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Arnold School of Public Health

Upcoming Seminars

Please join us for our next Tech Tuesday Talk.

October 23, 2018

Speakers:  Yue Liao, PhD
Topic:  How Wearable Sensor Technologies can Improve Next-Gen Behavioral Interventions to Promote Energy Balance

November 27, 2018

Speaker:  Jan Ostermann, PhD
Topic:  To Be Announced

January 22, 2019

Speaker:  Jaclyn Maher, PhD
Topic:  To Be Announced

February 26, 2019

Speaker:  Siobhan Phillips, PhD
Topic:  To Be Announced

March 26, 2019

Speaker:  Speaker Panel
Topic:  Technology Related Research:  Manuscript Writing & Publishing

April 23, 2019

Speakers  To Be Announced
Topic:  To Be Announced


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