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School of Medicine Columbia

Our Faculty

Our dedicated and caring faculty will help you through your time in our program. We're also fortunate to have clinical rotation faculty across the Southeast to help our students pursue hands-on experience in a variety of specialties. 

Our Program Director

Janice Edwards

Janice G. Edwards, MS, CGC

Our program director is an experienced genetic counselor, educator and Founding President of the Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling, an international network of genetic counselor educators. Building consensus among multiple perspectives has been a theme in her work as she has also facilitated collaborations among national organizations around prenatal diagnosis and genetic carrier screening. 

With over 35 years in clinical practice focused on prenatal genetics and more recently, Huntington disease, Janice is committed to genetic counselor education. She has been recognized with Teaching Advancement Awards at the University of South Carolina and by the National Society of Genetic Counselors with their Regional Leadership and the International Leader Awards. She has directed genetic education conferences and symposia regionally, nationally and internationally, most recently developing a week-long immersion course, BootCamp: A Short Course in Genetics and Genomics, to prepare thought leaders in reproductive genetics.


Our Faculty 

David Everman

David Everman, MD

Greenwood Genetic Center
Clinical Assistant Professor
Genetic Counseling Program Medical Director


Jessica Fairey

Jessica M. Fairey, MS, CGC

Assistant Director, Fieldwork
Clinical Assistant Professor

Trena Lee

Trena Smith, MA

Genetic Counseling Program Coordinator

Andrea Sellers

Andrea Sellers, MS, CGC

Assistant Director, Education Outreach

Crystal Hill Chapman

Crystal Hill-Chapman, PhD

Francis Marion University
Professor, Psychology

Richard Ferrante

Richard F. Ferrante, PhD

Research Professor, Pediatrics

Angie Lichty

Angie Lichty, MS, CGC

Greenwood Genetic Center
Clinical Assistant Professor

Lydia Matesic

Lydia Matesic, PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Peyton Nunley

Peyton B. Nunley, MS, CGC

Clinical Instructor

Victoria Vincent

Victoria A. Vincent, MS, CGC

Assistant Professor


Debera Zvejnieks

Debera Zvejnieks, MS, CGC

Clinical Instructor



Clinical Rotation Faculty 

Sally Shields, RN, MS, CGC  
Leigh DeHoll, MS, CGC
Nicole Lucas, MS
G. S. Pai, MD
Daynna Wolff, PhD

Pediatric Genetic Counselors
Cam Brasington, MS, CGC
Shelley Dills, MS, CGC
Tamara Haygarth, MS, CGC
Dana Mittag, MS, CGC

Prenatal Genetic Counselors
Teresa Brady, MS, CGC
Jean St. John, MS, CGC
Nicole Lasarsky, MS, CGC
Lauren Masso, MS, CGC

Cancer Genetic Counselors
Lisa Amacker-North, MS, CGC
Stacy Lenarcic, MS, CGC
Beth Dellinger, MS, CGC
Lindsay McNeely, MS, CGC
Megan Pollard, MS, CGC
Alexandra Henshaw, MS, CGC
Stephanie Nix, MS, CGC
Aly Athens, MS, CGC
Kelly Warsinske, MS, CGC
Mariah Gleason, MS, CGC
Sara Elrefai, MD, FACMG

Clinical Geneticists
Laurie Demmer, MD
Berrin Monteleone, MD

Fran Annese, LMSW
Lori Bassett, MS, CGC
Neena Champaigne, MD
Alka Chaubey, PhD
Barbara Du Pont, PhD 
Robin Fletcher, MS, CGC
Michael J. Friez, PhD
Julie Jones, PhD
Jennifer A. Lee, PhD
Wesley Patterson, PA
Laura Pollard, PhD
Tim Wood, PhD
Steve Skinner, MD 
Roger Stevenson, MD 
Kellie Walden, MS, CGC
Hannah Warren, MS, CGC

GGC Columbia Office
Ken Corning, MS, CGC
Amy Toburen Dobson, MS, CGC 
Angie Ward Lichty, MS, CGC
EJ Prioles, MD 

GGC Greenville
Allison Bellomo, MS, CGC
Jessica Davis, MS, CGC
David Everman, MD 
R. Curtis Rogers, MD 
Julia Russo, MS, CGC
Brooke Smith, MS, CGC
Elliot Stolerman, MD

Kara Bui, MS, CGC
Lindsay Metcalf, MS, CGC
Gail Stapleton, MS, CGC
Winn Surka, MS, CGC

Reproductive Genetics
Erin Campbell MS, CGC
Elysia Davis MGC, CGC
Kelly Gilmore MS, CGC
Emily Hardisty, MS, CGC
Ginger Hocutt, MR, MS, CGC
Diane Vargo RN, MS, CGC
Neeta Vora, MD

Adult and Cancer Genetics
Jim Evans, MD, PhD
Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD 
Stefanie Finch, MS
Kate Foreman, MS
Katie Garbarini, MS
Kristy Lee, MS
Ashlynn Messmore, MS
Julianne O’Daniel, MS
Bradford Powell, MD, PhD
Cecile Skrzynia, MS

Jennifer Sullivan, MS
Kelly Schoch, MS
Priya Kishnani, MD
Marie T. McDonald, MD
Dwight D. Koeberl, MD, PhD 
Vandana Shashi, MD
Yong-Hui Jiang, MD, PhD
Allyn McConkie-Rosell, PhD  
Heidi Cope, MS
Jane Ann Baker, MS 
Stephanie Austin, MS
Lauren Bailey Flueckinger, MS
Rebecca Crimian Spillman, MS
Erica Nading, MS
Sarah Hart, MS, PhD
Kacey Riley, MS
Sarah Montgomery, MS
Danielle Karlowicz, MS
Kristin Paulyson Nunez, MS
Deborah Wells, MS
Regan Matthews, MS
Michelle Baric, MS
Amanda L Padro, MS

Carolyn Mills Lovell, MS, MAT, CGC

Monica Basehore, PhD
Chad Haldeman-Englert, MD
Shearon Roberts, MS, CGC 
Kerry Crandall, MS, CGC 
Carolyn Wilson-Brackett, MS, CGC 
Camila Shanahan, MS, CGC
Suzanna Schott, ScM 
William Allen, MD 
Holli Drendel, PhD 

Libby Hull Malphrus, MS, CGC
Sabrina Anderson, MS, CGC
Rachel Veazey, MS, CGC

Christen Csuy, MS, CGC
Katie Berrier, MS, CGC
Ashley Kamiski, MS, CGC

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