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Writing South Carolina Volume 9

The Honors College is proud to showcase selections from the 9th annual South Carolina High School Writing Contest. Featuring submissions from high school juniors and seniors from across the state, the works are edited by Honors students from our SCHC 384 course. 

Bright and strong, the tall goldenrod is South Carolina’s state wildflower. We think Solidago altissima also represents our state’s best young writers. Here are 22 of them, each of whom – in the midst of a global pandemic – composed an original response to our annual question, “How can we make South Carolina better?” Read on and take heart. These writers are bright and strong indeed.  


First Place: The Curriculum My Brother Deserves - Kaylen Pritchard

Second Place: Train Tracks Splitting the Town in Two - Jack Ross 

Third Place: Blue-Capped Future - Kit Moore

Honorable Mention: The Holes We've Dug - Liam Quan

Argumentative Essays

Ignorance or Arrogance? - Michael Adolf 

How to Improve the State of South Carolina: Protect the Coastline Clare Baker 

A Resident’s Ramble and Hopes: To Improve South Carolina - Amya Brewer 

Look Around  - Chas Brown   

The Struggle for Help in South Carolina - Caz Kopf 

Erin’s Law in South Carolina Schools - Faith Williams

Personal Essays

Brain Drain - Maggie Aufmuth 

State Quilt - Addie-Grace Cook

Small - Bella Cosentino 

The Five Ws - Emily Hines  

Southern Charm - Sydney Lee 

Blacktops, Kudzu, and Other Symbols of Change - Kate Martin


I Once Loved It Here - Elizabeth Thompson 

the inside of an empty church - Sophie Turansky


Education’s Invisible Hand: South Carolina’s Panacea -  Elijah Lawson 

A Modest Proposal for South Carolina - Jimmy Ruskell

Short Stories

We Never Saw It Coming …  - George Clarke 

A Cloud over the Sun - Lorelei Morgane


The annual South Carolina High School Writing Contest wouldn’t be possible without other individuals and organizations. We thank South Carolina Honors College alumnusThad Westbrook, the Pat Conroy Literary Center (Jonathan Haupt, executive director); the South Carolina State Library (Leesa Aiken, director); South Carolina Academy of Authors (Marybeth Evans, chair); and the South Carolina Writers Association (Kasie Whitener, president). We also thank Ray McManus, grand judge for this year’s contest, and the many high school guidance counselors and teachers who encouraged students to submit. The students in the fall 2021 semester of SCHC 384, Finding Your Voice: Writing and Editing for Life, were the first editors of volume 9. They are Lexi Anunson, Kelly Buchan, Brendan Cullen, Hope Dominique, Abby Druckenmiller, Kat Favre, Makayla Hooker, Liam Martin, Mitt Patel, Hanna Schatteman, Lindsay Schultz, Caroline Tapp, and Caitlin Twitty.  

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