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World-class faculty, industry leaders and engaged alumni. HRSM students have direct access to valuable connections who are dedicated to helping the next generation of leaders achieve their dreams.

Finding the right career opportunity isn't only about what you know, it's also about who you know. And fortunately, the College of HRSM is very well connected.

For students, this means that you're connected to industry leaders and a network of professionals who can help position you for a successful career. For industry partners, it means that you can gain access to interns and prospective employees with industry-specific skills and ambitions. 

Connections Are Opportunities

Every connection represents an opportunity. Just ask Sarah Haile, a 2013 graduate of Sport and Entertainment Management, whose passion is NASCAR. Her professors knew Sarah well because she made herself at home in their offices on a weekly basis. As a result, Sarah's name was top-of-mind when it came to identifying the right student to help a NASCAR industry insider during a particularly busy race weekend.

I never imagined that 'a weekend thing' would have turned into a job because of using my connections.

– Sarah Haile, SPTE '13

"I never imagined that 'a weekend thing' would have turned into a job because of using my connections," explains Sarah. "Having connections won't in and of itself always get you the job, but it definitely helps open doors, and it's up to us to walk through them!"

Sarah's exposure — and subsequent follow-up — with her new industry connections led to her first internship. In turn, leveraging her internship connections helped her land a professional position with a company where she was at a different NASCAR event every weekend... living her dream.