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Arnold School of Public Health

Meet Our Team's Pets

"Our pets aren't our whole lives, but they make our lives whole!"

Rory & Marvin Pellegrini

Rory loves her mom and tolerates all others. She will eat any hair tie or string left unaccompanied, likes to throw up daily, and will go crazy for cat nip, whipped cream, Cheetos, and french fries.

Marvin loves napping, especially in the sunlight or in his cat hut. When he's not sleeping, he likes to rub on anyone nearby as well as try to trip anyone walking up or down the stairs.

  • marv


  • marv



Sadie Mae Michaela DeVivo

Sadie Mae is a spoiled dachshund/beagle mix with the sweetest face, softest ears, and silliest/sassiest personality. Some of Sadie Mae's favorite things include belly rubs, sunbathing by her grandpawents pool, wearing costumes, riding in the golfcart, visiting the vet's office, going for sunrise walks on the beach, and eating lots and lots of popcorn. Sadie Mae is a ray of sunshine, and KD would not be able to make it through graduate school without her pawner in crime by her side!

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Tilly & Callie Wingard

Meet Tilly. Tilly is 10 years old and is well-loved by 3 little girls. Tilly is very smart and patient. Tilly enjoys eating, going for walks, swimming at the lake, eating, obsessively licking small children in the mouth, stealing tomatoes out of her parent's garden, and eating. Tilly dislikes fireworks and any time that is not breakfast or dinner time.

Meet Callie. Callie loves to eat, sleep, play, and chew things. She loves being outside, chasing tennis balls, and eating sticks. Her favorite things to play with are her sister, Tilly, and her other 3 human sisters.

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Kevin & Elliot Jamieson

Scott's neighborhood cats, Kevin and Elliot, that adopted him!

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  • elliot



Tobe Hughes-Cooper

Tobe is a miniture poodle and is 12 years old. Tobe loves to nap and eat his favorite doggy treats. He also enjoys short car rides and getting his belly rubbed. He adores his sisters Laila and Londyn. 

  • tobe


  • tobe



Bruno, Arya, & Michy Ramey

Meet our lively bunch! Bruno is a mini-aussie/border collie mix with a big personality. He LOVES to play frisbee, along with taking toys from his fur-sisters and playing keep-away. Arya is a border collie and is by far the most mischievous (and youngest) pup, with a STRONG love language of physical touch. She loves to cuddle, be in everybody's business, and play tug-of-war with Bruno. Michy, also a border collie, is the oldest and wisest of the bunch. No matter where she goes, she's a pro at finding tennis balls and is constantly asking to play fetch.

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Kaitlin Milam's Minature Zoo

Essie, Lilo, and Cleo - the trio like to spend their time napping and showing the dogs who the real bossess of the house are!

Sadie, Trixie, Zoey, and June - all four girls like to spend their time begging for human food, adding their own personal touch to things around the house, and playing with their latest addition to their squeaky toy collection!

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    Zoey & June



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