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Arnold School of Public Health

Current Projects

The Rehab Lab is currently recruiting for the studies below. Please reach out to us if you need more information or have questions!

PDREV+ Study

PDREV+ is supported by the Parkinson’s Foundation Community grant and is presented by the University of South Carolina and Prisma Health, which includes a short series of educational talks (pre-recorded) from an expert health care team and financial support for individuals newly diagnosed with PD (<5.5 years) and their care partners for exercise at the YMCA (6 month membership) (Columbia locations: Downtown, Ballentine, Northwest, Jeep Rogers; Greater Charleston Locations: Cane Bay) 

*Participants must complete the informed consent, educational videos and questionnaires prior to YMCA membership being initiated

More information on the PDREV+ Study


Activity Monitoring Study

Capturing physical activity, symptom presence and severity in people with Parkinson’s disease in real-time: A pilot study

  • Wear an activity monitor (the size of a watch) on your wrist for 7 consecutive days (removing only for showering)
  • While wearing the sensors you will be prompted (when you wake up, 11am,3am,7pm, and bed time) to answer 4 questions (rate 0-10) your fatigue, depression, cognition and pain (less than 1 minute required to answer the questions).
  • This is to gather a little more information about what happens day to day with physical activity and how real-time symptoms might be related.
  • A written diary will also be provided in case you miss a prompt
  • When the week is over, you mail the sensor back to me (in a pre-paid, self-addressed box).
  • There is no financial incentive for participating.

More information on the Activity Monitoring Study


Living with Multiple Sclerosis Study

Using Instrumented Functional Tests to Determine Differences Between Fallers and Non-Fallers in People Living with Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Study

  • This study is aimed at identifying aspects of mobility that may be indicative of fall risk among people living with MS.
  • Time Commitment: 1 in-person session, approximately 1 hour

More information on the MS Study

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