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Arnold School of Public Health

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Biostatisticians apply statistical theory, methods, and techniques to the planning, development, and evaluation of health programs and problems. They collect and analyze various types of information such as demographic and vital statistics, social and business data, health resources statistics, and other forms of social and economic data that are relevant to modern health problems.

Welcome to the Division of Biostatistics in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health.

So much of today’s world is data driven.  Biostatistics is at the forefront of many of today’s big data challenges.  We integrate techniques in mathematics, statistics and public health to turn data into the answers to pressing public health and clinical questions. Biostatisticians are actively involved in research from the planning and design phases to the analysis and publication of study findings. Do you ever imagine yourself making our community healthier by turning data into knowledge that will provide data-driven guidance to improve public health? This is what we are now doing, and we hope you will come join us so that you will do it in the future! 

The Division of Biostatistics includes eleven full-time faculty.  Our faculty are passionate about teaching, mentoring and advancing biostatistical methodologies that address complex issues in data analysis and interpretation.  Students will not only acquire rigorous training in statistical methods and computational tools, but will be educated in cognate areas of health sciences such as genetics and epidemiology.  The Division’s primary areas of research expertise are longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian data analysis, spatial data analysis, quantile regression, correlated data analysis, survival analysis,  brain imaging data analysis, and integrative analysis of “-omics” data.

Biostatisticians are currently in great demand! Our graduates hold positions in universities, research institutes, governmental agencies such as CDC, NIH, and state health departments, and in private industry including pharmaceutical companies and even financial institutions.

We are working together to make our community healthier by using rigorous methods to unravel the  true story hidden within increasingly complex data.   Please contact us directly so we can discuss how we can enable you to achieve your career goals.


Degrees Offered

We offer eight advanced degrees in epidemiology and biostatistics. Each graduate degree has specific application deadlines and requirements.

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