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Arnold School of Public Health

  • A professor accepting an excellence in teaching award from the dean

Faculty Awards

James A. Keith Excellence in Teaching Award

This award was established in 1991 to commemorate a former professor and associate dean of the Arnold School. It is designed to recognize a faculty member for excellence in teaching and genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter as well as true concern for students’ progress. Nominations may be made by students, faculty, alumni and administrators of the Arnold School. Selection criteria include:

  • Record of sustained excellence in classroom teaching and informal mentorship of students
  • Demonstration of exemplary knowledge of subject matter
  • Skill in facilitation of learning
  • Ability to inspire and motivate the learner

2024 Sheri Silfies
2023 Courtney M. Monroe
2022 Rachel Davis 
2021 Raymond Thompson
2020 Myriam Torres
2019 Joseph Lee Pearson
2018 April Winningham
2017 Angela McLeod
2016 Susan Steck
2015 Heather Brandt
2015 Raja Fayad (In Memoriam)
2014 Hiram McDade
2013 Charles F. Adams
2012 Stacy Fritz
2011 Daniela Friedman
2010 Kara Montgomery
2009 Lisa Lindley
2008 Jim Hussey
2007 Angela Liese
2006 Sara Corwin
2005 Alexandra Evans
2004 Janice C. Probst
2003 J. Larry Durstine
2002 Robert F. Valois
2001 Gregory A. Hand
2000 Roger G. Sargent
1999 Henry N. McKellar
1998 C. Marjorie Aelion
1997 Ruth P. Saunders
1996 Robert E. McKeown
1995 Donna L. Richter
1994 Ann L. Coker
1993 Suzan D. Boyd
1992 James R. Hussey
1991 Francisco S. Sy


Faculty Research Award

This award is given to a faculty member who has achieved an outstanding scholarly research record. All full-time faculty members who have been at the Arnold School of Public Health for at least three years are eligible for the award. However, previous award winners must wait a minimum of five years before being considered again. Arnold School faculty may nominate other faculty members, with selection based on the following criteria:

  • Research performed while the nominee has been at the University of South Carolina
  • Impact that the research has had on the discipline
  • Creativity in research rather than solely quantity of production

2024 Melissa Nolan
2023 Jihong Liu
2022 Mark Sarzynski
2021 Jiajia Zhang
2020 Suzanne McDermott
2019 Edward Frongillo
2018 Brie Turner-McGrievy
2017 Daniel Fogerty  
2016 Julius Fridriksson
2015 Michael Beets
2014 Jim Thrasher
2013 James Hardin
2012 Jan Probst
2011 Angela D. Liese
2010 Julius Fridriksson
2009 Jim Carson
2008 Chris Rorden
2007 Sara Wilcox
2006 Robert McKeown
2005 Andrew B. Lawson
2004 James R. Hebert
2003 Donna L. Richter
2002 Beth Mayer-Davis
2001 C. Marjorie Aelion
2000 Barbara Ainsworth
1999 Alan Decho
1998 Harriet Williams
1997 Tom Chandler
1996 Leiyu Shi
1995 Russell Pate
1994 Mark Davis
1993 Carol Macera
1992 Carol Garrison
1991 David Hawkins
1990 Murray Vincent


Faculty Service Award

This award recognizes a faculty member who has provided exceptional outreach to the community, made significant contributions to the public health practice setting, or provided leadership in professional organizations or university governance. Arnold School faculty, staff, students, and alumni or a public health practice partner or community organization may nominate faculty members. Selection criteria include:

  • Community service, including impact on expanding the learning experience of students, establishing community/practice partnerships, and generating activity that will improve the health status of a specific community or target population
  • Professional service, including recognized leadership in appropriate organizations
  • Exceptional service within the University, whether at the department, School or University level

2024 Toni Torres-McGehee
2023 Alicia Flach
2022 James Hardin
2021 Melissa Nolan, Sean Norman, and Lee Pearson
2020 Andrew Kaczynski
2019 Crystal Murphree-Holden
2018 Linda J. Hazlett
2017 Myriam Torres
2016 Dwayne E. Porter
2015 Daniela Friedman
2013 Danielle Varnedoe
2012 Amy Martin
2011 Lillian Smith
2010 Russ Pate
2009 Heather M. Brandt
2008 Cherly L. Addy
2007 Gene Feigley
2006 Larry Durstine
2005 Albert Neal
2004 Robert E. McKeown
2003 Saundra H. Glover
2002 Deborah Parra-Medina
2001 Belinda Reininger

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