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Arnold School of Public Health

Application Information

To be admitted to graduate study leading to the MS degree, the applicant must meet the requirements of both the Graduate School and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Applicants should have a broad educational background including physical, social, and behavioral science courses. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires that applicants have completed, as a part of their undergraduate preparation, academic coursework in each of the following areas: a biological science, a physical science (chemistry or physics), a behavioral and/or social science, and statistics.

Minimum Scores Required

The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders also utilizes the Graduate School’s minimum undergraduate GPA for admission (3.0 on a 4.0 scale). The mean GPA for students admitted into the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders master’s programs across the last three years was 3.79.

The Graduate School and the Department do not have a required GRE score for admittance.  Across the past three years, for students admitted into the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders master’s programs, the mean Verbal GRE score was 155 (67th percentile) and the mean Quantitative GRE score was 153 (52nd percentile).

All academic records of graduate students admitted since 2015 are maintained on line through PhGrad. Prior to 2015, hard copies of student records are kept in file cabinets located outside the Graduate Director’s office. Student academic records are maintained at least seven years.

Letters of Recommendation

All applicants must provide three letters of recommendations.  Please note: At least two of the letters must come specifically from professors with whom you have taken academic courses.  Your employer, school administrator, external practicum supervisor, etc. may attest to your work ethic, but they have not had you in class.

The only exception to this requirement can be made for students who have not taken college-level classes within the past 10 years. Such students may send up to three letters from clinical advisors and/or employers that can speak to their relevant professional development and skills.

Apply to the Master's Degree Program in Speech-Language Pathology

Applications for the MS program are only accepted through the CSDCAS centralized application system. You must apply online through this system. All information about the process and the deadline (December 15th) are available at the site. In addition to the CSDCAS application fee, the University requires a supplemental application fee of $50. This will be paid as part of the CSDCAS application process. Please note there are two listings for USC in the CSDCAS portal, so you must carefully choose whether you are applying for the residential MS (MS-Res, on-campus, face-to-face) OR the MS via distance education (MS-DE, part-time). You may not apply to both.

When you apply, please ask that your GRE scores be sent using the following code that is specific to our program: DI Code 5821. Using this code will assure your score is sent to CSDCAS.

To request an information packet sent by mail, please complete this form


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