Justice

South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association

South Carolina Black Lawyers Association

Thornwell F. Sowell III '76

Eve M. Stacey '79

Harold S. Stilwell '61

Seth W. Stoughton

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

Christy A. Tinnes '98

Jean H. Toal '68 and William T. Toal '68

Kali A. Turner '92

Twenge and Twombley

Flo L. Vinson '85 and Jerry D. Vinson Jr. '85

Michael J. Virzi '00

John C. von Lehe Jr. '68

Clinton G. Wallace

Bradish J. Waring '77

J. Calhoun Watson '87

Katherine Wells '91 and James F. Flanagan

John B. White Jr. '75

L. Patricia W. Whitener '85

Robbin L. Wilder '17

Joshua R. Williams '02

Richard H. Willis '81

Tommie H. Wingate

Denise C. Yarborough '91

David M. Yokel '84


Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the Dean's Circle listing. If errors or omissions have occurred, we express our sincerest apologies. To correct our records, please contact the Alumni & Donor Relation Office at 803-777-3408 or

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