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Arnold School of Public Health


Assistantships (teaching, research, others)

  • All graduate assistants, master’s and doctoral, receive in-state tuition
  • Stipend amounts vary
  • May include tuition supplement
  • To apply for:
    • GA positions, visit MYSPH.
  • For TA positions in the department, contact the Graduate Directors.
  • To apply for TA positions outside the department or Arnold School of Public Health, contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Director for that department. Examples include Biology and Chemistry undergraduate classes/labs.

Funding and Fellowship Opportunities for Doctoral Students

All PhD students are offered the following:

  • an assistantship for 3 or 4 years
  • in-state tuition
  • minimum stipend of $6,500 / semester
  • minimum $17,500 tuition supplement over three years

In addition, doctoral applicants are eligible for fellowships, detailed below.

Arnold School of Public Health Doctoral Fellowships
A limited number of fellowships are available each year for our most competitive Epidemiology and Biostatistics doctoral students. 

  • $10,000/year, which may be renewable for a second year
  • $6,500 stipend per semester for three or four years
  • Tuition supplement

University of South Carolina Presidential Fellowship

  • In addition to the fellowship, recipients also receive a tuition supplement and $6,000 stipend per semester for four years
  • Visit the Graduate School website for more information

Behavioral and Biomedical Interface Program Training Grant (BBIP) (Epidemiology only)

  • T-32 predoctoral research training grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • Open to epidemiology, psychology, and exercise science doctoral students
  • 1-2 competitive epidemiology students are typically chosen each year
  • Award includes:
    • full tuition, fees, insurance
    • competitive stipend at the current NIH level.
  • Applicants must be a US Citizen or US permanent resident to apply.
  • To apply, complete BBIP application along with your regular application for admission to our program under SOPHAS.

Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program

  • Open to prospective and current doctoral and MFA students, this program prepares underrepresented minority students to become professors.
  • Scholars are provided $24,000 in additional funding over 4 years and receive training specifically designed to help them diversify the professoriate.

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Scholars Program

  • A scholars program for underrepresented minority doctoral students who wish to become professors.


Funding for Master’s Students

Almost all master’s students who want an assistantship are able to find one within their first year of study and continue in that position during their second year. Assistantships are posted on MYSPH and the EPIDBIOS listserv. 

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