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Degree Comparison

Which master's degree is best for you? Take a look at our table below to see how these two paths compare, and which one best fits your lifestyle and learning preferences. Both will lead you to a career in speech-language pathology. 

Master of Speech Pathology
(MSP Degree)
Master of Communication Disorders
(MCD Degree)
Full-time Part-time
Enrollment spans 2 years Enrollment spans 3 years
(WITH speech undergraduate background)

Enrollment spans 4 years
(WITHOUT speech undergraduate background)

13 graduate hours per semester 6-7 graduate hours per semester
(Final semester internship requires 13 hours)
CAN participate in university graduate assistantship opportunities and stipends CAN work full-time while in the program and eligible for limited graduate stipends
All class lectures on campus at scheduled class times and locations View class lectures via DVD at times convenient to student's schedule
All exams on-campus at class meeting site and time Take exams at regional testing sites located near student's home area
Students live on campus or within daily commuting distance Students may live anywhere while in program(except for 4-6 weeks of "speech camp" at a South Carolina location)
Practicum opportunities every semester Practicum during final three(3) summers
(1st summer practicum in South Carolina)
Communication with course instructors is primarily face-to-face, supplemented by Blackboard, phone and e-mail contacts For students living at a distance, communication with course instructors is primarily through e-mail, phone and is supplemented with Blackboard and Web-based technology
MSP Curriculum [pdf]  MCD Curriculum [pdf]